22 Mar 2023

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Newsletter Issue #8: 25 Jul 2004

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Burn & Get Burnt?

Sitting here in the music section of the Christchurch Library, I am thinking how easy it is to rip off our industry.

One of the biggest issues to hit the music industry recently has been CD copying. Here at the public library, you can hire any one of a large back catalogue for $1.00 for a four-week hire. There is everything from Shona Laing to The Verlaines, from PJ Harvey to the Flaming Lips.

Then I walk around the corner and find the new releases section. It costs just $3.00 for a week's worth of Sonic Youth, The Datsuns or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. This as opposed to paying $34.95?

It was just a few months ago that someone was fined (a pathetic sentence if you ask me) for burning 50 plus CD's at a library onto his laptop. How easy it must have been. How wrong it was. Okay, he wasn't a predator or violent or anything like that, but surely something a little worse than a fine was in order.

So is our library system aiding our music 'criminals' in their endeavours to rip off the system? Absolutely. Maybe. Sort of. In a round about kind of way. No one can tell me that the majority of people who hire CD's from our libraries actually only listen to them.

Perhaps the time has come for all musicians to revolt against the librarians? Do you ever hear of someone hiring out a book then photocopying the whole dam thing do you? By allowing people to hire CD's we are taking kids to a candy store and expecting them not to eat anything.

Which brings me to that jerk in the UK who was jailed for ripping off artist…ooh...and justice for all.


Tempo 38

Tempo 38 formed in 2000 and like many bands have done a lot of gigs around NZ and self-released a few CD's. The band is on tour in August-September in a North Island town near you so check 'em out and find out for yourself. PEACE!

In April the 'The Temps' recorded 2 new songs (Venn Studios, Auckland) as part a promotional CD sampler 'Con'. "These new recordings are not being released as such, more of a sampler for people we know & do biz with".

"We’re also making a video for 'Con', so when that’s wrapped up we’re going to release the tracks more officially with a few other tunes and maybe a free sticker or badge".

However, for now a limited copies of 'Con', which features the two new songs ('Con' & 'The Secret Weapon') plus the compilation hit 'Drink' will be available at shows.

Tempo 38 have toured the North Island twice to date and this time round look forward to playing shows with 21 Guns, Kill Me Quickly, Not Quite Right, We Dunno, One Must Fall, Omega Dawn, Noble Peasants, Servo & The Joint.

"It’ll be good to get back on the road to play a fresh set, catch up with our buds and party with some news bands".

Tempo 38 are influenced by artists such as Angel Hammer, Big Blue Blanket, The Joint, Horowitz, Sword and any others on the Hit Your Head Music Label.

Tempo 38 - Rough Landing Tour '04

x Thursday 12 August @ O’Flaherty’s, Napier - R18, $5
x Saturday 14 August @ Youthzone, Hamilton - All Ages, $5
x Friday 20 August @ Valve, Wellington - R18, $5
x Saturday 21 August @ Mango Music, Palmerston North - Live Instore: 4:00pm, FREE!
x Saturday 21st August @ The Stomach, Palmerston North - All Ages, $5
x Saturday 28th August @ Edens Bar, Auckland - R18, $5
x Friday 3rd September @ Odins Inn, Napier - R18, $5
x Saturday 4th September @ Bentan Twisteds, Hastings - R18, FREE!

Full details can be found on our gig guide.

For more info....

Fourth Member

Fourth Member will be releasing their new single 'Faceless' on 31 July. The first folks to step up and cover the release of 'Faceless' are The Rock FM, Juice TV, C4 and BayRock. Fourth Member thanks them for their staunch support of kiwi music.

Here is Fourth Member's interview from their North Island tour at the start of the year, The Inertia Tour, which also featured other NZ bands Epitome and Mozelee.

1) Who are your favourite musicians/bands that have an influence on your music?
Nickelback, U2, Jet, The Darkness, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam.

2) So, who would you most like to support live?

3) If you had to put a label on your sound, how would you describe it?
A rocky pop or poppy rock. A bit like rocky road. No no no. Rock with passion.

4) What are some of your highlights from the tour?
Jon: Driving through Hamilton trying to find Altitude Bar (venue for Hamilton gig) completely unaware of where it was, parked up to ask someone where it was and it was right there.
Mike: The 2am pie at BP in Ngaruawahia. I think that it was bacon and beef. Mmmmm pies are good at 2am.
Scott: Toby from Mozelee and Grant from Epitome's duet, no it was more of a battle. Man that was awesome.
Jon: One of the law points was at some of the gigs the under agers getting turned away. (Most of the gigs were at bars).

5) What can you never gig without?
Jon: A sock on my arm.
Mike: Deodorant. Oh and my wedding ring.
Scott: My earplugs.

6) Where do you see yourselves in say five years?
Hopefully touring full time with 2 albums and 8 singles released.

7) If you had one minute left to live, what would you do?
Mike: Pray.
Jon: Repent from all the bad things I've done.
Scott: Ooh punch Jon in the face! Ha-ha he couldn't do anything after that.

What's New?

Subtract On Tour

Subtract will be hitting the road late August for a series of North Island gigs with 8 Foot Sativa and Australian band Frankenbok. Get there early as Subtract will be on stage first.

Subtract will also be playing at the NoizeFest, 7 August @ the Kings Arms in Auckland. Also on the bill is Shakhan from Wellington, Six Day War, Horde Lorde and Just One Fix. It will be a great night of local brutality so get there early and support one and all.

All the tour details of the Subtract tour can be found on our gig guide.

Up Coming Tours:

Goodshirt    Greg Johnson
Off Minor    Stylus 77

More Gigs

Want gigs for your area sent to your email every couple of weeks? Simply sign in to muzic.net.nz, go to the Members page and click on Edit My Profile. You'll find the options in there.

New Releases

The big release of this week comes from Sommerset with their long awaited album, 'Say What You Want'. If you're looking for a great album to buy, this is it!

Subtract have also recently released their second album 'Formula One'.

New Artists

Over the last 2 weeks we have added heaps of new artists to muzic.net.nz - check them all out!

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4Eulogi Alex Smart




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