2 Jul 2022

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JCK - Spirit x

27 Jun 2007 // A review by jck2

 great lyrics great vocals.....high quality st..
this is really strong....the lyrics have you hooked from the first "check"......its poetic, its masculine at the same time....its compassionate and spiritual too...without compromising its gritty reality.....cant rate this highly enough....its top quality..... the story telling is very powerful...the vocal presence of the lead guy and the ghost woman is really something to contend with....the rhythm really compliments the rap rhythmic lead vocal perfectly.....im humbled!!
- bluelightofdawn from Galway, Ireland on 21Jun2007

Haunting... excuse the pun!
This was a pleasant surprise. I would have liked to hear at least a little variety in the drum track, but despite the sequencing, this is a very tight and professional production. This is the first song I've heard here that I would literally call "Engaging". Not just the disturbingly well written lyrics, but the overall mood of the piece. I believe that music and lyrics should work together to create emotion, and this song does that perfectly. Very nice work.
- MBenn from Courtenay, British Columbia, Canada on 13Jun2007

Interesting introduction. I like the acoustic/pop backgrounds versus the rapish melody/lyrics. It's really good stuff. The lyrics and vocals are nice.
- DanCollins from Waunakee, Wisconsin on 9Jun2007

pop-rap hybrid
talk to the beat with background melodic voicings, depressing lyrical content, this is a pop-rap
- ernestfimbrezz from San Jose, California on 8Jun2007

Strong vibe - -passable composition - poor pr..
Harmonies in the intro are great. Well done, well placed and tight. Rapper doesn't have enough push as an individual element, but I feel that it works better on this track than it would on others. Dark vibe is achieved, female vocal is great, heartfelt and in key. Mix is too bright for the vibe, it comes out a little abbrasive when all element are present. Lyrics are of average quality. A bit cumbersome and lacking any real wit, but not so preposterous that they wreck the song's feel. The melodies are cool enough. Kudos on the synth strings progression during female "find my body" vocal. Eerie harmonies at the end again, great placement. Long but not as noticiable as one would think.

I hear great ideas and a comunicative vibe that could use better production (not in the compositional or cohesive sense, but in the sound quality, e.q.ing, and frequency response). Nothing is out of place or poorly performed. Very reminicent of a B-grade Everlast, Acoustic Rap Pop. The story, which this whole thing is based around, is nothing new to literature or film but rarely gets touched on in this genre (a supernatural rapper detective? Pretty crazy. I like it). A good work overall.
- thefutureofcolor from Scranton, Pennsylvania on 7Jun2007

Hip, Slick, Fresh!
This track is Hip, Slick and Fresh! Nice production, lyrics and vocals. The female chorus is smooth and seductive and the male verse is groovy and has a spoken word poetry quality to it. Nice work overall, you should give this track a listen.
- circlemindmusic from Los Angeles, California on 6Jun2007

make the female singer the star
ok there is a rule according to clive davis songquality checklist, make every song less than 4 minutes otherwise it won't be played on the radio and an A&R could lose interest. it has a nice R&B touch. like that a girl sings the chorus. the sound is very contemporary but i do not remember when i heard such a song structure the last time. why not make it a real duet? the female singer is great i love the tone, may be she should be the star and the rapper supports her. i like the flow of the rapper and his smooth voice. i guess you have the ingredients to place a hit someday. this isn't it for me. yes i definitely would make the girl the star of the band, she has it! good luck.
- Hohnwald from Hamburg, Germany on 31May2007

nice one
this is pro sounding for its genre....like some of the arrangments. Chorus with female vocals bring releif from the spoken rap. Great fem vox sound and strong hook.
Like the overall mood.
- DALLISON from Santa Monica, California on 26May2007

first verse goes on a bit long. nice female vocal hook. don't think there's enough energy and variation in the verses. overall, the mood is perhaps a little too laid back.
- TomBryson from South Africa on 16May2007

Ilike the soft beat, but the vocals are irritating because og the echoes. The female voice has a nice vibrato, but seems a bit insecure. The mood is fine if the band wants to make a feeling of lack of engagement. I need a higher goal in this song.
- edgeband from Denmark on 15May2007

