20 Jun 2021

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  • The Jordan Luck Band - Gig Review: The Jordan Luck Band @ Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club, Pukekohe - 6/11/2020

The Jordan Luck Band - Gig Review: The Jordan Luck Band @ Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club, Pukekohe - 6/11/2020

08 Nov 2020 // A review by Ben Ruegg
It’s a Friday night in Pukekohe and as I walk into the Pukekohe Cosmopolitan Club just before 8 pm you can feel the anticipation in the air.

Looking like a high school ball, there is a large dance floor in front of the stage while the rest of the venue is lined vertically with tables. People meet up with each other, touch glasses and spin yarns. It’s a pretty incredible and humble sight to see considering that months ago we were all in lockdown, with other parts of the world going into a second or third. Yet, here we are all ready to have some fun with the music we all grew up with and know so well performed by the man himself, Jordan Luck, along with his incredibly tight and passionate band.

While people continue to flow through the doors, to the bar and then to a table, Ekko Park takes the stage. Right from the start, Alex who plays the guitar goes off like a firecracker. I don’t believe I have seen such energy from anyone in a very long time. It is humbling and exciting to watch. And still, the whole band shares that energy in their own way, perform the hell out of their set which was a little shorter than normal, but no less dynamic and strong.

I was taking notes about how powerful they are as performers since they acted like they were performing at Mt Smart or Wembley Stadium. All four, Nick, Alex, Joe and Bryan truly put everything into their music, bringing a powerful rock sound that still has breathing room and dynamics. On the tracks like Validation and Bassano Sky they can shift between dynamic and power rock in an instant. Joe Walsh’s vocals cut through perfectly and the interplay between the band showcases a group that know their strengths and how to deliver a full-on rock show.

Towards the end of their set, they played Tea & Toast which demonstrates Bryan’s bass playing, which is tight and has a lot happening here. Nick and Bryan are super tight and everything sounds great. During their last track Uh-Oh, Alex takes off and jumps up on one of the lines of tables, carefully watching not to spill beer or knock over people’s wine. But, she ends up rocking out hard right there like a true rockstar in front of me and everyone else. It was an incredible sight to see and one more reason you need to see Ekko Park live. Energy. Phenomenal show.

After a short change over, Jordan Luck appears with his band which has both Joe and Bryan on guitar. Performing double duties on a tour is hard work so big ups to them.

As soon as they started playing, Jordan starts drawing the audience away from their tables and onto the dance floor. His voice is still as good as ever. Such charisma too! Jordan commands the stage with the Jordan Luck Band and it is infectious to watch. You can’t help but want to move around and sing. They all know how to get the crowd into a great mood and by the time they get to a cover of Blue Lady from Hello Sailor, the dance floor is now bigger and moving a lot more with people singing like there is no tomorrow. Music is all about having a good time together and it is clear that this is what is happening.

As the set continues, there are members of the audience that return to their seats after they had boogied to a favourite song of theirs yet it feels like musical chairs because by the time they return they are back up again! Victoria draws plenty more people up with friends running back to push their mates up onto the dance floor. I am literally smiling. Jordan sings his heart out with everyone on stage helping him keep the crowd in a good mood.

Both Bryan and Joe each sing a song too while Jordan moves to the side of the stage and lets his mates do their thing. The Passenger from Iggy Pop is a great choice too from Joe. He knows how to get the audience involved and does so here.

The musical chairs act continues for a while and you can tell we are getting closer to the hits that everyone is here for. Towards the end of the set are the big hits like La La Lulu, I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue), which has Jordan running a sing-off between the men and women of the audience, and What Ever Happened To Tracy. The dance floor is truly packed and the band are lapping up the energy from them. The transfer of energy between the band and the crowd here is awesome to see. Jordan’s voice is still just fantastic and the band are incredible musicians all working together to enjoy this moment we all have together.

Rounding off the set is a cover of April Sun In Cuba and Who Loves Who The Most which as you could imagine was a stomper. After that, they thank the audience and walk off stage but we all know we ain’t done yet. Quickly they return and play a cover of U2’s I Will Follow and then the big one, Why Does Love Do This To Me? By this stage of the night, the crowd is absolutely having a blast and that energy I mentioned before is dialled up to 100. It was an absolutely magical moment to hear everyone singing along. I believe we should all feel so grateful that we are able to enjoy moments like this in the year of 2020. Also, big up’s to the Jordan Luck Band for coming out and giving Pukekohe a great show.

Earlier in the night, Joe had commented on how the tour had been postponed from its earlier date. Still, they have been touring around the country putting on this show to thousands of people who will truly be thankful for one heck of a night they will remember for some time. It’s great to know that all this music still holds up so well years later. Combined with the passion both bands brought to the stage, rock music is still alive and ready to return to the main stage.

An excellent show that I was privileged to get along to.


About The Jordan Luck Band

‘Legend’ is a word suffering from chronic overuse syndrome these days, but when it comes to Jordan Luck, the word regains it’s full meaning and one the NZ public associates with this true blue Kiwi artist. This affection is obviously felt amongst his musical peers as well who bestowed Jordan the honour of Inaugural Inductee into the New Zealand Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. As front man and pop-writing genius with the legendary Exponents, he clocked up a staggering 18 Top 40 singles over the years, with Victoria recently voted by public as the 8th greatest New Zealand song of all time. These days on any given weekend you will hear packed stadiums of sports fans singing in unison (if not in-tune) Why Does Love Do This To Me? a song that seems to have taken on the mantle as the ‘unofficial’ alternative NZ national anthem.

THE JORDAN LUCK BAND is the new super deluxe Frankenstein incarnation backing the iconic kiwi singer these days. Every gig the band play the best of all those iconic tracks we know and love as well as a collection of recently penned and possible future stadium sing-a-longs of tomorrow. Meticulously designed by Jordan himself from the ground up this band has just the one purpose...to bring Jordan’s blend of pop rock genius from the past, present and future… back to the masses!

Hand-picked from a wish-list of players Jordan wanted to work with the word went out, his fantasy starting line up were contacted and unsurprisingly they all signed up, there was no need to refer to the list of reserves…so, starting from the stage right part of the paddock…

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for The Jordan Luck Band


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