16 Jan 2019

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Trepidations - Single Review: I Can't Go On

13 Dec 2018 // A review by Paul Goddard

To say this is lo-fi is an understatement. The conversation within the band before they recorded this song I imagine sounds something like this,

Will Saunders - “Let's get a band together and record a song."

Rest of the band - “OK but where? A studio would be expensive and actually fuck that, this song you just gave us is balls out, take it or leave it, it will make your ears bleed even if we record it in a toilet.”

So guess what?

This track sounds like it was recorded in a toilet!

It also sounds all the better for it.

One of my favourite songs ever recorded by a New Zealand band is Blue Team Go by The Mint Chicks. It is absolute pure genius. When they performed it live it took on a whole other level and I Can't Go On by Trepidations has given me that buzz I thought I would never experience again. This track is simply the best song I have heard and best lyrics I have read since Blue Team Go was released.

Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) unfortunately passed away this week and he along with the rest of the Buzzcocks were the kings of the 3-minute pop song. Trepidations have taken that 3-minute buzz and vibe and created an instant classic. Seriously, this song just buzzes into every part of whatever it is that makes you connect with the world.

It is SIMPLE. The lyrics mean something, and the chorus just sticks in your head.

If you can find it, you should definitely go out and buy it!

P.S. Just buy it, listen to it, and if ever they get to play live, don't miss it! I Can't Go On is a solid gold 5-star classic, and I can say that enough.

Rating: ( 5 / 5 )

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