21 Apr 2019

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Ben Ruegg - EP Review: If I Had A Delorean

15 Apr 2019 // A review by Paul Goddard

Have you ever had those moments where you look back on a time in your life where everything you remember from that those moments just seemed to be great? Of course, those good times can’t be pinned down to a specific moment or era. It will be different for each person and for me it was the early 90’s.

I was in a band. We wanted to conquer the world (well the city we lived in was a good start) it felt like we were a gang. A sense of belonging with a common goal. Us against everyone else.
In the evenings and at weekends after a shit week doing jobs, we all hated the gang grew even bigger when we met up with like-minded people in their own little gangs, got together and bonded over music and usually copious amounts of alcohol.

It was serious, but fun, exciting, frustrating and created some of the best memories.

On his latest EP If I Had A Delorean, Ben Ruegg reminisces over his own good times in opener Bring It Back Again. An absolute stormer of a track that is part Silverchair, part Filter, all 90’s angst. The songwriting is as direct and unpretentious as the music. This is all brooding energy that explodes in a flurry of killer riffs pushed along with a simple distorted vocal and a screaming chorus.

The theme of reliving memories continues with the aptly titled If I Had A Delorean. This is a slightly mellower affair but has a chorus you will be singing for days. The melody through the verses is one that would make Blink 182 envious.

After a short spoken interlude from who I assume is Ben's daughter things take a darker turn. Slow But Steady is about dealing with anxiety and depression. There is a real honesty in the lyrics like all the songs on this EP. Ben wears his heart on his sleeve. Whilst the subject matter is dark it is underpinned with a sense of optimism.

What makes this collection of songs even more impressive is Ben as well as being the vocalist has written, recorded and played every instrument (apart from an insane guitar solo on the opening track) on here.

That he can do all this on his own without having the input and different angles that extra musicians can add and then still come up with his own unique sound on each track is impressive.

This is one of the best collections of songs I have heard all year. It stands out high above all the current stereotypical NZ rock bands who are chasing radio play by trying to sound like each other. This is partly because Ben is locked away alone creating music for himself. He is a one-man gang.

At evenings and weekends, or whenever you want to escape the mundane grind of the day to day, you should try to be a part of Ben's Gang. You won't be disappointed.

It sounds like Ben like me, had some great times back in the 90's and those experiences have led him to this point today. Music can do that to you. Once it is in your system it never goes away.

Apparently Ben is looking for some new musical recruits to his gang so he can get these songs into a live format. Let’s hope so because these songs need to be heard and seen. If that happens I for one will be there creating more great memories.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

About Ben Ruegg

My name is Ben Ruegg. I have been writing and performing since I was around 8. My love for music is endless. I don't say I like just one style of music because all music is different and reflects an artists current state of mind. That is exactly what my music does.
I love to tap into my inner self and reveal things I even keep secret from myself.

I hope you enjoy the passion as much I enjoy getting it to come out and end up in the recording and songs.

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