20 Jul 2024

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Mundi - Gig Review: Mundi @ Botanical Gardens, Wellington - 10/01/2019

15 Jan 2019 // A review by voodoobloo

Before even arriving at the venue, I knew I was in for a treat. This wasn't my first visit to the Soundshell at the Wellington Botanical Gardens, but it was obvious that Mundi and the venue would go hand in hand after listening to their latest single Still Song Goes On. The great technicality of the group blended with the soft grooves made it easy for the concert-goers to relax and chat with friends, and even better, to be blown away by the tight sounds of the band.

Mundi's hour-long set comprised of instruments and sounds from all around the globe, which the multi-talented members executed with perfection. I never knew how well both saxophone and flute would mix but I was pleasantly surprised as I'm sure the rest of the crowd was too.

Though the performance was low on the use of vocals, it wasn't hard for the audience to receive the message of Mundi's music. Throughout the whole entire night there was a relatively large crowd of people near the front, all dancing along and having a great time. In saying this though, when the vocals were used, it was in a significant way, using excellent harmonies which were simple enough for everyone to sing along to, Mundi definitely knew how to get all eyes on them.

Great sounds, vibes and stage presence, the only thing that I was sad to see was the exit of the park. Mundi, Wellington looks forward to seeing you again!

Photos courtesy of Bruce Mackay/The Darker Arts


About Mundi

Mundi has toured both nationally and internationally and brings some of New Zealand’s top musicians together in a fiery display of psychedelic rock and groove music that explores new musical terrain-a dual of woodwind and strings, hypnotic grooves and haunting melodies, percussion and drums, dancing and merriment.

Mundi’s music is like Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti meeting Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson- filled with global colours, grooves and influences. Composer and flautist for Mundi, Tamara Smith has travelled the world compiling inspiration for her compositions along the way - from performing in Jazz clubs in Paris and recording an album in Sri Lanka, to learning traditional Indian flute by the Ganges and warding off Alligators in the heart of the Amazon.

Mundi is based in Christchurch and Wellington.

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The Pale Blue Dot
Year: 2019
Type: Album

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