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Newsletter Issue #513: 03 Feb 2019

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Since Muzic.net.nz's inception in 1999, we have gone from strength to strength while promoting and supporting thousands of NZ bands and musicians. 2019 will perhaps be the most exceptional yet, as we celebrate our greatest milestone - 20 years.

In the beginning, I could have never imagined we'd make it this far - but now I can easily imagine another 20+ years. With all this history behind us, our drive and determination is greater than ever before and with every passing year our passion for NZ music strengthens.

To celebrate our 20th, we will be presenting a gig in Auckland at the start of NZ Music Month with some of the finest rock bands NZ has on offer. More details will be announced in the coming months - we'd love to see you there!

We have an outstanding 2019 lined up, and we can't wait to share it all with you.

- Lisa and the Muzic.net.nz Team

NZ music is jam-packed with incredible acts - check out the following bands and musicians for a taste of what's happening during 2019:

The exceptional City of Souls (pictured) recently announced a worldwide deal, new single Wolf and new music video. Read all about it here.

Former frontman for The Latest Fallout, Brendan Pyper, will be releasing his debut solo EP Up The Anti in Summer 2019.

New Plymouth band Laconic Zephyr hit #1 on the NZ iTunes Rock Chart with their original song Cools You Down in 2018, and they'll also be releasing their debut EP in Summer 2019.

Hailing from the underground rock scene in Wellington, Hault will release their new single Set You Free in January, followed later in the year by a full EP. There is also a video in the pipeline for Set You Free. Hault are also planning to get out and about on tour to promote their new EP.

Eclectic act Captain Festus McBoyle will be releasing a new album, new single and new video sometime around the end of February.

juggernaut of a band who have their roots planted firmly in the British rock scene, Apollo SteamTrain will also be dropping some new tunes.

Christchurch's The Snake Behaviour (pictured) have an exciting 2019 lined up, with the release of their debut full-length album Serpent Psychology in late March. Named by punk legends the Dead Kennedys, this is one release to watch out for.

Another Christchurch act to keep an eye on is EnFire, who have a new debut album due out in early 2019.

Too funky for folk and too folky for funk - New Plymouth's Sonic Delusion will be releasing singles in January, March and an album in May.

Hamilton Metal act Team Kill have promised a new single and music video this year. 

Hunt The Witch will have a new single and their first full-length album Strange Gods ready for release in 2019. They'll also be touring in support of their album.

Anti Matter also has an EP release planned for 2019, and it's sure to be a beauty.

Incredible Auckland rockers Coridian (pictured) will also be making new noises (of the musical kind!). We'll also see them up on stage.

Predominately hip hop inspired but not afraid to infuse old school funk, soul, dance hall, heavy bass and solid grooves, Kong Fooey will have 2 new singles in Summer, and an album dropping in May.

Seas of Conflict released their new track Monachopsis a few weeks back - read all about it here.

Hallelujah Picassos will have a new album out and about around March/April. They'll be celebrating with a tour.

Up-and-comers Lucifer Gunne will have a new single available in early 2019 along with an epic video.

Wellington act Bingo Fighter will be releasing an EP in the first half of the year.

Curlys Jewels (pictured) put on a brilliant live act, and if the chance comes up to see them live - don't miss it! They have some new music on the way.

Sex Beard will have a new single called Undress for Success coming in early 2019. There's also a video in the works.

Darryl Baser is aiming to release #Secondselfie later in the year, which is set to be a collection of collaborations with different people.

Paper Cranes released their beautiful sophomore album Voices on 18 January, and have a few tour dates taking place during February.

Mindseye is also working on a number of new tracks which are set to be released in the first half of 2019. The mainly instrumental electronica tracks will be based on the sounds of instruments such as the kalimba and the hang drum.

Graeme James has released his debut album The Long Way Home and will be celebrating with a tour taking place around the country from April to June. Full details here.

Wellington five-piece Anxiety Club (pictured) are hitting the road in March for a three-date nationwide tour in support of their recently released debut EP, Black Heart.

Tiny Ruins, originally conceived as the solo project of New Zealand singer-songwriter Hollie Fullbrook, are releasing their third album Olympic Girls on February 1st, followed by March dates in Wellington and Auckland.

And Craig Payne kicked off 2019 in style with his remastered single Nineteen Sixty-Five. Craig also has a new album and tour in the plans.

Also worth a mention - Skinny Hobos, Fire For Glory, Empire To Ashes, Dead FavoursEnter Venus, Midnight Switch, Inhuman, The Jason McIver Collective, Cheshire Grimm, Emily Riordan, Animalhead, Grumblewood, Marina Bloom and Moving Stuff, Jazz Vidamo,  Written by WolvesLogic Defies Logic, DevilskinThe Recently Deceived, Built, JCK, Anthony Coulter, Radio Coma, Funk Therapy, Act of Vengeance, Burning Embers, Tony Lee, Jan Hellriegel, Late Model European, AJAX, Mia Sonhnge, Leave The Dead, Glow Becky, Riqi Harawira, A.U.R.A, BeneBartells, Soaked Oats and Mundi.

