28 Jan 2023

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George and Queen - 'Teenagers and Grownups' album review

30 Mar 2010 // A review by Miss_Jukebox


It is a good day in music when a band decides to break the archaic stereotype that independent music can only be second-rate. George and Queen, with their self-made label ‘Gone Quiet Records,’ have broken the typecast that independent music is somehow inferior to mainstream music. Therefore it is a good day. Aristotle’s classic enthymeme aside, Teenagers and Grownups the upcoming album from George and Queen is a brilliant example that sometimes it is better to do-it-yourself. With this third album the group have excelled at indie rock and produced eleven alternative tracks with stunning success. Having found a solid line-up 2009 began with a slot at Big Day Out and ended with them working on Teenagers and Grownups, due for release in mid-April 2010.

‘Infinite Possibilities’ gently leads you into the album with beautiful ribbons of the guitar. But you should not get too restful as the indie instinct within the band strikes approximately three and a half minutes into the song with a smack of punk. ‘Spider Hands’ is a sweet song that showcases the class of Immi Paterson’s voice, whom you cannot help but to compare to the saccharine sound of Regina Spector. ‘I Don’t Want To Give Up’ switches up the vocal duties pierces into the album some indie spunk. With a contagious whistle, ‘Not Dying Man’ these well-crafted songs persist in outdoing each other. As each track rolls around, your impression of the band soars.

‘Spit Fire’ is a perfect composition that demonstrates how the band know how to complement one another in terms of the vocals, the lyrics and the instruments, that seamlessly creates the right sentiment for the song. Bringing the tempo back up ‘Fly Man’ is a song that sparkles and is a shining moment in the album. A gorgeously conceited bass line rightfully sets the scene for ‘Mr. Big Shot’ before the violation of an incensed electric guitar that gives the song a melodious narrative. ‘I Hope You’re Feeling Better’ with an arresting drum beat allows the chance for creative instrumentation that maintains a slight eerie feeling throughout.

The lead single of the album, ‘Hut 234’ is mesmeric and encapsulates the core of this band’s sound. ‘Dying Man’ escorts that album to its conclusion and ‘Manu’ closes the album with a delicate acoustic exit.

Teenagers and Grownups is hopefully a forecast for many good days ahead in New Zealand music. George and Queen give new inspiration to all alternative acts and certainly with this album they have created for which they deserve to be widely embraced for. A great album transcends all expectations of the artist and reaches for new levels of musical excellence. George and Queen touch upon excellence with every track on this album. Therefore Teenagers and Grownups is a great album.



About George and Queen

George and Queen are an indie-rock band from Auckland. They released their debut album 'City' in 2007 as a duo, but quickly grew to a four piece band. In 2008 they released ther second album 'The Wind is Up', featuring single 'Lemonade'. In April 2010 they will release their third album 'Teenagers and Grownups'. They release their albums on their own label Gone Quiet Records.

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Teenagers and Grownups
Year: 2010
Type: Album
The Wind Is Up
Year: 2008
Type: Album
Year: 2007
Type: Album

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