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Evermore - Album: Truth Of The World (2009)

17 Apr 2009 // A review by Daniel Boom
"Truth Of The World"

I'll start by mentioning three of the stronger songs on the album "Everybody's Doing It" "Tonight On The Show" and "Hey Boys And Girls". They're concise and have strong melodies. They're not really my cup of tea, but they're melodic. Something I always look for in music. Melody and harmony.

The Beatles and The Bee Gees had strong melody and chord movement in their music. Good songwriting. Unlike Beyonce. If Beyonce were a boy, he'd be younger than Beyonce - because she's not a girl! She's like over 25 years old, like me, and I sure as hell ain't no boy! Actually what I was going to say was if Beyonce were a boy, he'd roll out of bed, throw on what he wanted (maybe a fat gold chain instead of a pearl collar necklace!) and still make objectionable music.

This album attempts to be like a Rock opera, or concept album. A concept album is a brave pursuit. Sometimes it works well, in my opinion. For one thing, the subject matter isn't the usual fare, so the lyrics can be more left field and a little more thought provoking. I like songs with lines you don't expect or make you partially wonder what the hell goes. Semi veiled, slightly cryptic. Impressionistic (rather than something resembling an advertising jingle or shopping list). Sometimes, for a change from songs about "working for the weekend" or "love in an elevator" or "every breath you take", interesting subject matter can lend itself to some pretty interesting music. When you hear it you're like, wow man, Jim Morrison is still alive! This album isn't interesting though.

"Truth Of The World" seems to cover the influence of the media, capitalism and consumerism, the isolation of the individual, chemical dependence, etc. etc. It seems to touch on the dangerous impact of popular culture and advertising on peoples' perceptions. What happened to self reliance? Taking things with a grain of salt? Being detached? Me time? I've given this album a few listens, it's been hard to tolerate. These guys came from round these parts and they've done quite well overseas, but I must be strict.

What seems to be going on stylistically with this album is a mish mash of Rock, Electronica, pop balladry, string arrangements, weirdo carnival music, documentary-like voices etc. etc. Like many other concept albums, it's ambitious. I just don't enjoy the album though. Not only is it a bombastic mix, I don't like the songs.

To conclude, I prefer Evermore more when they're writing pop-rock, probably more like on their previous album (if I'd actually heard it. I've only heard singles). I also think it would be very hard to match some of the concept albums (and Rock operas) of the prog-rock era, so unless you've got a really good idea (like say, Sandy Pearlman with Imaginos, or Alan Parsons with I Robot, or if you're a Pink Floyd fan, The Wall), don't dare make a concept album.

About Evermore

Most bands’ first experience of the European touring circuit involves a clapped out van and a handful of Wednesday night shows but then again, Evermore aren’t most bands. After supporting P!nk on her record-breaking Australian tour, she was so impressed by the band that her management specifically requested that Evermore join her on the European leg of her Funhouse juggernaut.

“Touring with P!nk has been great, playing in front of ten thousand people a night all over Europe has been amazing,” says vocalist and guitarist Jon Hume with typical ANZAC understatement. “This band has always been about the live experience and it’s great so many people are seeing what we’re all about.”

When the band – comprised of brothers Jon, Peter and Dann Hume (”some days you’d rather not spend 12 in a bus with your brothers, but you can’t always get what you want,” winks Jon) – first relocated from New Zealand to Australia, it became quickly evident what they were all about. Their 2004 debut, Dreams, introduced a young band with a preternatural grasp of pop melody and the ability to craft soulful, affecting songs. The plangent, yearning It’s Too Late (Ride On) from that record captured the listening public’s attention, spreading like wildfire across the Tasman and eventually all the way to the US, where the song featured on The O.C.

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