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Midnight Youth - Album Review - The Brave Don't Run

24 May 2009 // A review by amandashootsbands
Naming their debut album The Brave Don’t Run, it’s obvious that the lads of popular kiwi act, Midnight Youth mean business. Having already been chosen to open concerts for the likes of international bands INXS, OK Go and Incubus, they’re clearly not afraid to let their talents shine which has seen them shoot to nationwide stardom over the past year.

Now, if you’ve followed them from their entrance into the NZ music scene, you’ll know that the five piece formed in early 2006, where they quickly wrote and recorded their first single titled Supernatural. The track went on to top viewer request shows like C4’s Select which later saw the boys receiving a Rock FM scholarship to record a new track which came in the form of A New Day. This was released in April 2007 and immediately gained the band the recognition of a new audience along with picking up a spot on the NZ Top 40 and a nomination for the Breakthrough Video of the Year by Juice T.V.

Since then they’ve recorded their debut album not only locally, but in the studios of New York who in the past, have worked with the likes of well known artists, David Bowie and Ryan Adams. Back home with their finished product, the anticipation has been no less than high for the album that has been set up for all the success it deserves from months of hard work and travels.

Gracing our airwaves this year, we’ve already been treated to two singles off the recently released CD – The Letter and All On Our Own. Both of which have received much praise not only from fans, but radio and television presenters alike. Boasting the strong yet smooth vocals of front-man Jeremy Redmore through delightfully poppy music, it’s easy to see how the band is a much admired ‘all rounder’ being played on radio and T.V shows around the country. But if you’re expecting more of the same on The Brave Don’t Run, take my advice now and beware! There’s much more on offer than first meets the eye when it comes to this band and you’re about to find out exactly what it is.

Cavalry. Despite its quite intro, once this song gets going you’ll probably be left wondering if you’re even listening to Midnight Youth. It’s got a rock n’ roll punch that features on a few of the tracks on the album which has changed my perception of the band immensely. Once a clean pop quartet, they’ve now taken on a dirtier side through my eyes, and to be honest, I like it.

Next you’ll be treated to familiar favourite All On Our Own, which is followed by Dead Flowers – a track that is equally as fresh and easy to listen to. It may not have the prettiest of names, but the song itself is beautifully put together and a real listening pleasure. It’s been lovingly sandwiched between another of the lads’ radio hits, The Letter which was released at the end of 2008.
If you’ve ever been in love or had your heart broken, songs like Learning To Fall, Golden Love and Flash have the potential to reduce you to tears with soft vocals and music to match which come as quite the surprise for an album that is for the most part emotionally solid and musically bold.

I love Benjamin and Tijuana. They’re colourful tunes that seem to take on a life of their own, and are definitely ones that would be amazing to see the lads perform live. With hints of one of the bands musical influences - The Mars Volta, it’s wicked to experience such a variety on one disc that fit in together so well. A brilliant debut album from a band that is set to go far.

Amanda Ratcliffe

About Midnight Youth

Midnight Youth are a New Zealand rock band and currently based in Australasia.

They formed in 2006 while at Rangitoto College in Auckland with three members of the band competing in Rockquest with the band name Resonate. Jeremy Redmore and Nick Campbell joined the group in mid-2006 after their lead singer, Scott Franz, left due to creative differences.

In 2009 the band released their debut album, The Brave Don't Run, in New Zealand and Australia where it debuted at #2 on the NZ Top 40 Album chart. The album produced five singles - The Letter, All On Our Own, Learning To Fall, Cavalry and Golden Love. The later featured on US TV series One Tree Hill.

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World Comes Calling
Year: 2011
Type: Album
The Brave Don't Run
Year: 2009
Type: Album

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