So Sad
This is a good song. All the lyrics sound perfect for the mood and melody of the song, and it is very enjoyed. The overrall song is sad, but good. It is also little freaky....good job though...
- JAMC from Akron, Ohio on 13May2007

I will give my honest opinion
cool guitar additives.
would rather hear better souding drum sounds, as opposed to simple drum machine playing the same thing throughout the song.
I like the lyrics and message.
Keyboards sound good and supportive.
I really like the female vocal lead, it brings some great vibe into the song.
What about a cool bass line thrown in for good measure man? it's missing.
Overall, this is a tune with great potential- very nice!
Good luck!
- bettablocker from Toronto- Ra'anana, Canada on 10May2007

Melancholic times...
The start of the song is promising. But as longer it runs, it tends to get a little bit monotone. What is a pity, cause there is no need for it to be so. The chorus should stand out more from the rest, maybe an other chords progression?

The voices are fitting well to the mood of the song. I think the whole song suits a day in November, where melancholy catches the world.
- Fhangor from Graz, Austria on 3May2007

great modern sound
Loved the lyrics kept it interesting the way it started off. Great lead in! The lyrics sound memorable after the first time listening which is a great hook. Love the mix, I am a fan of string instruments, love the way they were used. It's good that the song doesn't sound the exact same all the way through like I have been running into. Great Production!
- vette567 from Crescent City, California on 2May2007

Creepy in good way
Lyrically it was almost more like watching a movie than listening to a song, and that's a very cool thing! Vocally, I've never liked the guy talking/girl singing thing, and after this song I still don't -- I just prefer singing, but this song was about the best use of this I've come across, and personal taste aside, I think it does work very well. The backing music is exceptionally interesting for the style, and sets a mood that is just creepy enough without becoming overblown or comical. I would definitely want to hear more of your stuff.
- Zaz from San Diego, California on 30Apr2007

Good Production
One thing I noticed is that your flow is very monotonous and anti-climatic. The melody never changes and it's hard to tell at times if your rapping or singing slowly . It seems to me like you guys were a little bored or tired when you recorded this. The levels are spot on and the recording itself is very clean .
- mightmakemerry from Banning, California on 30Apr2007

well crafted
This song is interesting. The lyrics are pretty damn heavy but strong. The guy sings rap with a twist. He's rapping but yet, it's a little more melodic than most rap verses I'm used to. The chorus is cool too. I don't like the huge delay on the vocals in the verses though. Also, I don't like how long the song is. Most of us songwriters have a hard time cutting out lyrics that we like but I think this song should be at least a minute shorter. Good story to this song though. Can you say the same thing in a shorter version? The woman's vocals are really warm and captivating. all in all a good song guys. I liked it!
- pettitkelly from Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada on 30Apr2007

Intriguing Feeling
Great lyrics, superb vocals. This is not a genre I like at all but this is an absolutely wonderful example of the better side of the genre.
- bonj100 from Spokane, Washington on 30Apr2007

In the Ghetto homey!
Elvis Presley had a hit song once upon a time called "In the Ghetto". It was pretty catchy, and I sang along to it a few times.
This song is kind of a smoothy-hip-hop version of that. Except the ghetto's gone even further downhill.
Now they catch young girls, drug 'em up, bang 'em up and kill 'em. Then the girls body starts calling out for justice. But she's singing like a temptress trying to lure some poor boy into her coffin with her. I had to stop the song there because I really just don't dig that stuff.
I pitty the victims of the ghetto, but this song doesn't really make me want to do anything about it.
- grungoo from Mesa, Arizona on 23Apr2007

- StephenG from Ireland on 17Apr2007

good try
oh wow. this sounds like it's going to be either cheesey or brilliant.

of coarse the big problem here is the emcee. i realize it's a meaningful song, but it doesn't sound like you put a lot of effort into really expressing yourself. really simplistic, not original at all. and the delivery is terrible, there's no passion in his voice at all. there's a nice laid back vibe, but anybody can do that so it comes across as generic.

the beat is ok, nothing sticks out or sounds terrible. doesn't really get your head nodding, more of a kick back beat.
- geminiryan from Bradenton, Florida on 16Apr2007

Depressing but poignant urban storyteller
Depressing story about a girl with a lot of problems running away from home. Like the lyric "her spirit walks through the fog." Just when I thought the story couldn't get any more miserable, the singer becomes the deceased crying out for someone to find her bones.

