19 Aug 2019

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The Drab Doo Riffs - Aquatic Ape Theory EP Review

28 Jun 2013 // A review by elchicko

Overall this concept EP left me feeling very flat and not at all inspired, but there were some highlights that perked up that interest. If you’re a fan of the movie Pulp Fiction there is a similar sound radiating from The Drab Doo Riffs. There is a common theme emitting from this EP, a sound very similar to surfing and spaghetti western from the late 50’s early 60’s musical era, with a punk/rock twist. Unfortunately from this reviewer’s point of view, it unfortunately does not resonate well with my receptors.

Their opening song Tesla Girl whether warranted or not, has a distinct Arctic Monkeys sound to it, but unlike them, it falls slightly flat of some great sounds they originally brought to us. As an opening track I firmly believe you need to grab hold of the listener, throttle them a little without being over powering to let them know you have entered the building and you need take notice. Unfortunately it was not as dramatic entrance as I was hoping for. The second song Do The Cat has a 1950’s Rock n Roll sound, with a pounding guitar riff and in your face drumming that blends into a very pleasant instrumental number. Both 85/0 and Grey Matter were both drab affairs with no real rhyme or reason.

The highlight of this album was the self titled track Aquatic Ape Theory. This instrumental number found its mark on me with the mixture of a relaxed enticing beginning that drew me closer and closer to the crescendo in the middle that opened up a flurry of emotions that allowed me to really compose a story in my head. It’s a shame it took until the 6th song for me to become enticed.

This album did nothing of note and failed to engage my mood, it was not able to grab my attention on the first play, but it did slowly grow on me the more I listened. I would give this album a 6/10. There is definitely enough scope I feel, for the group to aspire to create and release stronger music in the future.


About The Drab Doo Riffs

Popular among deadbeats in the early 21st century, this 5-piece music-playing band hailed from the greater South Pacific Ocean region. Their pulsating guitar, bass, and drum driven sound was rendered obsolete with the demise of human civilisation, but has since regained vogue with interplanetary travelers, as, by all accounts, it rules to ride rockets to.

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