30 Sep 2023

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Newsletter Issue #73: 30 Oct 2005

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What's Happening!

Ghouls, Ghosts and Witches pulled together to put a much loved show on at the Misfits Theatre in Auckland last night.  The Pure Evil Trio from Aussie hiked over and played but I only caught Suicide Dogs where fireworks were set off in front of the band by some crowd so actually prevented me from catching an un-hazy glimpse.

Earlier on in the day, groups gathered at Dave and co's house down Great North Road, for what turned out to be one of the best show/parties ever. It celebrated small-time NZ music very well and the appreciation for it was well recieved!

Some shows that I'd like to mention coming up this weekend, Foamy Ed are playing some shows *gasp*. They hit Hamilton on the 4th Nov and are playing with ElemenoP and others and then back up to Auckland to play an all ages gig at The Studio on the 5th November.  Definately worth a look!

Also it just so happens that The Bleeders are playing in Hamilton on the 4th November as well, so all those thinking of the trip to hamilton, it would be well worth it.

Or if you really want to out-do yourselves, head to Rotorua for a fun night out at Barbarellas, featuring 5th Threat, Faceplant and more. 5th Threat then head to Brewers bar in Tauranga on the 5th November to play with Shagg Performance, Mission Gizzard and Not Ok.

Plenty to do and see and just thought i would mention just a small sector. I know it tends to evolve around only a couple specific genres, but can't be super women and have a finger in all the pies so to speak. If you out there reading want anything at all about NZ music mentioned in upcoming editorials, then hows about you flick me an email at [email protected] that would be cool to know what you think.

Thanks for reading.

-- Lanae

El Schlong

Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?

Hmm, I think that in order to be successful overseas bands have to get out of NZ, and although I can think of many NZ bands that deserve international recognition, I can't see many of them leaving. 

Who would you most like to tour with?


Unfortunately that's not possible, but hey. 
What is your most embarrassing concert moment?

Having to leave mid set to go take a piss because my bladder was so full of booze I was about to explode. And another time being so rottenly drunk I played a terrible set then fell off stage and landed on my chin because I tried to save my guitar.   I don't get drunk before we play anymore.
What are you planning on doing during the next year?

We've just moved to Wellington from Dunedin, so we're hoping to play as many shows in Wellington and around the North Island as possible before we go overseas.  We're also going to save as much money as we can for recording.

How did you come up with the name El Schlong?

We are named after mine and Jacobs old flatmate who was a cock.  He's actually one of our best mates, but it's a wicked burn that he'll never have comeback for.

What is in your CD collection at home?

It's pretty large and extremely varied.  Heaps and heaps of different metal subgenres, heaps of odd stuff like Mr Bungle and techspaz like PsyOpus, lots of groove orientated stuff like Primus, lots mellow old man hand cranking tunes, some classical, a small amount of rap like Sage Francis, and lots of grunge which me and Jacob grew up on.  Our tastes are all over the place. We're basically just music nerds.
What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

Don't be scared of having your own sound.  If you fit neatly into a subgenre then whats the point?

If you would like more information on El Schlong, check out their artist page on muzic.net.nz!


Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?

Who can tell? The question should be, who deserves to be a huge international success? And the answer would be-all of us!

Who would you most like to tour with?

Someone who offers comfortable transport and lodging and food and money.

What is your most embarrassing concert moment?

I have lived long and there are many.... maybe my drums tool collapsing during the first song for a parents concert at a packed Founders Theatre (in Hamilton)

What are you planning on doing during the next year?

There are another 3 DateMonthYear albums that will be released by Jan 2006....so that year will be a gigging year probably trying to pay for it all.

How did you come up with the name DateMonthYear?

Working in a London hospital in 1993, we were so bored we had a contest to come up with the nest band name. DateMonthYear I got from an admission form... you know "please enter date of birth, date_____month______year______". Everyone hated it.

What is in your CD collection at home?

How much space have you got?

Miles davis-Birth of the cool, sketches of spain, kind of blue. King Crimson, everything up to 1984.John Coltrane-A Love supreme. Billy Bragg-talking to the taxman about poetry. Skunk Anansie-post orgasmic chill. Faith No More- angel dust.Texas-greatest hits. Catatonia, the shrugs, St.Lucy, Bowie, The clerics, Luna spark, Ultravox, U2, Lots and lots of Brian Eno. Various Pink Floyd (but nothing past 1980)....uummm....

What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

1) Deal with the music first. It needs to be honest to your intentions, whatever they may be.
2) Do as much as you can yourself
3) Don't try and get signed. Work hard until they are queuing up to sign you.
4) When you have had enough, get out.

If you want to know more about DateMonthYear, you can check them out on muzic.net.nz!

What's New!

New Artists

The following new artists were added to muzic.net.nz since out last issue. Please check them out!

Whispers For Warning Ominous Youth
Chloroform Procedure PakkzWun
Blackmarket Art Rosita Vai
Jacqui Watson Viscera

Big Day Out 2006

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