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Newsletter Issue #511: 04 Nov 2018

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This month's brilliant editorial comes from talented multi-instrumentalist Jamie Denton, from Empire To Ashes:

Last night, like so many nights before, someone I’ve never met - and probably never will - reached deep inside my soul and reignited a dwindling fire.


The fire had not come from any single flashpoint, moment of divine clarity, or life-changing moment of affirmation, but instead from a multitude of disparate sources, such as youthful nights of reckless abandon with music serving as the soundtrack, eternities spent pawing clumsily over the lyrics inside the CD cover from a favourite band/artist, and prolonged conversations with like-minded individuals about our most recent discoveries. While each of these largely disparate sparks slowly fanned the gentle, tender, subtle embers, none are where the fire actually started.

In fact, sifting through slowly-fading ghosts of decades-old memories, trying to pinpoint the exact moment that music ensnared me, setting alight a fire that would burn deep inside, I find nothing. Perhaps it was the combination of all of these individually powerful elements that caused something almost religious, akin to screaming into the face of a deity, to occur within. Or perhaps the fire was always burning, but just needed to find itself a vessel to latch onto.

Regardless of where this fire came from, I was burning with a deep, irrepressible love of music. Music became a blanket to hide under to block out life’s noise, a safe haven from the grind of my teenage, angst-ridden, daily life, and I sought to understand it, to learn how to create in such a way, and to explore how it may become a voice through which I could communicate the full spectrum and extreme of human experience when all other communication felt futile.

With this additional fuel, the fire burnt white-hot, growing exponentially through each of the incalculable hours of self-imposed exile in bedrooms/garages with a cheap instrument and horrible-sounding, incredibly underpowered amplifier. Eventually, I was able to create something, something I could be proud of. Throughout the years since, and through many musical projects short and longer-lived, talking about music became synonymous with promote, promote, promote - and let everyone know of even the smallest of successes.

I, like many others, spoke - and continue to speak - widely and freely of the moments that fuelled our burning love of music; great shows, newly written songs, newly released albums/singles, upcoming shows or tours, the number of views on a music video, and the numbers of listens on popular streaming platforms. Indeed, by the end of 2018, my current project named Empire to Ashes will have released 4 full-length albums within the past 12 months, a story I will surely scream from the rooftops.

But what we are more reticent to speak of are the times when our fire is threatened, starts to run out of oxygen, or when love just doesn’t feel like enough. We speak far less freely of those nights that we had been so excited about but ended up disappointed in ourselves because of technical or human failures, practice room sessions that disintegrated into arguments and general unrest, or the sheer nightmare of trying to finish that song that just won’t come out and will invariably never see the light of day. We swallow back very important words about the large black dog comes to visit after the tour is over, after the gig is over, or during the moments of self-doubt and harsh self-critique prior to releasing anything new.

We struggle to discuss the times when we were certain that we’d found the perfect assembly of harmoniously compatible soundwaves that could change the world, but no one turned up to hear it, no one tuned in, no one clicked play on the YouTube video, and in general no one seemed to notice. We bury the times that we put everything out on the line, emotionally and perhaps financially, to be met with the harsh, stony face of public indifference. I am much less likely to scream from the rooftops that I have nearly deleted every single one of Empire to Ashes’ albums, in times of extreme self-doubt, when I thought the fire had finally died, or when I just didn’t know if I even wanted to create, or listen to, music anymore. We struggle to discuss these times, as we feel they would provide validation to the failure of our endeavours - i.e. it will burst that false wonderland, that perfect little creative bubble that we want to portray to everyone - and would potentially put someone off from listening to our music.

But music is a human endeavour, not a gift from any omnipotent entity, and as tough as those times can be, we - as a community of music creators and music consumers (which are not mutually exclusive categories!) - need to find ways through which we can get better at talking about the difficult parts of music - and music creation - and about what happens when our personal fire starts to wane. We need to stop lying to our young brethren, pretending everything is always perfect and clean. Because, as powerful as that fire is when it is burning bright, the darkness and cold when it is smothered is equally, if not more, powerful and a hell of a lot more dangerous.


Last night, like so many nights before, someone I’ve never met - and probably never will - reached deep inside my soul, caressed it gently, and reignited a dwindling fire. I hope I can do the same for someone else one day.

