25 Feb 2021

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Loud Ghost - Album Review: All In A Day

06 Feb 2021 // A review by Darryl Baser

Loud Ghost are a self-described "Rock n Roll trio from Auckland, New Zealand."

It’s been 4 years since the first Loud Ghost record, and band members say they’re looking forward to getting All In A Day out and available to the public.

The album opens up with the title track, which is driven along by a solid guitar riff, and is an excellent way to open the album; fast, hypnotic and punchy. On repeated listens, it sounds like an anthem in the making.

Once my inner prude and animal welfare supporter gets past the title, track two Teaching Gorillas To Smoke is another tune which could see Loud Ghost reaching some indie fame.

Hang Me Today, is quieter with the band in alt country mode. "They’re going to hang me today for the murder of a man I didn’t know". It’s the most lyrically verbose song so far, and follows a narrative quite well. It reminds me of the song Long Black Veil, made popular by Johnny Cash, and later on Nick Cave.

I love the fast and mathematical precision of the intro to Endless, which is a total two part arrangement, the fast intro and verse, juxtaposed with a sludge rock or maybe even grind core chorus. I especially love how it’s called Endless and it's amongst the shorter tracks on the album.

While being a serious post-rock band Loud Ghost seem to have a sense of humour, cited above with Endless, but in my opinion more so with The Dead Have Friends, which meanders along going nowhere, like a zombie looking for brains as its brain is kinda slow, before going into a huge sludge fest for about 40 seconds before the abrupt end of the song.

The album closes with My Girl’s A Werewolf, is a 1.55 blast of bouncy up-tempo angular pop with a 'quiet-loud' structure, the whole distortion on for the chorus thing. It’s a really nice fun way to end the album. Well worth the digital and/or physical investment.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Loud Ghost

Loud Ghost released their debut album in 2015 and have opened shows for international acts such as Sebadoh and The Buzzcocks. Their new album All In A Day is coming in March 2021.

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