28 May 2020

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Fictional Response - Scarred Single Review

02 Dec 2013 // A review by Chris Chick

Wham bam thank you man, this song is a rasper. What do I mean by that? well with all due respect you should buy the single to see if this review actually makes sense. From the get go you do not even have time to sit down with your freshly boiled brew, the opening chord sends you into a spasm that takes the rest of the song to get under control, maybe it's just me and my response to an exciting opening.

I love the production of this song, its very crisp and no doubt a lot of work has gone into making this song the ultimate article. It’s very reminiscent of the early 2000 music that came in the form of Nu-Metal scene. I was never a huge fan of the likes of Korn, Linkin Park and Slipknot but this song is catchy and a slight notch below the commercial sounds of the above bands. This is no knock to the sound itself as it is very listenable, but there is nothing of note that says “listen to me, I’m going to rock your world off its foundations”.

The song is energetic, it brings the listener to attention and draws you closer to take head and follow the rasping guitar work. I’m a fan of short and sharp songs that do not drag on, and this song definitely fits in that category and the chaps should be commended. If you like a hard music sound, this will be like tea and scones for you. If you're looking for something a little more mellow then this band will be like going to the toilet when there is no toilet paper left, dare I say you will feel empty and not very satisfied with the walk home.

All kiwi music is a buy from me as they should be helped in every way possible.


About Fictional Response

Debut single Scarred available on iTunes now!

FR's trademark is loud, explosive bursts of noise combined with softer textures.

The music draws from diverse inspirations, creating a fusion of crashing metal elements and sonic juxtapositions of ambiance and energy.

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