26 Sep 2018

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Head Like A Hole - Blood Will Out Album Review

02 Aug 2011 // A review by Terry McIntosh

Head Like A Hole aka HLAH are Kiwi Rock Legends. I have always loved these guys and their live shows were a sight to behold.  From the days of playing naked through to their safari suit days through to the grime of Wet Rubber, in a ball of flames they exploded to be no more. But they couldn't blow out the flame and Head Like A Hole have risen from the ashes. This is reflected in the album a lot and this is a very much more mature album for these guys after all these guys have been around for over twenty years now.

Early last year we were treated to a few short tours and I’ve always been a big fan and they very much whet the appetite for this with those shows. I have been keenly waiting for this album to the point of hassling The Editor for this album ever since I heard rumour of its creation.

Swagger Of Thieves, the first single from the album, came out at the end of last year and for those who had been waiting it was a very welcome relief. Eight months later we are finally rewarded for our patience with a full album of Head Like A Hole goodness.

The album kicks off with Swagger Of Thieves which is a nice chunky stonker of a song. Nice and fat with a nice chug along. In A Garden picks up the pace and this is where you start to see some of the awesome guitar work come through. To me Rock n Roll is all about nice big guitar and these guys bring it in droves. Glory Glory is the second single to be released and it's a monster of a track. It has an awesome solid riff that once again chugs along with Booga roaring and chanting along Yee Haa's showing they haven't lost anything in their time away. Toe To Toe packs a punch Booga snarls and growls his way through the track. Valhalla (10,000BC) is mesmerising with its chanting call.

The Album is so full of big guitar riffs and leads bleeding out of every orifice. This is some of their best work ever. This whole album is very solid and impressive.  

Death of a Friend sounds like a mournful dirge that it should be. Human Race is a very, very cool rock n roll number. Monsta-X is a grimy song with Booga almost coming down to a Lemmy sounding growl in this song. Hardest Battle (Monsta-Y) is very much a straight ahead rocker with a nice catchy chorus. Blood Will Out (Monsta-Z) is a step out of the ordinary in some ways. The Intro is awesome and Booga screams and growls alongside a fairly industrial sounding track. In Articulo Mortis is the other step out of the ordinary with a wicked little acoustic instrumental. This ends the album on a quiet note but adds more colour to their already guitar heavy album.

I love guitar heavy and I love this album. Head Like A Hole have come of age and come up with and that should see them immortalised in the halls of Kiwi Rock history where they deserve to be.

This year we have had some great releases in kiwi rock from the likes of Luger Boa, The Feelers, Black River Drive, The Checks, The Earlybirds and I Am Giant just to name a few showing that kiwi rock is alive and well and that guitar rock will never die.

Hail Head Like A Hole. I can’t wait to see them out on the road. Catch them at a venue near you.

Blood Will Out
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About Head Like A Hole

Formed in Wellington, Head Like A Hole originally consisted of Booga Beazley, Nigel Regan, Andrew Durno and Mark Hamill. Like most young bands, they started out by playing small gigs at local pubs and at various well known live venues. Then quickly started touring the university circuit. The band soon made a name for themselves with energetic and often outrageous live performances, appearing on stage either naked, caked with mud, or covered completely in body paint.

Therefore forming a solid and dedicated following throughout the live music scene. Head like a Hole were soon signed to Wildside Records and began their recording career. 1992 saw the release of their debut album, 13 which the band largley produced themselves. The single Fish Across Face successfully made it into the New Zealand Top 10 charts. In keeping with Head Like a Hole tradition the video for Fish Across Face included a scene where Nigel regurgitates an orange substance into Booga’s mouth and was promptly pulled off air.

Head Like a Hole continued touring and performing the university orientation circuit. Then returned to the studio in 1993 to record their second album. Flik Y'Self off Y'Self. Which was released in stores in 1994 providing two singles. Faster Hooves and Spanish Goat Dancer. After the release of two successful records the band’s popularity and exposure increased, and so Head Like a Hole remained on tour. Playing to capacity crowds and sold out venues throughout the country, and in 1996 secured a position on the bill to play The Big Day Out festival. That same time the band suffered a sudden and tragic loss, with the death of their Manager Gerald Barry Dwyer. And it was late 1996 where they headed back to the studio, this time travelling to Australia and worked on a third album. Double Your Strength, Improve Your Health & Lengthen Your Life. Cornbag, the first single from the album, was released in November 1996, but received only moderate chart success.

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Faster Hooves
Year: ????
Type: EP
Spanish Goat Dancer
Year: ????
Type: Album
Year: 2015
Type: Album
Blood Will Out
Year: 2011
Type: Album
Blood On A Honky Tonk Floor
Year: 2000
Type: Album
Year: 1999
Type: Album
Wet Rubber
Year: 1998
Type: Album
The Not Nicomjool EP
Year: 1995
Type: EP
Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self
Year: 1994
Type: Album
Year: 1993
Type: EP
Year: 1992
Type: Album

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