Thank you Jamie, for writing this editorial


Alae are quite possibly New Zealand's hardest working musicians at the moment. The video for their latest single All Gived Up was released in early October and followed the release of another single Stone Cold in April. Their new album is due for release today (October 26), and will be followed by a national tour - and just a few days ago, they supported Calum Scott on his Auckland tour date. Darryl Baser spoke to them about all things musical:

Who are you all, and what bands have you played in before Alae?

Alex Farrell-Davey, Lead Vocals guitar; Allister Meffan, Keys and Vocals; Jayden Lee, Drums Vocals; Marika Hodgson, Bass guitar.

Individually, we've all played under a few different names. Marika and Jayden take the cake though, they're hard working gig hunters with a pretty awesome gig history. Marika has played with artists such as {Hollie Smith}, {Theia}, {Teeks} and Jayden has played in many bands including Automatic 80s.

Is there a main songwriter, or do y'all write as a team: in short, what's your songwriting process?

Alex writes the structure or the blueprint, the initial chord progressions, and the lyrics to the songs.

Allister helps to illustrate the songs by developing the soundscape, creating alternate chord progressions, chord voicings, time changes, percussion and harmonies.

Jayden and Marika are the rhythm section, they help to frame the structure of the songs and add a sense of punctuation.

What do you do when you're not playing in, or working on Alae projects?

Most of us, most of the time, are working part time - or gigging under other names.

Where are you in the writing, recording, touring cycle?

We are currently right in the middle of releasing our debut album which is out October 26th then we head away on a national tour. It feels great to be finished as we started this album a year ago with the writing and pre-production sessions. When we get to hold the final vinyl that will be a great moment as it’s everything we have been working towards.

Do you release through a label or entirely by self?

We are an independent band in the sense we have no label. Our digital distribution is all done through DRM and the CDs and vinyl all through Rhythm Method.

So, it’s a self-release with the help of some great people working at those places and of course with the NZ On Air project funding nothing would have been possible without that.

Which bands did y'all listen to growing up, and conversely, who do you listen to now?

Carol King, Mel Torme, Feist, Grizzly Bear, Beirut, Bon Iver, Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Karen O, Wilco, Josh Rouse, Andrew Bird, Fountains of Wayne, The XX.

Where do you see the band in five years’ time?

Hopefully making some happy songs!! Hopefully somewhere overseas...

Alae are Alex Farrell-Davey, Allister Meffan, Jayden Lee and Marika Hodgson.

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Artist Website
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Photo Galleries

Alae @ Galatos, Auckland - 13/04/2018
Alae @ North West Wine, Beer & Food Festival - 10/02/2018
Alae @ Golden Dawn, Auckland - 02/09/17
Alae playing @ MUSA Palmerston North 25/08/17

Alae Release Debut Album, Henry St (press release)


Blue River Baby is a powerhouse New Zealand six-piece originals band. A wondrous infusion of soul, funk, psychedelic rock, ska, rhythm and blues.

Originally formed in 2016 the bands members are a drawn from current and ex members from Whole Lotta Led, My Golden Soul, Julie Lamb Band, Rodger Fox, The Deville Brothers, & Circa Improvisors.

Cam gave Paul from Muzic.net.nz the low-down on all things Blue River Baby:

The Blue River Baby Band (BRBB) has a lot of members with varying musical influences. How would you say that has influenced your sound?

Although we’re a diverse bunch culturally and age wise we’ve got a shared love of 60’s – 70’s era, Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock and Reggae.

Our six-piece BRBB sound has that distilled vintage DNA running thru it, which to me feels totally current now, we believe it’s coming from the right place and we’re playing what we enjoy.

When getting the group together did you have a feel for the style of music you wanted to make or did you just “let it come out”?

Originally we wanted to create music that would sound great live and calls on those earthy Soul, Funk, Blues, Rock and Reggae influences, without trying this style came naturally with ease in our earliest Jam sessions. The music was relevant, authentic, connected to its environment, dynamic, sounded cool AF to us, was fun and interesting to play, and then if it was enjoyed by those that come to our shows then great.  It needed to give us options to express ourselves individually as musicians and that the sound would be more than the sum of its parts.

Who is the leader in the band or is it a complete democracy?

