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Newsletter Issue #68: 02 Oct 2005

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Top events to get your butt along to...

CHECK IT OUT!!! Muzic.net.nz, this very nz music website is turning a massive FIVE years old and to celebrate the lovely people who run the site have put on a big gig featuring some top NZ bands and musicians.

And to make it even more of a celebration it is only $5!!!!! Six bands for five bucks! I haven’t heard of one of them for ages….or ever!

So this Thursday 6th October, find you way to K Road, Auckland and head to The Studio. Bands start playing at 8PM!! So don’t miss out! For more info on the website or to read about anything nz music check out www.muzic.net.nz

Come and support this gig, as this website supports all new/old musicians/bands throughout New Zealand everyday giving them free exposure and in this day that’s hard to find!

Also the 2005 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards are on Wednesday 5th October at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. Also for the first time in recent years, general admission tickets are part of this year’s awards. Sponsors and radio stations have been allocated nearly 1,000 seats for promotions and giveaways. All results from the awards will go live on the 6th October if you can’t make it to the awards.

The World Battle of The Bands NZ Final is on at Galatos Main Room on the 7th October! Featuring a massive line up of bands with The Twitch, Remains Of A Day, International Flannel, Epitome, Vital Clue Slipping Tongue, Agent, Assorted Sweets, Neavus and Six Gun Lover!

So if you haven’t seen any of these bands before then I say get along and check them out!

The Bleeders! First show back in NZ since recording over in the states is also on the 7th October AND its ALL AGES!!!! So now no one under the age or over the age of 18 can complain! This is going to be a massive show, also featuring Cobra Kahn, City Newton Bombers and The Larry Normans. Make sure you head to The Studio on the 7th October to check this one out!

Failing the above two shows on Friday 7th October then you could also head along to see Mission Gizzard, Not Ok, Badd Antix, Eqwanox and Nymph rock it out at Edens Bar down K road. Top music and guaranteed to be easier on your wallet!

-- Lanae

Dave Yetton

Who is Dave Yetton? Singer, songwriter, bass player and founder member of The Jean-Paul Sartre Experience. JPS Experience released three albums and two E.P's, toured the U.K., Europe and America, won Best Film Soundtrack at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards and released the top ten album Bleeding Star and top ten single Breathe before their demise in 1993.

In 1997, with help from members of The Muttonbirds and JPS Experience, Dave released the self-titled album The Stereo Bus. Largely a solo-record under the guise of a band - this album of self-penned tunes went on to win Album of the Year at the first ever b-Net music awards and was nominated for Album of the Year at the grown-ups New Zealand Music Awards.

He has just released his album "Blow Out Your Candles" and has provided us the following answers to our standard interview questions:

Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?


Who would you most like to tour with?

Jamie Oliver

What is your most embarrassing concert moment?

Pants dissolving - or was that a nightmare.

What are you planning on doing during the next year?

Ensuring myself and my family survive an outbreak of the bird flu.

What is in your CD collection at home?

Some of it is in storage but what I can see begins at A with Aphex Twin and finishes at Y with Yo La Tengo (have you noticed how many bands have names beginning with an S)

What were you doing before you made a name for yourself?

Playing in a band with a name beginning with an S.

What advice would you give other budding musicians?

There's no formula. And watch out for the bird flu.

You can find out more about Dave Yetton on his Artist Profile.

Amy Racecar

Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?

We feel the Finn Brothers have a good way with a lyric and a melody. There is a good chance they may find an audience outside of this country.

Who would you most like to tour with?

We're all big fans of the Pakeha Maori Club.

What is your most embarrassing concert moment?

Every gig offers a wealth of embarrassment for us. Probably the fact that we all hate each other and should have broken up last year affects our performances dramatically.

What are you planning on doing during 2005?

Drink blood and sacrifice virgins to menobaal.

How did you come up with the name Amy Racecar?

One night when Billy was crying himself to sleep he saw it written in the stars.

What is in your CD collection at home?

We dont listen to CDs, only tapes. In particular we are quite fond of soundtracks to old genre films.

What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

Give up. Quit. Whatever you are doing is as actually as bad as you think it is. There is no hope for you here in NZ and you will never be embraced beyond your immediate family and the several 16 year old girls you met on myspace.

You can find out more about Amy Racecar on muzic.net.nz.

Win Free Stuff

We've got plenty of stuff up for grabs on our competitions page at the moment! Head along there now to win copies of:

Ruptus Jack - Roses and French Lessons (their debut album)
New Way Home - Anomaly (the brand new album)
Amy Racecar - Endeavours (if you like their answers to the questions above, you'll love this EP)
Rhombus - Future Reference (the brand spanking new album)

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