18 Feb 2019

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  • Marlon Williams - Gig Review: Marlon Williams @ The Foundry, Christchurch - 23/05/2018

Marlon Williams - Gig Review: Marlon Williams @ The Foundry, Christchurch - 23/05/2018

24 May 2018 // A review by hailtree
It’s the afternoon of Christchurch born Marlon Williams sold out Christchurch show - and the little town of Lyttelton is in an absolute flutter of excitement.

I take a walk to the supermarket, and overhear several conversations on my walk - "I got given two tickets to Marlon Williams tonight!" one shopkeeper excitedly exclaims to her child, whilst another woman walks into the supermarket, chattering away on her cellphone about set times for tonight.

As I enter the Foundry, the air is thick with excitement - the venue quickly fills and I overhear someone warning someone else that "your life is about to change, trust me he has the voice of a God".

Julia Deans takes the stage, accompanied at first only with her guitar. Her voice fills the room and she soon introduces and welcomes Celia Church to the stage to sing with her. Each song is lovingly introduced by Julia, "This song is about when you blame everything going wrong on the zodiac, but don’t take responsibility for your own actions". As she makes her way through her set list, the crowd is entirely under her spell, with barely a conversation to be overheard anywhere in the crowd.

Julia introduces her last song, We Light Fire, noting how she drew inspiration from all the milestones we light fire for - such as birthdays, bonfires, candles, etc.

During the intermission the crowd draws closer to the stage, everyone desperate to catch a glimpse of Marlon. As Marlon and his band climb onto the stage, the crowd erupts into applause. But the moment that Marlon leans into the microphone the entire room goes quiet, as Marlon's voice commands the room. He starts with Come To Me, moving into I Know A Jeweller, both from his newest album Make Way For Love.

It’s obvious just how much Marlon commands the stage, "This is a song about jealousy... so put on your green lights!" as the stage lights go green, and the opening notes to Can I Call You begin.

Marlon takes a moment a few songs later to introduce his band, a group of musicians from all over New Zealand and Australia, and then launches into a stunning cover of Nobody Sees Me Like You Do by Yoko Ono. As Marlon continues his set with What’s Chasing You and Party Boy, he is interrupted mid song by someone in the crowd - "I love you Marlon!" a female voice calls out, "Thanks! Hello!" stumbles out of his mouth in a quick reply - "I might love you too, but I’m not sure yet."

Much to the delight of the crowd Vampire Again is the next song on the line-up, this song had been requested a few times already by the crowd tonight, and as Marlon makes his way through the song, dancing along on stage - the crowd watches on in awe.

"That was quite good!", someone calls out as the song draws to a close and everyone laughs in agreement - "Thank you! It’s good to be home, I haven’t really touched the ground yet... But I’m home!" Marlon calls back and tells the crowd how he’s nearly completed 75 shows on this tour, and truly is so excited to be back home.

Marlon introduces his next song, Nobody Gets What They Want - a song that features Aldous Harding on the record. "I’m hoping [you] might sing it, in lieu if Aldous," Marlon asks his band, and he soon introduces his bassist Ben Woolley once again, but this time to sing.

To close the set Marlon finishes with Make Way For Love, "Thank you all for coming out tonight! It’s wonderful to be home," and just like that, he has left the stage. But the crowd are eager for more, and soon the room began to fill with the sound of stomping feet as Marlon climbs back on stage.

"You know you have to do one more song," someone calls from the audience.
"Oh well, I hadn’t planned on it. But I will."

Review written by Amanda Hailwood

About Marlon Williams

Marlon Williams won his first singing competition at the age of 11 at Lyttelton Main School and was stuck trying to balance the seesaw of his love for the lost souls of bluegrass and hellfire with his deep reverence for sacred choral music.

This set the course for his teenage years as he not only formed The Unfaithful Ways winning the best song award in 2008 , but toured Europe with the Catholic Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament Choir, supporting the Vienna Boys Choir.

“It has always been a balancing act for me, walking the tightrope between the sinners of Saturday night and the sorry of Sunday morning, the cigarettes versus the frankincense..”

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Make Way For Love
Year: 2018
Type: Album
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Marlon Williams
Year: 2015
Type: Album
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Live At La Niche
Year: 2013
Type: Album

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