BRBB is a democracy with robust discussion, helped along with a highly active FB messenger group. We have roles in place so that we maintain focus and momentum.

Creatively we bounce ideas into the group then get onto them on a Sunday.

The strongest material always floats to the top, if it’s rubbish it’ll get burned pretty quickly, none of us are afraid to share our opinions and are mature enough to let the ego take a back seat when needed.

You are busy putting the finishing touches to your debut album. How is it going?

So, we recently finished the mastering of the album with Mike Gibson at Munki mastering.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling to sit back and hear these songs. We’re now debating which ones will be the strongest singles and have a few other ears in the know helping us with that decision. Next is to push the button on our release framework and finish some videos.

Was the recording process a pleasant experience or did things get a little fraught? Any good stories from the studio?

We went with Dr Lee Prebble at his Surgery Studios in Newtown. We loved the experience, Lee made us feel totally at home and he’s a consummate pro. His studio is totally dialed in which certainly helped us to record everything live and capture the energy and BRBB vibe

It’s an amazing process but challenging, we were pretty spent afterwards.

What are the plans for world domination once the album is released? 

We’ll just let the baby loose, get it heard across all major platforms, and look forward to performing to as many people as we can, Tour the major NZ centers, play some festivals NZ and overseas, open for some visiting acts and take it as far as we can.

Are there any gigs people can catch you at over the summer?

Yes, we’re headlining the NYE Countdown in Nelson on the steps to an expected 10,000 people, then we’ll have a few more appearances around the country March and April followed by a bunch for our album release and tour dates TBC.

With so many people in the band do you find it difficult to organize things sometimes, gigs, rehearsals etc?

Not really the core 6 is totally manageable everyone is committed, we’ve got set times for a weekly practice which everyone works around.

What would you say is the main dynamic that drives the band and forms the music?

Passion and Musicality, individually we’re all listening, and our individual pieces work together in the group. The music is diverse and gets our juices going.

What band are you most excited to see soon in NZ (International or local)?

We would all have different answers to that, Steve Gadd, Phil Collins, Toto, James Carter, Living Colour, Florence and the Machine, Kora, L.A.B, Bay Dreams line-up.

What is your favourite venue to play in NZ?

San Fran, Waterfront, The Grand, Kings Arms in Auckland – but sadly that’s gone now.

What advice would you give anyone looking to start or join a band?

Find the best musicians you can and reliable people you enjoy playing creating and growing with. Record your practices, especially jam sessions when you have them “you never know what gold nuggets may reveal themselves”, keep a journal handy for lyrics, nurture talent when you see it, practice, be committed and expect the same from others, look after your gear, respect other musicians and try to get to their gigs to support them. Ask for direction from people and other musicians that you respect. Perform live, Stay true to yourself. Have a supportive family and be ready and willing to go when the opportunity’s turn up. Don’t be a dick!!!!

OK some quickfire tongue in cheek short answer ones to finish;

Milk or Almond Milk?

Almond Milk

Ardern or Bridges?


Wellington or Auckland?

Wellington is home I was born and grew up in the valley, I love the city and live amongst it now, it’s got great energy and a vibrant music scene with oodles of talent.

Auckland is like a second home and my wife is from the Shore, plus I’d be a brave man to say otherwise.

Blue River Baby are Ivy Padilla (vocals), Cam Crawford (backing vocals, keyboards, hammond),
Jason Hotton (drums), Matt Fitzpatrick (guitar), John Gualter (saxophone) and Dave Bamford (bass)

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Facebook Page

Twitter Page

YouTube Page

ReverbNation Page


The RVMES are proud to announce their first release as a band this year on the 1st of December. Their debut single Vibrant Pictures will hit all the popular platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, Shazam and many more.

Vibrant Pictures is the lead up to their EP which will be emerging mid-February 2019, followed by a tour to celebrate. The EP will cover various genres and flavours that the word has to offer from Gypsy Jazz to Psychedelic Blues.

With debut releases in the pipeline, Alex from muzic.net.nz had a chat with new Auckland group, The RVMES.

Where did the name ‘The RVMES’ come from?

It’s basically an infusion of a couple things of our favourite things.. Rum and Tunes. The ‘V’ came into play as an abstract visual idea giving the name a more interesting feel while at the same time making it extremely hard for radio DJ’s and the likes to pronounce it (laughs). It’s pronounced ‘The Rooms’

How did the four of you get together?

