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Newsletter Issue #524: 01 Dec 2019

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20 years.

2 decades, 240 months and 7300 days.
That's a lot of time to dedicate towards NZ music.

A lot has changed in the past 20 years. One of the driving forces behind the formation of Muzic.net.nz was the lack of information available online for NZ music. We set out to change that and change it we did.

MNZ started alongside the likes of Amplifier, NZmusic.com and Noizyland. There was no Facebook, Instagram or any other social media .. not even MySpace. There was no Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Reverbnation or Spotify. The internet was obsessed with the likes of mIRC and ICQ. If you think it is hard to conquer the NZ music industry now, imagine what it was like back then.

Since our inception, MNZ has gone from strength to strength. We have seen many great, and some not-so-great, things; NZ Idol, The NZ Music Awards going from an industry only event to being open to the public, the advent of Homegrown and NZ Music Month, the formation of the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre, lots of different music TV (Space, C4, Hum, Squeeze, Juice, MTV, etc...), as well as the end of many great things - Big Day Out, Channel Z, and more recently, the demise of Auckland's Kings Arms.

2019 has given us the greatest memory of all - our 20th birthday celebrations, which were held at Neck of the Woods in Auckland on 4 May. Rebel Sound Radio, Animalhead, Coridian, Skinny Hobos and Written by Wolves did a fine job of making sure we'll never forget it either. It was easily the most overwhelmingly memorable night of our entire history - thank you, again, to everyone who was involved.

We here at Muzic.net.nz love NZ music; and we always will. Here's to the next 20 years!

- Lisa and the Muzic.net.nz team

The Muzic.net.nz Team

One of the most vital aspects of Muzic.net.nz is our incredible team of volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes doing everything they can to help promote NZ music. They provide more than reviews, interviews and photos - they are the heart and soul of our website, and within our team we have so much friendship, love and admiration for one another.

Thanks for the love Steve Bone, Chris Morgan, Adam Binns, Chris Zwaagdyk, Corinne Rutherford, Steve Shyu, Reef Reid, Paul Goddard, Nikita Weir, Jacinda Selman, Kerry Monaghan, James Castady-Kristament, Andrew Smit, Kris Raven, Louise Clement, Ben Ruegg, Jamie Denton, Jason Peters, Erica McQueen, Mike Alexander, Gaby Ivanov-Giraldo, Carl Hayman, Trevor Faville, Kerry Kingi, Brendan McCarthy, River Tucker, Callum Wagstaff, Ria Loveder, Melany Barrington, Axl Scott, Peter-James Dries, Tom Ashman, Tony McDonald, Jacquie Walters, Gareth Heta, Darryl Baser, Isla Norman, Darryl Brown, Gareth West, Ginelle Cocks, Chontalle Musson, Ngamihi Pawa, Jenny Feaver, Nichole Davis, Bruce Mackay, Bevan Triebels, Tessa Burrows and Sarah Bowden.

We would also like to thank the people who have moved on from our team during 2019, with an extra special thanks to Alex Moulton and Ben Winters.

Thank you to all these amazing people for their support during 2019

Nicole & Jesse from NicNak, Anna from Saint Lachine, Leanda from Eleventy12, Janine from Noise PR, Kylie from Trigger, James Southgate, Mahoney from Aeroplane, Nancy from Blackout, Josie from Great Things, Maria and Heidi from Mushroom, Lorraine Barry, Leesa Tilley, Matt Ealand, Paul from Storm the Gates, The ladies at The Label, Cheree Ridder, Carwyn Henigan, Mphatic, Brian Byas, Lindsay Eadon, Finn from Second Hand News, Teresa, Huia and Chris from Kog/Integrity, Paul & Poppy from CRS, Hayley and Rodney from Woodlane, Marcus Powell, Andrew from Ding Dong, Matt from Triple A Records, Shirley from LMM, Jackie from Jacman, Samantha Ridder, Ciara from Live NationBridget de Launay, Bev Adair-Beets, Cushla from Aston Road, The team from Loop, Riccardo Ball, Dale Wallath, Samuel Gordon, Drew Choat, Mouxsie Moux, Alessandra Keighley & Chris Foreman.

