23 May 2022

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Jen Turner - Single Review: Singing With Whales

12 Mar 2020 // A review by jacquiew

Singing with Whales by Jen Turner is a real gem of a single. Reflective and introspective in the particular way that break up songs tend to be, it’s also seriously catchy. It’s lyrically balanced and meaningful, and never resorts to cliche. "I’m alone and allowing the breakdown" is a repeated refrain, giving the listener (and singer) permission for solitude and grief while knowing that this too will pass. I particularly like the phrase "I hold on to letting you go". We all like a good wallow now and then.

Turner says that she wrote the song as a newly single person feeling directionless after the end of a two-year relationship. "There is something beautiful about the opportunity I have to recreate myself," she says in her promo material. Indeed there is, and this single will be a lasting legacy from that process of recreation.

Turner recorded it with producer Joe Faris (Ezra Vine, Daily J) during her participation in Parachute’s 2019 Artist Development programme and Faris’ production skills and excellent taste are evident. The track is delicate and nuanced in its production with just the right touches to enhance it without being overblown. Strings and keyboard round out the sound in support of Turner’s lovely, clear vocals.

Singing with Whales is a real delight.

(Side note: Not too much of the music I review brings my young teen in from the next room for a listen, let alone gets her seal of approval. This single did).

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Jen Turner

For as long as she can remember, Jen Turner has been a collector.

Her bedroom is a dreamscape of dead flowers and old postcards hoarded within dusted book jackets. Old Catholic angels adorn her desk, praying for her safety. Baby teeth are embedded in the same little tree stump, guarded by porcelain angels.

On a shelf sits a snowglobe her mother gave her when she was a kid. This tiny, self-contained world - a complete memory, encased and preserved in domed glass. From age 11 she would tinker on a piano as strobes of rainbow light filtered through crystals hanging from her window. She’d try and create that same metaphor with songs, injecting emotion and nostalgia into self-contained melodies and verses.

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