Well to start the tale off we take a seat at a poker table outside under the stars years ago where Edwin, Logan and a few other cool cats sat sipping whiskey and placing bets until pockets were looking pretty dry. That’s where the two of them met, and after a few hangs and chats after the poker game they began to work on Edwin’s solo project in 2017 with Logan on drums.

The other meeting was at a {Dead Beat Boys} punk gig where Miro was playing his guts out on stage. This cat was jumping all over the show like a madman along with the rest of them, bloody awesome it was! Rewind around 6 years before this at different schools Edwin and Miro had a mutual friend who named dropped us to each other saying we should have a jam and that both lads had some skills, but alas it never happened until much later following the Dead Beats gig! After that meeting they tee’d up a jam and hit it off nicely so they started a covers project and played some cool shows around Auckland. Then boom! They started sharing riffs and ideas for original music and away they went.

Edwin’s solo project came to an end and then soon after some quick organization, The RVMES was formed with the three let’s say Musketeers. There was just one spot to fill. Sam Bartells one of Edwin’s buddies flicked over a dude's number to get in touch with about a bassist. And low and behold it was Ronaldo! We sent him over a few tracks we had written and had a jam a few days after and he came along and slayed every part. Couple days after that we had our first little gig at the Kingslander and we knew that was it. The RVMES was born.

Is The RVMES the only project you guys are working on at the moment?

We all have a few different projects. Miro has the Dead Beat Boys, ‘12’ which is electronic house music with real instruments and also tinkers with his own solo stuff which is … different (Miro laughs inappropriately loud) Ronaldo is big into the Brazilian scene, being Brazilian and all it only makes sense. He plays classic covers from his country around the city. And then we have Blackbird which is our covers band that we play all around Auckland which consists of Edwin, Logan, Miro and when Ronaldo can make it he does. And of course, we always slide our originals in our sets. Who wouldn’t!

Covering genres from gypsy jazz to psychedelic blues, is the groups music very guitar-centric?

Our songs are very guitar-centric and with this question alone Miro is stirring in his seat because he loves diversity in his playing. The synthesiser is going to be pulled out in practise now and you have only have yourselves to blame! (laughs).

Are there any specific artists that have been a large influence on the direction that the band has decided to follow?

There's always a massive reggae/funk/ska/psychedelic/blues feel to what we do which is super cool and we really should mention the old gods like Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Really though we think that they are just earth on which we grow, what we end up writing is often a mixture of that and what we hear around us today the inspires us. There are so many great artists around in today’s time that we feel are equally as critical to the band’s sound as those old ones.

Tell me about your hand-made tees. The design looks great!

We love the idea of handmade merchandise by the band, it’s more personal and sentimental to whoever wears our Tee’s! We made all the stencils and designs ourselves and did the bleaching as well ever so carefully. But trust us there was a few mistakes and trial runs in the process but now it’s pretty under control and consistent.

Your debut EP set for release mid-February. How easy was the writing process?

It’s amazing how quickly this band can pump out a song. One small idea at a rehearsal turns into a three-hour long idea trading circle, and damn it’s a beautiful thing to see. Nobody is afraid to put something on the table to try. We’re just guys who love music and writing it, but also have the ability not to clash over our ideas but work with them and even meet halfway to make a sound we like. We don’t know whether other people find our songs good, but if we like them that’s got to be worth something right? Before that though, you have your debut single being released on December 1st. What made you decide to pick ‘Vibrant Pictures’ for the debut release? - It’s just such a tight song with a vibe that matches hand in hand with Summer and sunshine. Give that baby a listen and you’ll see what we mean!

Where can people check out the band?

On all your classic platforms! FacebookInstagramYouTube, and when the single is released you can find it on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and many more through our friends at DRM!

The RVMES is Edwin Judd (vocals, guitar), Miro Gibson (guitar), Ronaldo Lima (bass)
Logan Fox (drums).

Website Links 

Muzic.net.nz Page
Facebook Page
YouTube Page

Instagram Page


The band DEAF have only been together a few months but have just supported Peter Murphy and David J or Bauhaus. Darryl from muzic.net.nz and Luke from DEAF sat at their respective computers and had a chat.

Wow talk about a meteoric rise. So how long have you been together?

