16 Oct 2021

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Pale Lady - EP Review: Told To Fold

04 Jul 2018 // A review by voodoobloo

I’ve been a big fan of Pale Lady right from the first moment I saw them perform live back in 2017. Their solid alt-rock sound infused with so many other flavours makes them a very refreshing yet familiar sounding act. This, of course, led to my high hopes and expectations for this EP, and the end product did not disappoint.

Before Told To Fold was released, two singles gave us a taste of what was to come, Empty Space and Don’t Let This Be Your Life. Empty Space is a great hard rock tune and comes complete with incredible guitar work from Sam Minot during the closing solo of this track. Empty Space is comparable to that of Slash’s work outside of Guns n Roses, something that I personally really enjoy.

On the other hand, Don’t Let This Be Your Life really showcases the bands great song writing strengths and the brilliant piano work during the intro was provided by drummer Sam Higham whilst playing the drums at the same time, thus providing further proof that Pale Lady are an amazing act. The riffs on Don’t Let This Be Your Life also somewhat remind me of the song Letter Bomb by Green Day. Overall this is a great catchy tune, and it was stuck in my head for weeks prior to this EP’s release.

When this project finally released, I didn’t immediately click with the closing track, Told To Fold, but now I can say with certainty that this is my favourite track on the entire EP. Told To Fold has a great intro with harmonising guitar riffs, the organ style piano completely builds up a huge soundscape before crashing down into psychedelic rock-like grooves that I just can’t get enough of. 

Coming back to an overall look on this EP, the production quality is amazing, and whilst most of the time I was listening to it I didn’t notice a dip in sound quality when comparing it to other artists I listen to. 

I have asked several friends and musos what they think or if there’s any single crack or flaw in this EP, and the only con anyone mentioned was the fact that this was an EP, and not an LP (Both Sam's, Conall, and Jack, please get on it!).

Review written by Rory McDonald


About Pale Lady

Founded in late 2016, Pale Lady consists of four rock fanatics who found themselves in the same music degree. Since then, it has been non stop writing and gigging to bring something new to Rock n Roll. Their music is diverse, with influences both from old school classics and modern rock.

Pale Lady’s sound is characterised by the layered elements and high energy. At a show you can expect to hear catchy vocal melodies, heavy riffs and guitar solos a plenty. Since winning the 2017 National Battle Of The Bands, the band has been working towards upcoming releases. They will bring out new music over the course of 2018, leading up to their Europe tour in August.

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My New Maze
Year: 2019
Type: EP
Told To Fold
Year: 2018
Type: EP

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