18 Aug 2022

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Miles Calder - Single Review: Take Me Back To How It Was

19 Oct 2020 // A review by Chris Chick

I think I just found the band that I really want to jam with; Miles Calder's new song Take Me Back To How It Was is a sound that really does what it says on the tin, it takes you back to the way it was. This late 60's and 70's psychedelic number really softens the soul and enables one to really re-live by gone days that many of us did not even have the opportunity to experience. I get the feeling of being in a time when time itself does not really matter and the spiritual dance that we all succumb to, just taking over the body.

Everything works here, the instruments, the tempo, the way the electric and acoustic sounds complement each other throughout the song, the uppers and downers, to coin a good 1960's phrase. This single is certainly something different from much of the music that is coming out at the moment, and this is certainly a good thing. I cannot remember the last time a band used the influence of the psychedelic rock era to such acclaim.

I love this bands passion; they exude every note with the drive of people who believe in everything they are portraying. This, in itself, is the hallmark to any good song, it also helps that the songs narrative is about yearning for those bygone days of happier times within the bastion of musical innocence that was the 60's and 70's. Though, many would argue that those days were not innocent, but we can all agree that music in the form we see now was highly influenced by the strides made during this era.

Once again, as a reviewer, I find myself in awe at the constant rate of great Kiwi music that seems to be coming out at this present time. It is almost like musicians have had a lot of time to procrastinate over the last 6 months of so, because of some worldwide pandemic, see there is always a silver lining somewhere. This song is well worth the time to listen to, even though it is close to 5 minutes, and musicians run the risk of turning off listeners by going past the 3 minute mark, but this never gets boring.

'Take Me Back To How It Was gets a strong 3.5 stars from me.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About Miles Calder

Miles Calder has been busy waking up from unconscious monotony and has a striking new single to show for it. Almost four years since the folk-tinged releases as Miles Calder & The Rumours and his time living in New York City and Geneva, Miles has emerged with a revived sound and a new band. His new sound evokes early-70's Lennon as much as contemporaries like Kevin Morby and Father John Misty.

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