Really since the turn of the year - things have moved quite quickly since we put out the first single Truancy in May.

Have y'all been in bands before: if who's been in what?

Craig and I (Luke) were in {Sunken Seas} for a long time, Sunken Seas are on hiatus but if you're reading this guys, call me.

I assume it was pretty cool opening for Peter and David: What was/were highlights?

It was a great honour to be asked - the highlight for me personally was how nice Peter Murphy was, more people in music should take a leaf from his book, haha.

What inspires your music, both melodically and lyrically?

Musically we're into a bunch of different stuff really, so what does appear, comes out organically without too much thinking, which is great.

Lyrically it's all sorts of things but it can be a weird hotchpotch of abstract existentialism, daft situations and people, both living and dead that, for better or worse, have fascinated me. Usually for the worse though, ha.

I see you've got a couple of songs out: where are you in the writing, recording, releasing, promoting cycle of events...

At time of writing we are just putting out our first release an EP entitled The DEAF EP on Halloween 31/10. We've a local Wellington Eyegum show at San Francisco Bathhouse on 21/11/2018. We'll be playing with {Hiboux} (S/O to them, they have helped us a lot) in February next year.”

Apart from supporting half of Bauhaus, where else have you been playing, done Ak, Ch or Dn yet - and plans to

We got up to Auckland in September and were really blown away with the response. Plans are in the offing to get down to Dunedin and Christchurch, I always loved playing down In Dunedin, the history, and the people. Craig and I have fond memories of pulling an octopus out of a bottle in Port Chalmers. Maybe Australia next year too, life permitting.

Where was the EP recorded, who with and where is it being mastered?

Recorded with a talented man called James Goldsmith at Blue Barn studios in March '18. I always thoroughly enjoy working with him because he's not afraid to push you a little bit, and whilst we don't agree on everything - especially his love of coriander - we find a happy medium.

Mastered by Mike Gibson over at Munki Mastering in Miramar, Wellington, he's a stalwart of the Wellington scene and a gentleman.

What's next for Deaf?

Write some new bleedin' songs I'd say! Put out a full length-er. Play some shows. Rinse, repeat, enjoy ourselves.

Gotta ask who came up with the name: when I saw it, I thought 'bastards, someone's beaten me to the coolest band name'...

Young Captain Mat Machray came up with that one. Generally, we wanted to be called Death without being called Death. I was glad it stuck!

DEAF is Hayden Ellis, Luke Kavanagh, Craig Rattray, Mat Machray and Jarrod Crossland.

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz PageFacebook Page
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Bandcamp Page

SoundCloud Page

NATIONAL NZ IRISH FEST: Interview with Gerry Paul

In advance of the first ever National NZ Irish festival, Alex from muzic.net.nz had a chat with the Festival's Curator, Organiser and Musical Extraordinaire, Gerry Paul:

What made you decide to organise an Irish Festival in New Zealand?

I spent thirteen years living in Ireland playing with an Irish folk band called Gráda. We toured in over 30 countries around the world, and every country I went to had an Irish festival. NZ has over 600K people who claim Irish heritage, so it seemed about time to start one! And the Irish love to party – they say fun is an Irish invention – and there are so many fabulous Irish artists I want to get to NZ, this was the perfect way to do that!

You have already successfully organised festivals in the past?

I have been programming the music for CubaDupa for the past four years and also started Coastella Music Festival three years ago. They have been a real learning curve and it is such a different a different job than I might have thought it was as an artist. As well as Coastella and CubaDupa, I programme the music and entertainment for Beervana, Beers at the Basin, Wellington Wine and Food, Budburst and work as an agent for several bands.

A NZ Irish Festival composed of 60 events spanning 4 days, in 3 cities. This is quite a large undertaking for the inaugural event. Why go so large for the first event?

Haha well it starts as one thing and then you get on a roll and then your ambition and enthusiasm gets the better of you... It seems to be the story of my life! We started with the idea of touring the three international shows through Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, but then so many local acts and different venues wanted to be a part of the festival and host events and so many people had great ideas for meet ups and workshops and Ceilidhs etc that we expanded. I met an Irish Film buff and we decided to get some Irish films out too and now have six features and a shorts programme being screened at eight cinemas around NZ.