And especially to everyone who helped make our 20th gig happen.

We would also like to thank all the bands and musicians who have worked with us during 2019 - we love that New Zealand has so many incredibly talented bands and musicians and it's been a true pleasure to work with you all.

Reviewers & Interviewers:

2019 has been an outstanding year for our review team with a record number of reviews completed, over 450 by the time this gets published. In addition to that, 63 interviews and counting. This is a fantastic effort in what has been a milestone year for Muzic.net.nz celebrating 20 years of supporting New Zealand music.

Over the year there have been a few challenges, but one thing remained consistent and that is our love of NZ music and our dedicated support of Kiwi musicians. Lisa is the calming force who drives our ship; juggling bands, musicians, the Muzic.net.nz team, and many others involved in the music industry on a daily basis. I know she will be thanking everyone for all their fantastic work, but I will take this opportunity to thank Lisa for everything she has done and continues to do for music.

New Zealand has a remarkable calibre of new music being released every day and some outstanding gems. We look forward to seeing what 2020 has in store.

- Written by Corinne Rutherford



As 2019 comes to a close and the busy summer season ramps up, it’s time to reflect on the year.

We have had a number of changes with the photographers.
Some new faces have joined, some have moved on and a big number haven’t moved, making for a valuable team.

The biggest change for us was moving away from covering international gigs and concentrating solely on NZ music. This change happened at the end of April, just in time for NZ Music Month and Muzic.net.nz’s 20th birthday.

20 years!
That is an epic milestone – a huge well done to Lisa and Adam from the team (both past and present).

Our birthday celebration saw a selection of NZ bands rock out at Neck of the Woods, with our photographers told not to worry about bringing their cameras… “just enjoy the night”.
For the photographers to enjoy the night, most needed to have their cameras on hand.
This also tied in nicely to the NZ photography exhibition, ‘
From The Pit ’, which a number of our photographers had submitted shots for.

Personally, I’d like to say thanks to the photographers that have stepped up and shot the gigs that my name was alongside when I’ve had to fly back to work.
You guys rock.

Roll on 2020!

- Written by Steve Bone

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Bleeders are somewhat of a New Zealand phenomenon. Iconic and legendary, they have wowed audiences since their inception in 2002 with their fast and furious punk and anthemic releases. With constant sold out shows and their debut album Sweet As Sin garnering them the Best Breakthrough Artist and Best Rock Album awards at the 2006 NZ Music Awards, Bleeders were a relentless force within the NZ music industry - that is, until they disbanded in 2009.

Now they have returned, with their forthcoming and highly anticipated 5-track EP Delusions set for release on 22 November. Their new single Darkness Falls, released last month, has been described as "a hot burrowing earworm for any existing fans" and as having "the urgency and passionate delivery that make Bleeders stand out", proving that Bleeders are still the iconic band that we all know and love.

Paul from Muzic.net.nz spoke to Angelo; here's what he had to say:

You have had a roller coaster ride since hitting our eardrums around 2003. The tours, the international travel, major and independent label deals. Can you sum it all up in one sentence?

It was extremely rewarding and it’s amazing to be back at it again.

What was the catalyst that saw you get back together and ultimately create new music?

We had done some type of reunion on 2 occasions since we split 10 year ago.. we promised after the last one if we did this again it was with fresh material and a commitment to not be a one off thing so when we got offered some shows then it was like “ok then.. let’s do this”!

What are your thoughts on the current NZ music scene? Any bands that are really exciting and motivating you?

Look there is loads of good NZ Music out there, my fave is probably a L.A. based artist called Tamaryn.. she has a nice synth pop style thing going on and yeah she’s from here originally.

Now that you are officially “back” are there plans to take Bleeders overseas again?

Who knows.. Australia is a very likely option, but hey.. being “back” doesn’t mean we are full time in this and quit our careers! haha.. we’re just saying we are gonna play gigs regularly and contribute to make more music when and if we can.

How much importance are you putting to being online in 2019 compared to back in 2003?

