28 Jan 2020

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Yasamin - Album Review: L.O.N.D.O.N

24 Jun 2017 // A review by rebelsoundradio

A full disclaimer before we get started on this review; I’m not a huge pop connoisseur... there have been a few Katy Perry-esk songs that have snuck their way onto some of my Spotify playlists but for the main part my musical pyramid is built on a rock base. Pun for good measure.

L.O.N.D.O.N by Yasamin is a solid, polished effort which flows effortlessly and flawlessly from song to song. It has a playful aesthetic and a light-hearted bounce to the tempo, venturing between pop, easy listening and folk. It’s always refreshing to hear real instruments on pop recordings and the production here is at a very high standard overall.

At times I feel the instrumentation needs more dynamics, an example of this is the song Signs. In my opinion, this song would be a real standout if the instrumentation had more weight in the chorus sections of the song. That said, it is still a well written and well-performed track.

Yasamin has a soothing, pleasant vocal delivery but there are moments in some songs where I wish the vocals would soar and have a bit more bite. I am left waiting for a powerful, catchy vocal hook but the song seems to keep on moving regardless of what I want. I could put it down to the fact that I am conditioned to a certain style of music and Yasamin exists slightly outside of that format. There is nothing at all wrong with doing things differently and defying standardized expectations and I definitely did not get a sense of predictability as I made my way from track to track.             

To summarise, L.O.N.D.O.N is a great album. It’s not a cookie cutter, paint by numbers affair and shows some real honesty and craft. There are some well-penned lyrics and the whole package works. I am looking forward to seeing what is next for Yasamin and which direction she heads in.

A Jessie James Review


About Yasamin

Born to Iraqi immigrants, singer/songwriter Yasamin didn’t gather up the courage to pursue her musical dream until later in her life. This would mean leaving behind a full time career as a scientist and throwing herself fully into recording. Her first full length album is due out early 2017.

Yasamin first introduced her music in 2013 with The Hello EP - Chasing Melodies. Her music video for Platinum and Gold aired on C4. She has appeared on TVNZ’s Good Morning and has been featured on 95bFM and TheAudience.co.nz Top 10 Chart Show.

Yasamin has drawn comparisons to female musicians such as Corinne Bailey Rae and Ingrid Michelson and sights her love for lyrics as what drew her to music initially. Her first single London off her full length release is out this August and distills the idea of wanting to move to London for reasons other than the excitement of a new adventure then realising that a problem viewed from a distance is still a problem.

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Year: 2017
Type: Album

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