23 Sep 2021

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Elephant Of The Ocean - Torso Looking For Legs Single Review

06 Nov 2012 // A review by Asmith

Brutal from the very first note, these guys are bringing the standard of kiwi metal to a new level with their first single Torso Looking For Legs. Everything from Production to the music itself is annihilating my ears as I listen to it, over and over again.

Very heavy groove based riffs (that actually kind of remind me of Pantera) with some of their self-proclaimed Dumb Math riffs keeping a technical aspect to their sound, and the use of midi effects and pre-recorded out takes that take it all that little bit further. The vocals showcase an ability beyond the usual "death growls and nothing but death growls" that is so prominent in NZ metal and it’s good to hear a range of techniques- and that’s just the first track!

They currently have two singles available for FREE DOWNLOAD (Torso Looking For Legs and Wednsday Arrived Saturday) which are available on their facebook page, and if you are anything like me after listening to their singles you will be awaiting their debut album in early 2013 with eager anticipation!


About Elephant Of The Ocean

Elephant of the Ocean (EOTO) has been punishing crowds around Wellington, NZ since early 2009, with their high-energy live shows, unpredictable song structures and intense onslaught of sludgey grooves. Although EOTO are fairly new they are no strangers to the stage with all members previously involved in other bands such as Damn Image, Fat Mannequin and Worn Villain.
After starting off playing small shows they swiftly progressed onto bigger stages playing along side international heavyweights such as Russian Circles, The Melvins, High on Fire, Architects and Five Star Prison Cell they have now been dubbed as one of NZ’s best live heavy acts, an absolute must-see for all!
After many unsatisfactory attempts to self-record they decided to approach experienced sound engineer Mike Gibson (Akaname, TrinityRoots, Fur Patrol) to capture the relentless assault of their live sound. The song ‘Torso looking for legs’ was released as a single in January 2012 as a lead up to the highly anticipated debut E.P.

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Elephant of the Ocean
Year: 2012
Type: EP

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