6 Mar 2021

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Foamy Ed - Foamy Ed - Kings Arms - 20 August

23 Aug 2004 // A review by Carl Hayman
Friday night, Foamy Ed, Redline, and Los Muertos kicked off one of the largest gigs I have seen at The Kings Arms in recent weeks. I pitched up about 10pm, and the place was already packed enough I had to fight to get to the bar.

First up were Los Muertos who I hadn’t seen before – nor had anyone for that matter, they are a new band on the Auckland scene, and have only been together for 6 – 8 months. With a bit of thrash punk and melodic hardcore thrown in, they have some wicked grooves, and a solid rhythm section to back the intense voice of ex Next In Line vocalist Leon. To add to there line-up, ex So To Speak guitarist -  Pete, ex Losing Face guitarist -  Mark, and North Shore Rock Shop’s drum tech Rob O’Connor This band is going to be one to watch out for in coming months – for a band that has only been playing together for 6 – 8 months, they are really tight, and have some songs that have potential to go a long way.

Redline hit the stage next – ex Tadpole guitarist Chris Yong the main voice, with Brandon who played in Nosebleed in Tauranga and Day One previously. Chris’s younger brother Richard was sticks, and Simon on bass. Redline were loud – very loud. The sound didn’t come off too well at the beginning of there set, but got sorted during the first song – leaving us with Redlines powerful hooks and huge sound! Redline are my pick of the up and coming NZ bands at the moment – definitely check them out on http://www.redlinemusic.co.nz/, with their new single Never Knew produced by the producer of the famous Blindspott album, and the Stylus album Painkillers Paul Matthews. I have never seen a drummer who hits quite as hard as Richard. The crowd really got into Redline – you couldn’t really hear people talking about them over the sheer volume of their set, but afterwards you could feel the buzz throughout the crowd. Chris gives off the best stage performance I have seen for a guitarist/vocalist.

Foamy Ed – well, what can I say? How many times have you ever seen 5 hardcore punk chicks going off on stage? I have never seen a band quite like them. They king of remind me of a punked up maxed out version of Killing Heidi, yet its not really a fair comparison. Their sheer attitude is enough to make you go to one of there gigs, then you realise that the music pretty damn awesome too. Solid drum grooves, punky guitar riffs, sarcastic yet catchy vocals, and bass with style – played by Lani. Kat offers some wicked BV’s from behind her kit – and might I add, she is a better drummer than half the guys on the Auckland music scene at the moment. Paul Matthews has also worked with Foamy Ed, producing their EP A Moments Need. Their style is awesome. There just isn’t another band around like them. If you like punk, and you like chicks, this is one hot band to watch.

Article written by Carl

About Foamy Ed

Foamy Ed are an Auckland all girl four-piece that have received impressive reviews & recognition since forming in 1996.

Foamy Ed have toured both the North and South Island relentlessly, playing with a wide variety of bands at a number of various venues.

The band recently released their highly anticipated EP 'A Moments Need', which is a well-developed progression from their debut EP 'Go Where U Know'. Their songs are catchy & powerful with a definite hard edge, and they have an energetic stage presence not to be missed. Foamy Ed have risen to become one of the highest-profile genre bands in NZ and continue to expand their fan base nationwide.

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A Moments Need
Year: 2002
Type: EP
Go Where You Know
Year: 1999
Type: EP

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