It’s essential now to be online. If you’re not on social media you’ll just get lost!

Tell us your best “on tour” story.

When we did the tour with Deja Voodoo and The Have.. we really gave those have guys a ribbing! They were quite younger than us… one day we stuck a plastic bag with poo in it on their windscreen wipers of their van…. they found it   and returned serve with a knock on our hotel door and a box with a flaming turd in it! Touché young fellas!

Any tips for anyone trying to get their band noticed?

My feeling is just to work hard and play lots everywhere.. there’s a million bands with fancy Instagram profiles… but you’ll go further if you can do it with hard work and kick ass music.

More importantly anything they shouldn’t be doing or should avoid? Being caught up in image and the things that don’t matter in music. Stay humble if you do get 5 mins of fame cos it can end just as quick.

How was the recording process for the new EP?

We wrote songs on a weekend away in Matakana in April, we then did a solid week of practice then it the studio and did it all in 3 days.

Are the things that motivated you to form a band almost 19 years ago the same that motivate you to make music now?

NOPE……Right now, it's purely for fun and the art, back then it was too at the beginning then things got good pretty quick and it was like “hold on” we can maybe do something with this (career or whatever).

Tell us a bit about the new EP. The first release in a long time, it must be special?

Yeah it’s great to be back with new tunes, we are really proud of this one.. It feels like we have gone full circle that special something we had early on .. I think the old fans are gonna love it!

Read the full interview here

Bleeders are Angelo, Ian, Hadleigh, Gareth and George

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Ryan Kershaw has done unspeakable things to the guitar. He’s made it wail and scream. He’s throttled it, made it blister and distorted its voice with feedback and made it sound loopy. It has reverberated under his touch. And in gentler moments it has been plucked and fretted and taught how to sing. He’s combined that knowledge with his life experiences to mentor other musicians, giving seminars and online courses and has been the driving force behind various concert events. His second book Make Money Teaching The Guitar is now available as an audio book. Mike Alexander interviewed Ryan for Muzic.net.nz, and here's what was said:

What’s so great about the guitar besides the fact that air drumming and air piano just don’t look as cool?

Ha ha! Well, the guitar is easier to take around than say a piano or upright bass. It doesn't mean it's better, but it does make it easier for spontaneous music-related conversations or jam sessions with random people! On the instrument, you can play both melody and harmony ideas and because there is a pretty rich history with the instrument now, an almost unlimited number styles are out there to learn from and share with people. You can play some slow jazz if that's your thing or crank up the amps and get into high energy punk or metal... or jam along to EDM, electro-swing or Industrial. It's just such a versatile instrument and a brilliant thing for connecting people and creating awesome memories.

When did you know it was your instrument of choice?

I wanted to be a musician since a very early age, but I was 10 when I started getting a few lessons and working on the craft.

Is your new book Make Money Teaching The Guitar aimed at teachers or students or both?

The book was actually released in 2016 but has been reissued online in audio book formats. I wrote it for anyone that would gain benefit from reading it or find it helpful. It is primarily, as the name would suggest, a book for music teachers or those that would like to teach their instrument as a career - but I've had all sorts of people get the book for their own creative endeavours; an older lady who was in retirement and wanted to start her own venture as a healer, self-employed labourers, teachers in other fields, and students who wanted to have the best grounding possible as they start to do their own thing. The lessons and suggestions in the book can be applied to artists too - as there is info in there about getting onto TV and radio and putting on events as well as website advice and the creative sides of what you are doing.

Although the title would seem self-evident, what is the book about?

I'll be very blunt: I don't know how long I have on this earth. As far as I know, I haven't got a chronic disease, but I have lost a few friends and family over the years and have had a few things happen personally which has highlighted this fact for me and put a few things into perspective. I wanted to share, and still want to share what I have worked so damn hard over the years on - which is my music and teaching guitar. I can't take anything with me when I go... none of us can; so, there is no point in holding on to anything, including knowledge. It should be shared for the benefit of others. The book, Make Money Teaching Guitar, is a complete blueprint for a successful career in teaching music; from branding and setting up with equipment, to financial advice and systems, to social media and marketing... right through to dealing with/learning from difficult students and avoiding burnout. It is all there. There is no point in hoarding this knowledge with me to the grave, so it is all up for grabs, it's just up to the aspiring teacher or musician now to read it. If they know about it there is no excuses for saying "there is no help out there". It is all in the book.

