25 Apr 2019

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Sean Bodley - Album Review: Genesis

23 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinne Rutherford

I am not a Musician, I photograph them, I write about them and I have a heap of Friends who are them, however I know what I know and I know what I like and I have 40 plus years of music listening experience so I am aware when something good drops into my inbox (or in my case from time to time a magical letterbox which seems to conjure up lovely shiny new CD's containing even lovelier shiner brand new music). I really am pretty darn lucky to have this enchanted receptacle of musical goodies at our front gate.

When Genesis showed up, from the very first chord, I knew it was something special. I am not just saying that to be all sweet pink fluffy unicorns, oh no I am saying it because it is the truth.

Did I mention the entire album of ten tracks is instrumental? Not a lyric uttered. This is indeed some powerful guitar playing, so let’s get on with the show and I will take you on a journey through Sean Bodley’s Genesis to the best of my humble, non-guitar playing ability.

The best thing about receiving a physical CD is I can pour over the cover and the inlay and read all that fine print. So after I had a good look at the cover, which is very smart and super cool, a 3D effect of shattered glass or stone, or maybe on closer inspection a metal alien type creature?, I don’t know, but it is cool. I open up the case to which I see a wee inlay, I peer inside and who should be there playing Bass on this album but my mate Ian. Again. Ian Clark when do you sleep? Other supporting artists on this album are local legends, Jed Dawkins on drums, Tim Julian on organ and piano plus synth bass on track 5 and Graham Clark on harmonica.

This album is written and produced by Sean, including synth programming. Also a member of The Eternal Sea, It seems he has been around a while producing quality albums and tutoring the next generation of Satriani’s, Vai’s and Petrucci’s.

The opening track Quantum does have a rather large synth presence, but once you hear Sean start playing it doesn’t seem to matter. I played track one over and over again solidly for one week, this track seeped into my soul for some reason and it doesn't even have lyrics. The whole album in my eyes is a Joe Satriani inspired masterpiece. Note I said inspired, Bodley infuses his own sound into each of the ten tracks.

This is an album with twists and turns, it starts out with a soulful vibe and continues along that path but starts gaining momentum and sounding raunchier on track two Absolution. Sean is just heating up. 7Even 8ight 9ine (clever) really speeds things up and warms up your senses ready for See You Soon. You may be forgiven thinking track 5 Cyber Villain is a dance track when it starts out, but no, past the bass and synth is some mean shredding, when it all collides it is magic. Onto Cheyenne which is a heavier track and leads nicely into Frozen. Tracks eight Here Comes Trouble and nine In From the Cold start to mellow things out slightly, combining all elements in a final climax of Abandon Earth.

I should have taken more notice of my guitar playing siblings when they used to enthusiastically discus these guitar Gods called Satriani and Vai all those years ago. And maybe just maybe I should have turned down my eighties dance music and taken a bit more notice of what they were hearing. I hear it now.

The above mentioned supreme musical beings are clearly an influence on this album, but Sean has incorporated that into his own unique sound and  pulls it off with excellent execution and exceptional professionalism. Ten tracks of slick engineering from all involved.

I am not going to say there are tight riffs and clean breaks or that he is fast and loose on the axe, or that it is progressive. I will leave the terminology up to those in the know. But I will say it is bloody good.

Tauranga is bursting at the seams with talented musicians, or as a wise man said (ok Winston Watusi) “Once again I find myself blown away by music coming out of Tauranga”.  I am going to steal and echo that statement, but include it to embrace the whole of New Zealand. Because it is and I am.


About Sean Bodley

Solo instrumental guitarist, previous albums include:

Sean Bodley (1999)
Acoustic Soundscapes (2014)
Balance (2014)

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for Sean Bodley


Year: 2017
Type: Album
Pitch Black
Year: 2015
Type: Album
Acoustic Soundscapes
Year: 2014
Type: Album
Year: 2014
Type: Album
Sean Bodley
Year: 1999
Type: Album

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