10 Jul 2020

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O Juliet - Album Review: Unlash the Boats

12 Mar 2020 // A review by Isla Norman
New Plymouth based band O Juliet have released their debut album, the mystical and mysterious Unlash the Boats. The album begins with a shuffling rhythm section and smooth electric keyboard as Juliet herself laments the pain of losing what she mistook for love. She talks of lining her nerves in a row, as she gathers the energy and strength to leave. The backing vocals from the band add a solemn triumph to the piece, as if Juliet is returning from battle safe, but injured.

The second piece, Figured it Out, feels lighter. The electric piano that drives the soundscape of the album is less melancholy, and more thoughtful. The lyrics talk of moving through disappointments with maturity. With lounge jazz influences, the song sits somewhere between empowering and defeated. She says that it’s “never enough to dream in the light of others”, seemingly moved to find fulfilment from herself.

Juliet’s lyrics are thought provoking. She writes in metaphors that provide enough information to keep you interested without revealing too much. My favourite track on the album is Set the Fire, which uses creative guitar effects and once again demonstrates Juliet’s poetic ability.

The title track Unlash the Boats utilises creative synths, and sound effects that appear reversed. The result is a disorienting. Leaving Copper Mountain allows time for the listener to pause and think. The production is charmingly low-fi.

Finally, the album ends on an uplifting note with Somebody’s Sweetheart. Produced by Rhythm Ace, Unlash the Boats is worth a listen for its creativity, and ultimately calming timbre. O Juliet should be proud of the final product they worked hard to release. We look forward to seeing where their music takes them next.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About O Juliet

“A misty blend of pure, heartfelt lyricism cut against unexpected twists and twilight stylings. Blurred edges and a gentle sense of things not being quite as they first appear. A reward for the curious and the listener who likes to decide for themselves—not for the spoon feeders!”
-Sam Johnson, Producer and Sound Engineer, Rhythm Ace Studio

O Juliet are a band based in New Plymouth, New Zealand. Founded by songwriter Juliet McLean the group includes longtime collaborators and tour-mates Rob Ju and Hamish Cameron. Their latest album Unlash the Boats was released in November 2019.

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Unlash The Boats
Year: 2019
Type: Album

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