24 Jan 2021

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Young Gho$t - Single Review: Weed In My Lungs

29 Nov 2019 // A review by Ben Ruegg

"I got this weed in my lungs. I got this weed in my lungs. Smoking a nugget as big as my thumb."

You see, rap music is an interesting art form. What drew me to it was the story telling, the real talk. And over the years, many years, hip-hop and rap has transformed and become a global phenomenon, so much so that popular music stations would most likely have the majority of its playlist as hip-hop or a sub-genre of.

And then we get artists like Young Gho$t. Artists who take on a character or persona and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Weed In My Lungs shouldn’t just be dismissed. For the uninitiated, some may very well turn it off right away. But did you listen to the production? Did you hear how the music makes you feel uneasy, like your tripping. "I got this weed in my lungs". If you know anything about it, you’ll know some people get bad trips. When I hear this song, it’s well produced. Vocals are recorded well and placed in the mix to sound uneasy. Lyrically, it’s about having some strong as weed. Well that’s what I take from the chorus. The verses are like a retelling of some crazy shit that happened when high. I assume that’s the point.

Overall, it’s a grimy sounding trap/rap song with some killer flow and excellent production.

Well worth checking out if you are interested in rap and hip-hop.

Rating: ( 3 / 5 )

About Young Gho$t

Young Gho$t (real name Casper) is one of the many underground rappers coming out of New Zealand today. Born in London, based in Wellington, he has been rapping and making music for over 7 years. Diverse in its genre pallet, Gho$t's music is characterised by smooth flows, inventive lyricism and wholesome vibes. You can find him going fast over grimey trap beats, or riding it out to some bouncy old school hip hop, steering the lens through his lyrical perspective.

A member of up and coming Wellington crew NVRSFT, Young Gho$t regularly collaborates with its founder, dark trap mogul Chronic Shnxman, and the two have been making waves recently, leading to opening slots for internationally acclaimed artists such as Shakewell, Ramirez, Mr Traumatik and Bladee.

He has released one full length album called Session Muzik in 2019, as well as numerous EPs, with a further project due before 2020.

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