19 Feb 2020

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Tryptofunk - Album Review: Tranzendent Sheeeiit

04 Jun 2019 // A review by Jason Peters

Tryptofunk open up their latest offering with album title track Tranzendent Sheeeiit, with a De La Soul vibe, slick production and catchy soul chorus, it guides the listener into this album very nicely and with some trademark Tryptofunk humour thrown in for good measure.

Track two Freak The Funk Out steps up the pace with its groovy funky bass line. I dig the variety of singing, raps and melody lines on this one, the twin harmonies and rhyming duet of Dr Archaeo aka Dhaivat Mehta and DJ Kingz aka Kingsley Smith work very well throughout this album, and with a killer chorus this song is a cracker.

Funky beats and melodic vocal lines aren’t new to Hip-Hop, but these guys know how to use those tools well on their third album. Flame Thrower begins with a spaceship landing then the track takes off into a Funkadelic styled groove, the funk is strong on this one with a catchy chorus “You can’t hold a candle to this flame thrower” I really dig the harmonies on this tune.

Enlightenment 2.0 is a tongue in cheek funky slice of groovy humour and speaking of tongues Gene Simmons gets a hilarious mention in the chorus. Monk Mode brings the beat rpm down to a slower funky flow, forget P funk we get schooled in the T funk mode on this slippery number. Dr Archaeo raps flow with ease over a smooth beat that kicks along to chilled out keys, a very sweet track indeed.

Gonzo keeps the downbeat vibe going, with heavy space funk and another memorable chorus this tune really hits the spot. Album closer Lixir lifts up the pace again with a punchy bass line and the humorous and clever lyrics flow again, this track has a Tenacious D vibe rolling in the verses, the catchy chorus “I am your Lixir, I am your healer, I am the killer of pain” sticks to the roof off your mouth like peanut butter, a great way to end this fine album.

If you dig Funkadelic, De La Soul and Funkdoobiest then this album will spin your wheels, you can never go wrong with cranking the funk machine and these dudes have the wheels spinning hard out on this album. Overall a very well-produced album with well thought out melodies and flows. It’s awesome to see Tryptofunk using funk and grooves as their canvas opposed to flavour of the month overused trap beats, check this album out, it's good sheeeiit.

Rating: ( 4 / 5 )

About Tryptofunk

A funk/hiphop collaboration, bringing cosmic vibes from the sonic dimension. Injecting the spiritual with hip-hop attitude, over funkadelic grooves.

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Vol 3.0: Tranzendent Sheeeiit
Year: 2019
Type: Album
Vol 2.0: Choose Your Dimension
Year: 2019
Type: Album
Vol 4.0: Funkin' Up Yo Algorhythm
Year: 2019
Type: Album
Vol 1.0: Dragon Energy
Year: 2018
Type: Album
Liquid Of The Godz
Year: 2018
Type: EP

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