4 Jul 2022

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Fire For Glory - Single Review: Daughters

05 Dec 2017 // A review by voodoobloo
Two things have always stayed consistent (for me at least) when listening to Fire For Glory:

1. The vocal work on every track never fails to impress me

2. I can never get enough of their ever-growing sound, becoming more and more definitive with each project FFG release.

Their latest single, Daughters follows this pattern, though I can't help but feel that it has done more than just that, I feel that Fire for Glory's latest project has given me a truly new experience I was not expecting, keeping me hungry for more.

This track does a great job of mixing the old with the new. As soon as I heard those opening synths chiming in I knew something was different this time around, but the guitar riffs on this thing definitely made me feel like I was taken back to the "The Kid's Got Guts" days. To hear this great, big mix of new artistic directions and the band bringing themselves back to their roots really makes me excited for what the future has to offer.

Though to say this definitive sound did not have any influences would be untruthful. Personally, I hear quite a lot of Korn and various other nu-metal artists that could have easily persuaded this single into the song it has become.

One thing I really have to give props to is the awesome vocals. Every listen of this track is an absolute pleasure, and having such a distinctive, wide vocal range on every FFG track (especially this latest release) is something I cannot get enough of.

If you haven't done already, go and check out Fire for Glory's latest release Daughters on Spotify, and hopefully you'll be just as excited as me for the future of this band.

Review written by Rory McDonald

About Fire For Glory

Fire For Glory were a pop-punk band based in Auckland (Now known as Stray Dogs). Bringing together elements of 2000’s era pop punk and post hardcore, Fire For Glory delivered high energy live shows that won them a solid local following throughout New Zealand, and the band made their second successful self-funded venture to Australia. As a result of a hard working, DIY touring ethic, the band earned themselves supporting slots with bands such as Motion City Soundtrack (USA), Hawthorne Heights (USA), Joyce Manor (USA) and Silverstein (Canada).

Fire For Glory saw great commercial success, having both of their EPs Phantoms, Ghosts and Monsters and The Kid’s Got Guts, and their LP Shipwreck! all reaching #1 on the iTunes New Zealand rock chart. The single Frog Prince from the second EP was also featured on Spotify’s official rock playlist, and gained the band high amounts of streaming attention.

Fire For Glory is now known as Stray Dogs!

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Fire For Glory


Life of The Party
Year: 2021
Type: EP
Year: 2017
Type: Album
The Kid's Got Guts
Year: 2016
Type: EP

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