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Newsletter Issue #75: 13 Nov 2005

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Charity Auction Again Proves Successful!

Some classic pieces of music memorabilia helped raise $190,033 at a charity auction in Auckland on November 2 for New Zealand's sole music therapy center.

The trust operates the country's only dedicated music therapy center catering for special needs children. The center provides music therapy for children school age and younger. It is New Zealand's first music therapy center.

The idea grew from a Kiwi family's experience of music therapy in the UK and the realization there was a need to provide a similar service here.

It is the second year New Zealand musicians and friends have come together in support of the center Raukatauri Music Therapy Trust. Last year's auction raised more than $120,000, which the trust used to help move into new and bigger premises and enlist a much-needed second music therapist.

You can view a list of the popular items and how much mullah they went for here.

Parachute 06 is fast approaching. For those that have never experienced a 'Parachute' festival, maybe January 06 is your time to have a looky.  Great bands and usually great weather, soak up the sun and camp out with thousands of others, makes for a good weekend. With hundreds of bands that play over some 7 stages, there is definitely something for everyone. With bands such as MUMSDOLLAR, PARACHUTE BAND, RAPTURE RUCKUS, MY LIFE STORY, MOZELEE, LATE 80S MERCEDES, SHOOTING STARS, ALL LEFT OUT, FOURTH MEMBER and THESE FOUR WALLS just to name a few.

Head to www.parachutemusic.com to find out more news about The 2006 Christian music festival.

Also I mustn't forget BIG DAY OUT 06!! The two festivals usually go hand in hand, being only a week apart. Friday 20th January, Ericsson Stadium in Auckland shall pack out for another great Big Day Out! With a nice, juicy selection of NZ bands including ElemenoP, The Bleeders, Fat Freddy's Drop, Che Fu and the Krates, Pluto, Frontline and The Brunettes. This only being from the first announcement so expect more NZ goodness before January 20th.  Also some awesome, wicked overseas acts such as THE LIVING END, AFI, SLEATER KINNEY, THE WHITE STIPRES, IGGY AND THE STOOGES, FRANZ FERDINAND, KINGS OF LEON and THE MARS VOLTA to name a few are also coming to rock NZ. You can find out ticket prices and when the next announcement is coming by heading to our Big Day Out Feature!

Well hope you have had a great week. You can send your feedback to [email protected] along with anything you want mentioned.

Have a good one,

-- Lanae

Le Leverets

Le Leverets is a three piece garage rock band that’s been described to sound like old D4, my personal influences include the strokes, the hives, kings of leon, babyshambles and sometimes the ramones. Current band members are me on vocal chords and bass, rory on guitar and ryun on drums, we're quite new to the scene and within the next year i would like to see the band do as many gigs and competitions as possible and to just get people to know about us and get a sorta regular gigging schedule, definite plans are that we will be recording some demos this Christmas holidays which we’ll try and distribute to as many people as possible. If anyone is slightly interested out there please email us at [email protected] and/or check out our page in the artists section that I've recently added because I’ve made a really rough demo that I can send to YOU.

For more information on Le Leverets, check them out on muzic.net.nz!

Hestia Solstice

Once a band then non-corporeal solo project (Think Gramsci, NIN) within the confines of a collective. Now an inbetweener of the two concepts taking the best from both dualities. With limitless boundaries taking different turns, restrictions on style and sound stay unearthed. Making way for unconventional ideas outside of the square with an avant-garde edge.

Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?

In reality it would most likely be bands/artists out of rockquest. Especially ones who have had the exposure and kickstart needed to go out into the real world of the music industry. Mostly music that is safe. It doesn't sound fair to some but from an impartial standpoint thats how shallow the industry can be. People look at your achievements and such rather than your music. Personally Shihad should be the ones who deserve all that.

Who would you most like to tour with?

Within NZ: Foamy Ed of course. Or Tadpole. Even Aviatour! Outside: A Perfect Circle or Evanescence. Mainly people we would feel complacent with and knew the ins and outs of touring. Plus a band that can draw in a decent crowd would be nice.

What is your most embarrassing concert moment?

We don't really want to talk about that. It's almost a non-factor now since it happened under our old incarnation. It was at rockquest. We did well for only 1.5 hours preparation prior to the gig but not well enough. Basically everything crumbled weeks prior to the gig and members left and it was hard finding replacements at short notice. In short things didn't go well. We somehow scored 13/25. That's the average score most bands who had more time to prepare got.  The judges knew we had potential and thought the ideas we had were good, just we needed more practice. That aside it's like we are a completely different band since our makeover, and it's still early days.

What are you planning on doing during 2005?

Recording a demo/promo/EP. So we can send it out to the bnet and Orientation for a slot (Hint Hint HINT) among other things. Also more writing and rehearsing more material for a full set to play at gigs. We are also looking at adding a keys/samples player and maybe female BV's. If all goes to plan we'll try to get support slots with local bands. Also in the pipeline would be to print off our own merch. And a website when we get around to it!

What is in your CD collection at home?

A lot of Alternative and NZ Music. Have just added Muse "Absolution", Arcade Fire "Funeral", Shihad "Love is the New Hate", Gramsci "Like Stray Voltage", NIN "With Teeth", Evanescence "Anywhere but home", Goldenhorse "Out of the Moon" and The Killers "Hot Fuss" to it this year. Also every Placebo (bar Best Of), A Perfect Circle, Tool, silverchair and Tadpole cds. The other Muse cd "Origin of Symmetry", The first 2 System of a Down cds, 2 Marilyn Manson albums, 2 Deftones albums, Foamy Ed "A Moments Need" EP, Radiohead (1 EP and album), The Brunettes even and way more. Actually that's enough for now.

Tim would have Muse, Incubus and Audioslave i'd imagine. Mark we aren't sure about since he's really the most busy out of all of us, and really plays more than listens maybe.

What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

Give us some advice! Apart from telling us to comprimise our music. Though seriously do it for the love of it or give it up. And don't stress.

You can find more information on Hestia Solstice on their muzic.net.nz Profile Page!

What's New!

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Renee Maurice Trigger Theory

Big Day Out 2006

The second annoucement is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we've put together a huge feature on the event. Plus, keep an eye out on Monday for our hot Big Day Out competition, where we're giving away prize packs including tickets into the event, the official BDO CD and more!

muzic.net.nz Big Day Out Feature


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