20 Feb 2020

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Lakius - Single Review: Kaos High

25 Sep 2019 // A review by Kris Raven

Auckland 3-piece metal outfit Lakius have recently dropped their second single Kaos High, which is currently available in all the usual places. Formed from the ashes of long standing Kiwi metal act Broken Season, they have delivered a raw, aggressive and pummeling slab of 90’s influenced heavy music in the form of Kaos High.

The song's feel reminds me of ‘Roots’ Era Sepultura and late 90’s Soulfy with the rawness of early Slipknot. Blending elements of traditional heavy metal with nu metal and groove metal and even some industrial and death metal hints. The double kick patterns, speed and preciseness of Hemi Sachin's drumming is a big standout throughout the song and progressively gets more impressive throughout the song. The band have Incorporated sound bites from a well-known heavy music documentary (that will remain nameless) that reflects the overall theme of the song's lyrics and while not a new thing, is a very concise way of creating an image of the overall idea of the lyrical content. Kaos High talks openly and candidly about human issues and emotions, mainly anger, frustration and how fueling this - be whether it's alcohol or substances in a public environment - is not okay. Unfortunately, a common issue within our heavy drinking culture.

Musically, the song begins with a back and forth play off, a marching snare roll and grinding guitar riff that starts and stops. Cory Waddingham’s rumbling bass guitar then copycats the riff and rhythm alone, creating a shallow build up before moving into jungle like tom tom patterns. Seamlessly moving into the verse, the rolling double kicks carrying a solid head banging groove, with the guitars and bass locked in tight. Lead Vocalist and guitarist Tony Charles vocals are aggressive but clear, there is a definite Max Cavalera vibe with the vocal delivery and patterns.

The verse then flows back into the intro rhythm with another soundbite and then back to the verse pattern. The ‘chorus’ portion of the song takes a more half time approach which works well in identifying changes throughout the song. The most intense and aggressive section is essentially a sweet breakdown with screamed vocals, massive penetrating kicks, which reminds me of Demanufacture era Fear Factory, technical and mechanical bass drums and some tortured Burton C Bell type vocals. The guitar pinches also add extra spectacle to the songs dark and violent tones.

While it doesn't follow a conventional song structure, there is the base riff and roll section that it returns to with the majority of the vocals and then branches out into breakdowns, which I can see going down very well in the pit. While I felt there could be a little vocal melody added, it may have taken away from overall concept of the song and the heavy driving force throughout.

Lakius have come out the gate angry and ready to prove something, I look forward to seeing them live and what they bring next to an ever growing and exciting metal scene.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Lakius

Lakius is an Auckland based 3 piece metal band.
Formed by Broken Season founders Hemi Sachin (drums), Tony Charles (guitars,vocals),
and newcomer Caz (bass), Lakius solidified their line-up in late 2018.

Lakius combines Tony's honest, and uncompromising lyrics, grinding guitars with Hemi's drums punishing your ears with relentless double kicks, and Caz's 4 string terrorism.

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