16 Aug 2022

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Bloodnut - Album Review: St. Ranga

27 Jul 2017 // A review by Sass_Metal

I’ve heard a lot of albums in my time but there’s not many that draws you in from the first note and despite it’s unusual name Space Orangutan it is one of the best opening tracks for an album I’ve heard in a very long time. The levels in this mix capture the live, raw sound of Bloodnut perfectly which is also very rare in NZ Metal recordings (the amount of times I’ve had my music on shuffle and had to turn it up for NZ Metal bands then to have my speakers almost explode when an International band comes on drives me crazy every time!). The first two minutes are my favourite part on the whole album and I’ve listened to the intro SO MANY TIMES and I know whenever I’m listening to this song in the future I’ll be skipping back to the start to hear it many times more!  It’s musical genius m/

This is an album for everyone that likes their music on the heavier side. It show cases the members backgrounds and musical abilities perfectly from the stoner doom sound they are most well-known for to covering so many other sub genres like Punk, Thrash, Speed Metal and there’s probably a whole lot more I’ll pick up as I listen to this album more in the future – this is going to be an album I’m going to be spinning for AGES to come! Each song is different in that each one also showcases the different members at different times with individual solos which is something I love about this band. It is a band of 3 very talented musicians in their own right, they aren’t relying on one amazing guitarist and their solos or one amazing drummer – they are all supremely talented musicians and this album captures that talent and showcases it superbly. 

From the fast intro in Mark of the Outcast to the punk/thrash metal sound of The Fire Inside this is a masterful album and there isn’t anything that I’ve picked up that could be changed from start to finish.  From the epic opening track of SpaceOrangutan to the brain melting wizardry of the closing track Song of Fire and Ice hands down the best new album I’ve heard in 2017. St Ranga is a must have album – not just for Kiwi metal fans but for anyone who loves their music hard and in your face. Bloodnut are off overseas playing two shows in Melbourne on August 4th and 5th and will be playing more shows in New Zealand too – keep an eye on their Facebook page for when you can catch them live. St Rangais available from: Bloodnut.bandcamp.com, Real Groovy, I-tunes, Amazon next Tuesday August 1st. 10% of each album sold – digital and physical – will be going to the Melanoma Foundation of New Zealand.


About Bloodnut

Noun: Bloodnut
Etymology: Blood (red) + nut (head)
1. (Australasian, informal) A person with red hair, a redhead.

Combining big riffs, catchy hooks and more soul than you would expect from a band of gingers, New Zealand based stoner sludge band Bloodnut have been infecting people with groove since their formation in 2012. They fought like warrior poets through a steady flow of gigs and their fare share of line-up changes as the band began to build a decent following while playing alongside Corrosion of Conformity, Torche, Red Fang, Black Tusk, The Sword, Windhand, Cough, Brant Bjork and Beastwars.

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St. Ranga
Year: 2017
Type: Album
Blues From The Red Sons
Year: 2016
Type: Album

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