21 Feb 2020

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The Echo Ohs - EP Review: Wild Weeds

11 Sep 2019 // A review by Ben Ruegg

Man, I love music. I love how it can take me back to different memories, times in my life and past experiences. And the new EP from Echo Ohs has done just that. Wild Weeds is a psychedelic trip that pays dividends with multiple listens.

The recording quality is key to this. It sounds live like any good band should. With a solid rhythm section made up to tight drums, smooth bass lines and wonderful guitar work, it lays the foundations for the vocal to sit well in the mix. Not up front, but there and perfectly placed. The delivery is distorted at times, heavily uses echo but so well. Its art man. I just wanna flick off the lights and dance around, let the music touch my soul. This is exactly what music should do!

I feel like I am sifting through my dad's record collection again and finding his 70's music. It's got a classic feel to it and it has depth. Lots going on that is worth paying attention to. I'm in love.

The standout tracks for me were Anna Ant and Dog Bone. These two are damn good, but the EP as a whole is incredible. So many musical jams going on in each song highlights the bands tightness and ability to communicate musically with each other. Music doesn't have to be about vocals all the time and Echo Ohs understand this by showcasing how they keep my attention with the breakdowns, like in The Crawl. This is a band I need to see and hear live.

Overall, the EP is a standout among a lot of today's music. It's a throwback to the psychedelic rock era. This is an EP that showcases every members musical talents and understanding of how to write catchy songs that have so many layers.

Wonderful work. I want to hear more please.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )


There are no releases to display for The Echo Ohs.

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