20 Sep 2021

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Sola Rosa - Single Review: Searching For Love Feat. Kiko Bun

23 Jun 2020 // A review by Gaby Ivanov-Giraldo

If you love music, Sola Rosa is a Kiwi band that you really should know about. The founder of this powerhouse is Andrew Spraggon; the man behind the band’s "near 20-year labour of love". This band has experienced many ages of music in Aotearoa, having been releasing music since 2000. Their music has had its flux in genre, yet has maintained its high standards sonically. Searching For Love Feat. Kiko Bun is the first single of Sola Rosa’s new coming album, Chasing The Sun.

Sola Rosa may be twenty years old, but they are not ‘old school’. The band is committed to making music for evolving, modern ears. Sola Rosa has seven full-length albums and four EPs. They also have countless singles, and all band members have collaborated with many other fantastic artists, such as, vocalists Iva Lamkum on Turn Around, L.A Mitchell on Spinning Top, Kevin Mark Trail on To The Ocean, and many others. Since their advent in music, they’ve had several world tours and are a sought-out band among European music festivals. Sola Rosa keeps their production skills versatile and contemporary. This skill set has made the groove with Kiko Bun really pop.

This track has a lot of character; it has an impact and a beat-heavy rhythm that begs a replay. The track blends multiple genres including neo-soul, hip-hop, funk and jazz. The band and Bun himself, however, know not to stick to any genre specifically; leaving the future of releases open to a wonder of progression. Searching For Love is written and recorded in Sola Rosa’s home studio with collaborators Peter Leupolu, Dixon Nacey and Matt Short, also featuring live instrumentation from Julien Dyne, Jeremy Toy and string instruments by Mahuia Bridgeman-Cooper and the Black Quartet. As with Kiko Bun’s vocals in this tune, the band give hints for a “heavy-hitting” set of vocalists in their upcoming album so watch this space!

Andrew Spraggon is an Auckland-based songwriter/producer who consistently works on the musical craftsmanship of the band. He is a wizard in finding the right voice for the right song, and in this case, UK Singer Kiko Bun has drizzled gold on this hit. His voice is super soulful, expressive and danceable. The lyrics celebrate themes on finding a love that lasts, no longer needing to search for something real, and being made "better man" from the journey. It’s the catchiest groove and you definitely want this track downloaded! The tune is available on all major streaming, and a pre-save link to the upcoming album is available here.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Sola Rosa

Sola Rosa is one of Kiwi music’s most evolutionary and enduring acts.

With seven full-length albums, four EP's, a handful of hits, countless collaborations and numerous world tours, it’s been a 20-year labour of love for the man behind the music, Andrew Spraggon.

And although it’s punctuated with twists and turns in the form of constant change and innovation, one thing has remained the same – Spraggon’s steadfast commitment to making great albums that seamlessly blend a myriad of genres, from hip-hop and jazz, to neo-soul, latin and funk.

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Year: 2020
Type: Album
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Year: 2010
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Year: 2003
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Year: 2003
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Year: 2001
Type: Album
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Year: 2001
Type: EP

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