7 Jun 2020

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JCK - Feeak in the club

27 Jun 2007 // A review by James Castady-Kristament
its intense!
I Like your feeling on this one.. very catchy
I think you must be proud of it yourself!
I know I would be!
- lindhaven from Durban, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa on 5May2007
Rap pop
Unusual intro.. Jungle style. Great blend of vocals. Powerful female vocalist and some harmonic male chorus.

This song is very original and catchy.

Excellent production
- Angela Steele from Taupo New Zealand, New Zealand on 30Apr2007
It sounds beautiful... I like the male vocal 'cause it's sounds a little bit like a combination between vanilla ice and bow wow Very HappyVery Happy
- ProjectMxM from Botosani, Romania on 29Apr2007
I like the beat
I really enjoyed the beat to this song. Female vocals were excellent, very crisp with a catchy melody. the rap was very good, it was rhythmic and the rapper had a really cool sound to his voice. Lyrics were excellent because they satisfied there purpose which was to portray a sexy type mood. I really enjoyed this song.
- cabster11 from Garden Home, Oregon on 23Apr2007
nice vibe and sounds well produced and vocals are great. The guy sounds great but the freaky chick sounds amazing or maybe its just her heavy sexy breaths .overall sounds sick. Best of luck homie.
- the777crew from Levelsville, United Kingdom on 23Apr2007
The page says I'm reviewing pop
but what I'm hearing is rap----
Not sure if I'm able to review
this type music but Ill try.
I like the way this song sounds
the production is very good and
the vocals good---It seems to me a
lot of thought was put into the
arrangement/programing. the beat
is 1234 but the percussion does
some really nice tight timing
breaks--that along with the great
little "listen for" sounds going
on all threw this song have made
a believer out of me----I review
a lot of music, none of it has been
this type but I think this work
was better then anything I've
listened to for a wail-----
seems radio ready, good work!
wilbur flynn, Exeter, Ca.
- merritta6 from Exeter, California on 20Apr2007
Modern pop-rap
The aliens have landed! (It's just that background noise sounds like aliens.) I think I'm hearing the modern kind of Eminem influenced pop-rap that's been hot since the dawn of the new millennium. The production sounds very modern and sizzling from the Soprano like strings, cinematic organ and sound effects, and in your face rhythm section.

The lyrics seem to be about a woman who is "a freak in the club" and jumping up and down and the man who desires her. What makes the woman a freak? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what the man wants. And it seems the woman is enjoying all the attention.
- KennyWoods from New York City, New Jersey on 19Apr2007
done to death
this is terribly cliché, and a done to death song. I don't like the lyrics, they are old. The production is not bad however. The singer sounds good. you need fresh ideas here, that is all that is missing. The talent and ability is obviously there already.
- AJALA from Peoria Il. Usa,, Paris, France on 18Apr2007
This song is pretty well produced and executed and the style is clear. It's not my cup of tea but it's probably good for the dance club. My criticism is it's not terribly original or distinguishable from many other artists in this genre and the chorus could use some more colour. Lyrics a bit banal. Good vocals though.
- robbruner from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 18Apr2007
I like the beat
It reminds me some Prince funk tune. I like the beat. Vocals are really great.
- Misterfrap from Rome, Italy on 16Apr2007
techno pop rap
I am not a great fan of this music but it is not that unpleasing the vocals are good and the lyrics not bad, this would make a good club song to dance to
- CallanMaloney from Durban, South Africa on 14Apr2007
"I'm a freak in the club"
"I'm a freak in the club" Happy

0:30-1:10 reminds me of early 90's rap. I think it's the syncopation style.

"Jump" ... "Jump up" in the background seems a little tired.

I'm sure dance club goers will eat this up though.
- emallove from Boston, Massachusetts on 12Apr2007
Low frequencies
I like that you are a FREAK in the club girl, and I also like the analogue synth sounds with B3 organ ????

I would make the drums hit a little harder in the mix, since this is a club tune, the drums should be HITTING MUCH HARDER.....
- XXXfunk from Concord, California on 11Apr2007
MC Milquetoast
asinine hip-hop with okay production and super-daft lyrics ("I like girls/you like guys") and a lame hook. White as hell.
- ChuckZak from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 8Apr2007
Sorry wrong Genre
Hey you guys either missed the genre heading or your way ahead of your time last time i looked this was club music or hip hop or rap but to be in the pop that's kind of of a stretch
good track catchy and it will probably rock I the right genre
- lintrap from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 30Mar2007
Freak in the Club
Bit of a Ghostbusters meets Hip-hop and Rap thing and the intro. Cool mix.

Nice groove to this song, I like it. I like the Freak in the Club hook, although the high female "ohs" sound a lot (by coincidence, I think) like that song, Sideline Ho.

Pretty slick, nice job. But there seem to be some stutters in the song in places, where it sounds like a bad edit.
- Jerycho from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on 30Mar2007
I like how the track jumps right off the speakers. the lyrics are pretty basic, they could maybe be buried with some processing. this track is really all about the beat and the party.

nice female vocals. nice vibe. production is just a little too naked, but otherwise very good.
- RadioMyAss from San Francisco, California on 29Mar2007
Club anthem?
I like the energy in the beginning. The production is good. The singer sounds a bit like Beyonce. Best of luck.
- erkyb66 from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on 28Mar2007
Great song for clubbing to, but I don't like all the programmed sounds. I know that is part of the genre and style, but I'm all about the natural. The rapper/singer also seems to do the same thing over and over. How is this different than any other club song?
- PTLeena from Nashville, Tennessee on 27Mar2007

About JCK

New Zealand Hip-Hop artist JCK is all about creativity and originality. Gothic imagery, catchy well crafted songs and captivating music videos set JCK apart from the legions of look alike, sound alike Hip-Hop artists currently flooding the market.

"Most Hip-Hop artists seem to want to take you on the same journey with their music. That's usually a trip through the hood they grew up in. It's like the hoods getting over crowded with rapper tour guides. I might take you to the hood for a quick look around, but only on route to the carnival"

JCK is a multi instrumentalist as well as a rapper and singer. He produces his own music and even films, directs and edits his own music videos.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for JCK


Year: 2018
Type: Album
Year: 2018
Type: Album
Land of the Wrong White Crowd
Year: 2015
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The Bees
Year: 2011
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5 Year Anniversary
Year: 2007
Type: Album

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