8 Jul 2020

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Jasmine Tilyard - Single Review: Take It To The Grave

28 Feb 2019 // A review by florencecohen

I would not like to hurt Jasmine Tilyard. I’m sure she’s a sweet teenager under all that blonde angst, but honestly, I’d be terrified for my life and/or my reputation if ever we crossed paths.

People have said the same thing about Taylor Swift though, an obvious influence on Tilyard. Swift’s resurgence of sexualised themes of violence, betrayal and loss ultimately resulting in the temptresses revenge have become a powerful force in the music world – causing ex-boyfriends, ex-managers and those who once carelessly selfied with the long-legged star to put away their phones and be cautiously scanned.

Jasmine’s also a young country singer. Starting out like Swift, her blonde curls hitting just past her shoulders, she’s probably got the voice and the hair to fill town halls in New Zealand. But unlike Swift, she’s younger. She needs room to grow. At seventeen you can’t have that much emotional baggage to dive into, so I understand the need for a repetitive chorus. Jasmine’s previous song Just A Game showcased her vocal range much better than Take It To The Grave. However, having been a seventeen-year-old young woman recently, I know how fun it is to dress up in black and sing about reprisal, so I can’t blame her really.

What I can say about all of Jasmine’s work to date is that it would be great as club music. Listening to Just A Game and waiting for the drop that never came was nerve-wracking, and the same could be said for Take It To The Grave. A country singer with a bit of crossover could be just what New Zealand needs, and just what Jasmine needs to give her a boost – she’s only young after all.

A mature song like this needs a mature singer behind it, and today it’s just not Jasmine. But that’s OK, because one day it will be. And when that time comes, Jasmine will be writing something less repetitive and far less mastered. Plus, she’ll have more material under her belt if she wants to continue with the revenge theme. I look forward to hearing more from Jasmine Tilyard, and one day I hope to hear that club remix – fingers crossed Jasmine!

Rating: ( 2 / 5 )

About Jasmine Tilyard

Jasmine Tilyard is Auckland's newest pop-star in the making.

Despite her age, 17-year-old Jasmine has already won awards at NZ Country Music Association competitions, been nominated for the Rising Star award at the Benny Awards, as well as earning herself the title of Junior Entertainer of the Year.

Take It To The Grave is the first single from her upcoming EP, due for release late 2019, and will be available on all digital platforms from Friday March 1st, 2019.

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