11 Aug 2022

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Six60 - Gig Review: Six60 @ Waitangi Sports Ground, Waitangi - 16/01/2021

18 Jan 2021 // A review by Gaby Ivanov-Giraldo

The very start of the Six60 Summer Tour began in the heart of Waitangi, the birthplace of Aotearoa, on the land where it all began. January 16th marked a very special time; a time where no other country could host an event of this kind. Six60’s choice was to start it all here - and what heart we all saw this night! Reaching a near 14,000 head crowd, with special guests that enlivened the exact spirit we’ve all longed for this summer.

Up first was eleven7four, an NZ-born rap/hip-hop duo (twin brothers Muche and Shingi) in Tamaki Makaurau. Livening up the crowds with their rhymes, we had ourselves a real starter crew. Where it Hurts, Down Under and Stupid Crazy and came on; all real thumps. Grounds opened up to all, while the rhythm soared and let everyone in.

About 5.45pm, we had the honour of Paige likening the stage. If you’ve had the chance to see Paige and her band (Damian Graham on drums, Noema Te Hau III on guitar) play live, you’ve had yourself a good time. One of Aotearoa’s big modern artists, that spreads a real message, and performs with value. Paige is an artist that continues to spread sincerity on the pop platform; showing us that beauty lies within growth. Tonight, we heard the synthesis of her music thus far, with snippets of her creative triumphs such as well-known hits Bloom, Waves, Cold Blooded, Hit n Run and more. Paige shows the world it’s not hard to do this theme authentically, with the joy and groove that pop, funk, and RnB brings us. This act is ever-growing, kindly resonant, and building heart in pure time. Her vocals not only captivate, but enlighten. You could tell this hand-picked artist fit the atmosphere like magic.

Next on, we had none other than Troy Kingi. The sensuality of groove, jazz and bass is astounding in this artist, not to mention always met by a creative set. Troy Kingi made history in 2020 as the winner of the Taite Music Prize. Dressed in an enchanting colour green, he’s cosmic, spiritual and original. His songs are bass and guitar heavy, with moody keys and trumpets blowing, and a notably unified drummer. The guitar is layered, water-coloured and playful with the soul of his crowd; you can tell they know this artist and his songs well! Many well-known songs were played, including songs off his celebrated album Holy Colony Burning Acres. Pure messages and heart hit the atmosphere with Kingi’s set.

Drax Project opened to their newer track Firefly. A well-known number that swamped even more heads to the foreground as the night grew. This band has infectious and theatrical energy. Everyone felt alive to the drop and rhythm of All This Time, Woke Up Late, Toto and Brain. A dexterous cover of Pony came on at 7.45pm, keeping the crowd jumping. A notable and vibrant interplay between guitarist (Ben O’Leary) and vocalist/saxophonist (Shaan Singh) had us all on our feet throughout the entire performance, ending the night in a humble and enchanting new song.

Six60 swooped in with an animated roar. We’re all welcomed by the renowned vocals of Matiu Walters. We hear Stay Together; every head in the sports grounds will know this song! Closely followed by White Lines, split with Forever with epic mana; fellowship also felt strong among each person here tonight in Waitangi. Rise Up 2.0 played soon after, a nostalgic memory of Six60’s beginnings in Aotearoa’s music. Bright, red-waved lights flooded the stage, while the lead guitar of Ji Fraser electrified. Finest Wine came on with a keen emotion, closely followed by Special, Purple and Closer. Sing-alongs were held to The Greatest, Long Gone and Sundown, matched with favourites Don’t Forget Your Roots and Don’t Give It Up. As the set came to a close, an empowered kapa haka performance appeared, extending tribute to all that came. The colours and lighting of their show was incredible, each song made even more dynamic by Six60’s visual crew.

What a time to witness, really. A time to be alive, and feel such a breakout of spirit, song and admiration of music. Music is our biggest expression of joy, gratitude, and aroha. There’s no other gig this summer that was met and matched by these masses of support. This night also showcased the new debut single All She Wrote. A clear marker of night that this band is in full flame, honoured and releasing within the depth of 2021.

Images © Steve Bone.


About Six60

Bonding over a shared love of NZ music and passion for making their own, Six60 formed after meeting at a Kora concert in 2006. Three members flatted together as Otago Uni students, spending countless hours in their recording studio (Eli's room) at number 660 on notorious Castle St.

The Six60 sound is unique - a fresh Kiwi fusion of roots, reggae, hip hop, dubstep, and drum and bass.

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