17 Dec 2018

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Sub Dude - Album Review: Sister Something

13 Jun 2017 // A review by Corinne Rutherford
Any background detective work I did on Sub Dude came up with nothing, I know they are from Christchurch, but that is all I could find, even the band's Facebook page gives them an aura of aloofness and mystery. The music video I was given to watch did not help, it featured rather young men playing in a backyard band, OK was this them? Hmmm perhaps not or maybe old footage?? And things got more confusing when I moved my research onto Wurld Series, also a band from Christchurch with someone called Adam who could be member of both bands. I found the common link, Yes indeed it seems Adam pops up in both bands however Wurld Series has an online presence and seems to have a bit of a name in the Christchurch music scene.

Damn this band, their cloak of invisibility meant that I had to really dig deep to get any dirt on them, I wasn’t even given a line or a hash tag to link me to what music genre they are or who they identify with, so my work is really cut out for me here, no sign of lyrics, quotes or sayings and no photographic evidence to speak of. They have been sighted playing at the Darkroom in Christchurch not long ago, so I know they are out there.

Someone tell the Google, it is neither Subdued nor Th' Dudes.

None of this helped me identify the elusive Sub Dude, but the random art work and a glimpse into the strange backyard music videos they post on their Facebook page lead me to believe they are creative, and maybe crazy (and clever, some of those random works of art are in fact morphing into images of the band). Creatively crazy (and clever) band from Christchurch.  Perhaps I am onto something. Now let’s move on to the music.

I am pretty sure the album is called Sister Something.

These Dudes (cough cough), have come up with a pretty impressive 10 tracks, this is not a single or an EP but a whole album. It has that Cantabrian underground sound about it and I am going to say it’s dirty and needs a bit of polish, but it also has charming bits. I will call it alternative rock / grunge / indie rock, but perhaps it's best you make up your own minds.

This may not be my cup of tea, but this album does have some enduring tracks scattered throughout it, such as AH’s 144th Dream with loads of lovely distortion to make your brain hurt, or the unforgettable Slug Woman (I can’t elaborate on this song, it could be the reason the band is undercover or in hiding…) and the jarring instrumental cop out of Hey Bro. The last track Something Out There is nice, calm and soothing in comparison to the rest of the album. Not really.

What a wild ride Sub Dude have taken me on, in my opinion out of the millions of opinions that could be had, this is not music I could sing to, or dance to, but I admire these very brave, creative, elusive individuals to give the world Slug Woman and put it on an album.

Brave and individual is what this album is, and as mysterious as the Canterbury Black Panther.

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