Do you think it’s a money maker, so to speak? Could it be the new Rich Dad Poor Dad or Think And Grow Rich for musicians?

I think my book Use Your Buzz to Play The Guitar, which I released in 2012 is more along those lines, combining personal growth with music/guitar creativity. As far as money goes - Make Money Teaching Guitar will help people to earn a great living in teaching music should that be what they want to do, and should they put in the work on the exercises. Nothing comes from books if we don't put our acquired knowledge into action. My motive for writing the book however was not to make money or to have money be the main focus for the reader. The title is actually a cheeky reference to my past. I started teaching at 15 years old and my friend's parents would always ask condescendingly "Oh, can you make money doing that". I found it a bit funny that they should ask me like that, because they wouldn't ask that to the electricians I knew, or people working at the supermarket. It wasn't so much the question itself but the way they asked it... and it was always the first question, rather than "Oh, that must be fun", or. "it must be nice to help people learn music". So, the title is a cheeky reference to those days, and it just happens that yes you can earn a great living teaching guitar, but more importantly you can help a lot of people and meet some really nice humans too.

There are moments I've had with teaching, such as a young metal head that reminded me of myself at his age, turning to me as he walked out the door and saying "Excuse me Ryan, I just wanted to say thank you because you have helped me with guitar and you have helped me with school too". And the family I met through teaching who invited me over to their house to make me dinner and share how one of my songs helped their daughter. That kind of stuff is truly priceless and it just eliminates any worry of being judged in the NZ industry over the years. I mean really, after those genuine things - why would it matter. Those moments that happen when you care about teaching are gifts, and when they are happening money is not on the mind.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Well I can't remember what the best piece of advice was, but if you close your eyes, ask, and listen... I think you'll hear it. And that isn't me being religious or being an over the top idiot... that's the truth.


The audio book for Make Money Teaching Guitar is available here.
Make Money Teaching Guitar is available for purchase here.


Read the full interview here

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Long time independent music bohemians DateMonthYear are proud to announce the release of their 5th album on December 1st, 2019.

This collection was recorded at ‘The Porch’ studio in Hamilton, New Zealand. It was produced by DMY founder Trevor Faville with engineering and mixing by Scott Newth.

Although this is DateMonthYear’s fifth album, the decision was made to make it self titled because as Faville says “It’s very much a summary statement of five years of work” The work featuring the line-up of Emma Koretz (vocals), Brooke Baker (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Tyler Leet (guitar) and Hayley Schwass (bass) who have been gigging and recording regularly over this time.

The new album includes previous singles March and Numbers, both of which have enjoyed overseas success of radio and whose videos have proved to be such provocative and challenging viewing. This tradition will continue with the release of a new single for radio July and another video Exodus, which is scheduled for the end of January.

DateMonthYear are a proudly independent music making organisation, and the music on this collection is intended to be a collection of songs to be heard together. The mood changes from the melancholy of Numbers, though the aggression of Flowers to the ten-minute atmospherics end piece South. In true DateMonthYear independence style, the physical copies of this album are the only way to hear the full versions of many of these songs.

Faville has steered DateMonthYear through many years and many albums- writing, producing, marketing the music and executive producer of all five music videos. DateMonthYear has had music licensed to TV ads and movies worldwide, been played extensively on Independent radio around the globe, written and performed music for live theatre and with symphony orchestras. It's been quite a journey, and by no means is it over. This collection of songs is a summary of the past few years, and the groundwork for the next two albums of material is already done. Faville stands firm on a staunchly independent approach- a singular vision and a total disregard for what passes for standard industry practice.

The new album begins its release from December the 1st. With a physical release of the CD available only from their website.

DateMonthYear are Trevor, Brooke, Emma, Tyler and Hayley

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