4 Jul 2020

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  • The Jordan Luck Band - Gig Review: Jordan Luck Band @ The Playhouse, Nelson - 28/12/2018

The Jordan Luck Band - Gig Review: Jordan Luck Band @ The Playhouse, Nelson - 28/12/2018

29 Dec 2018 // A review by Jacquie Walters

An amiable capacity crowd gathered at The Playhouse in Mapua for a post-Christmas trip down memory lane with The Jordan Luck Band. The band delivered all that was expected and more in a tight, accomplished, and high-energy set.

Extremely talented Alex Hargreaves and her band Paper City opened the night with great gusto. Formerly from Nelson, Alex is someone to watch and has been deservedly taken under the wing of the Jordan Luck Band members, including being invited to join Ekko Park a year ago. Ekko Park shares members with the Jordan Luck Band so it was evening of musical chairs as the three acts took the stage.

Alex is an accomplished guitarist and has a mesmerising energy. Paper City were a well-rehearsed and tight group and completely won over the crowd, which is not easy to do as the opening act. Alex is still developing her vocal delivery and it was pretty difficult to hear lyrics clearly but her talent is undeniable and her future is surely very bright.

Ekko Park delivered a strong set, hampered at times by some vocal glitches – possibly a little fatigue setting in. The group are outstanding musicians and really know how to entertain and there was great onstage interplay between front man Joe Walsh and Alex Hargreaves. For me, one of their strongest moments was their cover version of David Bowie’s Heroes although I also enjoyed Tea and Toast.

A reshuffle of musicians, the Jordan Luck Band took to the stage, and we were left in no doubt that the main event had started. Jordan Luck’s sheer commitment to delivering every song with passion is remarkable to witness. He really gives it everything. The crowd responded in kind, singing along at every moment possible. Who Loves Who The Most, La La Lu Lu, Whatever Happened To Tracey, Why Does Love Do This To Me, Victoria, I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue) – they were all in the set much to the delight of everyone present.

Impressively, especially given how many times Luck must have sung his hits over the years, he gave each one its due without cynicism or shortcuts. Luck’s vocals were excellent and he was ably supported by his outstanding band – all standout musicians in their own right. There was a slight dip in energy when Luck took a break from singing for a couple of numbers but that was a small price to pay for ensuring Luck could keep belting out his hits for the rest of the evening.

The band also delivered a handful of covers, notably a great version of U2’s I Will Follow and The Rolling Stones’ Start Me Up. Hello Sailor’s Blue Lady also got a turn. For an encore we were treated to Dragon’s April Sun In Cuba, introduced by Luck as a song by some guys from Taumarunui that they’d picked up during their travels.

A happy and satisfied crowd left feeling like they’d got exactly what they’d come for – a great reminder of Luck’s talent and the opportunity to revisit songs from their youth, delivered with class and energy. If you get the chance over the summer catch one of the band’s gigs, they are really excellent.

(Well done also to The Playhouse for continuing to provide a well-managed venue and attracting great acts like this. They consistently deliver a top-class experience for gig goers and touring acts alike).


About The Jordan Luck Band

‘Legend’ is a word suffering from chronic overuse syndrome these days, but when it comes to Jordan Luck, the word regains it’s full meaning and one the NZ public associates with this true blue Kiwi artist. This affection is obviously felt amongst his musical peers as well who bestowed Jordan the honour of Inaugural Inductee into the New Zealand Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. As front man and pop-writing genius with the legendary Exponents, he clocked up a staggering 18 Top 40 singles over the years, with Victoria recently voted by public as the 8th greatest New Zealand song of all time. These days on any given weekend you will hear packed stadiums of sports fans singing in unison (if not in-tune) Why Does Love Do This To Me? a song that seems to have taken on the mantle as the ‘unofficial’ alternative NZ national anthem.

THE JORDAN LUCK BAND is the new super deluxe Frankenstein incarnation backing the iconic kiwi singer these days. Every gig the band play the best of all those iconic tracks we know and love as well as a collection of recently penned and possible future stadium sing-a-longs of tomorrow. Meticulously designed by Jordan himself from the ground up this band has just the one purpose...to bring Jordan’s blend of pop rock genius from the past, present and future… back to the masses!

Hand-picked from a wish-list of players Jordan wanted to work with the word went out, his fantasy starting line up were contacted and unsurprisingly they all signed up, there was no need to refer to the list of reserves…so, starting from the stage right part of the paddock…

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for The Jordan Luck Band


Not Only... But Also
Year: 2016
Type: Album

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