2 Aug 2021

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Swerve City - Single Review: Sink Like Stones

05 Feb 2021 // A review by Ben Ruegg

Right now, across New Zealand, there is a storm that keeps getting bigger and stronger. That storm is made up of an incredible group of artists and bands who are working to get more exposure to and notice from what I would call 'the mainstream'. And Swerve City are amongst those bands who are working hard and effectively to develop a brand, an image and a sound to get theirs, and your, attention.

Having released a cover of the track Dangerous by Big Data which was filtered through Swerve City's sound, audiences were introduced a version which in my opinion is an incredible take on the original. But we are of course not talking about Dangerous. I am simply pointing out that it was a clever idea in giving us a little bit of a vision of what Swerve City's original tracks could sound like. And honestly, Sink Like Stones is a banger. Really. I mean. Give it a few listens. Pay attention to its details and nuance.

Let's discuss.

Right from the get-go, listen to that riff of the guitars and the bass working to ground the track. There is a pedal happening there in the bass that works so well with the main riff which has a sweet groove, only even more exemplified by the lead guitar melody. The drums pound along with the guitar at times. The crunch and the grittiness are there. The sense of development is on show. Listen to the mix, the harmonies, the spacious feel that comes from the chorus. The change from the verse groove to the chorus where we get thrown in the deep end (pun intended) only helps to lift the urgency of the song's lyrics. One special note here: I absolutely love the little shift from the minor 3rd into major 3rd in the chorus during its first phrase. Pardon my music theory, but seriously, its little ideas like that which show they care about the craft and art of songwriting. Bravo.

JP's vocals are absolutely solid here, and as the track moves through its verses and chorus, by the end, there is a sense of urgency that you will honestly feel. I was blown away. It's a cry, and it's a gut-wrenching one too. His voice is at its ends. It grabs your attention at one of the most important parts of the track. Even though there have been hints we might get something like this, the ending is insane. The sincerity is real and you can tell.

Overall, this is a hell of a first original track from a band that came out last year, proving yet again just how great the scene is here in NZ. Super tight playing from everyone paired with exceptional production means this is a track that truly stands out.

I look forward to hearing this live and feeling that last part of the song in the presence of the band and the others around me.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Swerve City

Swerve City are an exciting new rock band from Auckland featuring members from Fire At Will, Armed in Advance, Sematics and Saints of Taboo.

Swerve City possesses a sound that blends Melodic Rock with undertones of Metal and Pop sensibilities.

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