As the front-man for one of New Zealand's most successful Rock acts Shihad, the main man behind NZ's supergroup The Adults or as a solo performer, Jon Toogood has been at the forefront of NZ Music for more than 20 years; epitomising what it means to be a great musician. His illustrious career has cemented his place within NZ music history, and his music has inspired many other musicians; both here and in Australia.

Paul T Gheist from Muzic.net.nz had the pleasure of talking to Jon ahead of his solo acoustic tour of Aotearoa:

First round is on me - What’ll you be having?

Flat White – 1 sugar and a water.

The Adults tour in September, Shihad 30 Year Anniversary tour in October, and now an acoustic tour ready to roll - What gives you the drive to keep going year after year?

I LOVE playing music. Live performance gives me a thrill nothing else in my life does. I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have found a way to pay the rent while doing something I adore.

Of the three decades performing live, what’s the single craziest show you’ve ever played?

Supporting AC/DC at Western Springs in Auckland on their Black Ice tour in 2010. Getting to play our own music to 60,000 plus hard core rock fans in our home country then towelling off and getting to watch our favourite band ever from an awesome pozzy? One of the best days of my life and a completely surreal experience.

What have you been listening to lots of recently?

Idles’ latest album Joy as an Act of Resistance – one of the best guitar bands on the planet right now making music that is completely relevant. The 1975’s new album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, a Pop band that uses guitars who are actually ‘saying something’ that’s relevant to what’s going on in the world. I really like the Young Fathers new album too as it reminds me of things I loved in the early 2000's like TV On The Radio. Oh yeah, and the latest Adults album Haja. It’s music that didn’t exist before that I just needed to hear.

You incorporated hip-hop and world-music influences into your songwriting on Haja; will you be mixing in new flavours or genres in future Shihad or The Adults releases?

You can’t help being influenced by what is inspiring you at the time. You go to what’s on fire and what’s genuinely moving you and see if you can become one with that feeling when writing. If it’s SABA then cool. If it’s Idles then just as cool. Whatever’s on fire is what I’m attracted to. Anything that’s speaking a truth and shining a light on injustice is good with me especially if it’s making you shake your ass at the same time!

You mentioned you had planned on releasing music under a pseudonym of 'DJ Yahia', which I think is a super fun concept. Will this be something you’d ever revisit and work on in future?

Maybe. But I liked that idea more when people didn’t know it was me. That was sorta the point.

What’s your fondest memory of Northern Sudan? (Aside from getting married, of course)

The people. They’re so beautiful, honest and generous. Even after being mistreated so badly by their government – they still retain their incredible spirit and dignity.


Read the full interview here



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It's a busy new year for the 'Year! We have released a song a year for the last three years, and it's been particularly exciting to see the impact that Numbers (2017) and March (2018) have had. Both songs have strong videos, and the video for Numbers certainly upset some people by dealing with some uncomfortable truths. Oh well.

The radio very response from overseas for both songs was positive indeed - the songs were featured on hundreds (that's no exaggeration) of radio stations (online/ terrestrial) around the world - and as of late, both songs are still playlisted by many of those stations.

Preparations are on the way for an album scale release in the next two-three months, with up to two albums, two videos and some subscribers-only material, too. This is going to be our first big release of material in some time, and it's very much a 'clearing of the decks' in terms of the material that we have worked on live for the last two years. Be prepared for some shocks though! In addition to the 'studied melancholia' of the DMY sound that many are familiar with, there are some intense experiments happening with electronic/musique concrete sounds as well. Don't expect any easy watching with the two videos that we are filming either!

We would love to hear from you - provided are the standard links online where you can hear and see our stuff - please do like/share/subscribe. This year we are running a lot of subscriber only music, as well - stuff that is primarily available to members of our email list. You can sign up at any of our sites, or message us there too, if you prefer.

We are really proud of our work and achievements to date! DMY is staunchly independent - we do things our own way. We would love it if you reach out to us if you like what we do and want to hear more!

Looking forward to this year, for sure!

Nga Mihi Nui, everyone.

DateMonthYear are Trevor Faville (drums, guitar, bass, vocals), Emma Koretz (vocals),Brooke Baker (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Tyler Leet (guitar) and Hayley Schwass (bass).


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A fresh and exciting Auckland based band who only have been together for just shy of a year. The RVMES have been working, rehearsing and organising to an extreme and are proudly releasing their debut EP on the 15th of February to follow their Single Vibrant Pictures, which was released on 1 December, 2018. These four brothers from different mothers all have contrasting musical backgrounds, styles and inspirations which they bring to the table. Ronaldo has his exotic Brazilian roots which shine into his playing, Miro and Logan are both beautifully experimental and expressive on their instruments and Edwin sings his carefully crafted words deep from his soul.

The RVMES plan to take this year head on with their tour in February around the North Island. Once finished they will continue to gig around as much as possible promoting their music, building their fanbase all the while writing for the next release and focusing more on finding their sound.

The RVMES are
Edwin Judd (vocals, guitar), Miro Gibson (guitar), Ronaldo Lima (bass)
Logan Fox (drums).


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