That is all placed in the context of an r&b ballad with a snappy acoustic guitar part, a rap-like melody, and crisp percussion. The female background vocals are haunting and the male lead vocal narrates the story well.

I'm not much of a fan of this urban ballad style of music, however, this song has a lot in common with classic country music in that the artist is a real storyteller. The message is merely communicated in a different form.

The only reason I wouldn't listen to this is because it's such a miserable tale of this poor girl's sorrows and it's awfully depressing, but of course, that's the nature of the story and the artist does a fine job communicating it.
- KennyWoods from New York City, New Jersey on 16Apr2007

Good production
A good production. The female vocal is good in the mix, but I think the male vocals and the guitar need some adjustment in the mix.
- Misterfrap from Rome, Italy on 16Apr2007

Paisley Says
Really like the female vocal on this - the music sounds good. A really sad subject but you have treated it well in your song. Well done, the male vocal sounds heartfelt.
- paisleypattenden from United Kingdom on 13Apr2007

- durban from South Africa on 12Apr2007

Rap Pop...Pop Rap?
Is this a rap song or a pop song?
I'm not really into rap so I'll try to be objective.

The song is well done and the sound quality, arrangement, recording are very well done.

The lyrics rhyme and seems to work together with the melody...which is actually quite good.

I can hear this song on the radio, just not on the stations I listen to...

Vocals: Very good vocals and very well done...professional quality.

Song: For a soft rap song...sounds is very nice.

Mood: Interesting...soothing...
- jwd from Schenectady, New York on 11Apr2007

Nice sound
At last, i'm reviewing a garageband track with some production quality. Nice vibe, I could totally imagine listening to this on radio. Vocals sound well recorded and performed. The female vocals are great too. The guitar loop reinforces everything nicely. I'm not really into this kind of music, but I do like this song. Nice one.
- TheUnknownn from Oxford, United Kingdom on 10Apr2007

Ballad rap
This is not a ballad or a rap song maybe you were going for something new.the lyrics are good had to listen to it 3 times.

the vocals are all in key no flat notes

it is a very depressing song makes one feel depressed, but may be i am not getting the right message
- CallanMaloney from Durban, South Africa on 7Apr2007

Chills man
Excellent girl voice right from the start.

Guitar is just a little too loud. Strings are a bit a little loud in the chorus.

This is a serious subjet. The idea of the dead girl is talking, very creative. And the spirit's voice is well done.

Lyrics are very well written. Is it a true story?

I really love the girl voice. Just the right phrasing and tone. Just a little aeral. Chills during the Somebody find my body. Well done.

The only thing i would say is that this song could use a bit of a build up. For instance, wait a bit to start the guitar(perhaps when it says at :58 everything's gonna be alright. Then, a heavier beat as it moves in time...

OVERALL, chills man. Really good. Love it.
- rib from Canada on 27Mar2007

About JCK

New Zealand Hip-Hop artist JCK is all about creativity and originality. Gothic imagery, catchy well crafted songs and captivating music videos set JCK apart from the legions of look alike, sound alike Hip-Hop artists currently flooding the market.

"Most Hip-Hop artists seem to want to take you on the same journey with their music. That's usually a trip through the hood they grew up in. It's like the hoods getting over crowded with rapper tour guides. I might take you to the hood for a quick look around, but only on route to the carnival"

JCK is a multi instrumentalist as well as a rapper and singer. He produces his own music and even films, directs and edits his own music videos.

Visit the muzic.net.nz Profile for JCK


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5 Year Anniversary
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