Most kiwis only really think about Irish Celebrations on St Patrick’s Day in March. Is there any particular reason why November 15-18 was selected for the festival?

Yes. Paddy’s day is a great party and a big piss up, but we wanted to have a focus period away from that where we could highlight and showcase the rich culture that Ireland boasts. It’s also an easier time to get artists down here as March is so busy for Irish artists in America, Europe and the UK. As it happened, two of our headline artists Damien Dempsey and Mick Flannery were touring in Oz just before this period, so that made it a lot easier having these two already in the neighbourhood to anchor things off. I am so excited about Kiwi musicians seeing these artists as they are phenomenal songwriters and musicians. This festival goes beyond providing international and local Irish musicians.

You are setting up film premieres, sporting events, as well as comedy and dance shows. Is it difficult to coordinate so many different aspects?

Yes it is a bit of a mission to be honest. As I said, it sort of grew very quickly and unexpectedly and I’m right in the middle of programming all the other festivals, so I have enlisted some amazing help and we’re all chipping in and getting it done. It is really interesting learning how film is promoted and also comedy is something I have never booked before, so it is definitely a learning curve!

The event has the full support of the Irish Embassy and Culture Ireland?

Yes, the new Resident Irish Ambassador Peter Ryan has been very supportive, and it is really exciting for the Irish community having a young Ambassador with Peter’s energy here in NZ. Culture Ireland were amazing by supporting all of the travel and accommodation for the international Irish artists.

What are you hoping to achieve with the festival?

We would like to create an annual event where we can continue to bring over the cream of Irish talent in music, film, comedy and celebrate this rich and culture that so many people enjoy and identify with.

Last question, and a little off-topic, but what is the deal with wrestling sharks?

Haha well a few years ago I did another random project which was an album of children’s music and the title track was Hank the Wrestling Shark. The song won the Grand Prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and I then had it illustrated and published it as a book and it led to a stint as a children’s TV presenter in Ireland. I am an enthusiastic spearfisherman and quite enjoy the odd encounter with a shark, so it has inspired a few songs and stories…

INSIDE THE MUZIC: Latest Interviews


Ten years after the bands inceptions, Shepherds Reign have released their debut self-titled album. We headed down to their practice space to have a chat about the band's creation, their writing process, and the place of culture in their lives and music. As one of the few Polynesian metal acts in existence, they chat about the reaction that they have had from the community, as well as how they made their choices of covers, and musical influences. Watch the full interview here.


The 90’s was a great period for music, and that was the period that gave Hallelujah Picassos a cult following. Having returned from hiatus, vocalist Roland Rorschach had a chat with the Inside the Muzic crew about discussing the long history of the band from supporting huge international acts like Soundgarden and Beastie Boys, to their own performances at Big Day Out and even on What Now. From the writing of their material to the tours of past and future, Roland chats about his indifferences towards genre categories and the freedom of their writing. Watch the full interview here.


A UK born, NZ raised man of Nigerian heritage, Unchained XL has a wide range of musical and cultural influences that he could draw from for his music. Having emerged from the hardcore scene as the vocalist of melodic metal act East Of Eden, Unchained XL discusses his transition to his new style of Afrofunk Hip-hop. We chat about the importance of religion to him, and his frank and honest nature on his social pages, as well as the writing of his latest record, and recent UK tour. Watch the full interview here.

MNZ: Inside the Muzic on Facebook


Five Tui up for grabs at the VNZMA Artisan Awards

The third annual Artisan Awards will be celebrated this year at Massey University’s School of Music and Creative Media Production in Wellington, recognising the creative talents behind the scenes of the top New Zealand records of 2018.

Five Tui awards will be presented at the Artisan Awards, including Massey University Best Producer, Best Engineer, Best Album Cover and NZ On Air Best Music Video as well as the presentation of the inaugural Music Teacher of the Year.

Recorded Music New Zealand CEO Damian Vaughan says: “We are thrilled to bring the Artisan Awards to Wellington and shine a light on the incredibly talented people bringing world-class quality to Aotearoa’s music industry. This is the third iteration of the Artisan Awards, and every year the calibre of the finalists continues to impress!”

The Massey University Best Producer finalists for 2018 are Simon Gooding, Tom Larkin and Hammerhead for their joint efforts on Tu by Alien WeaponryEstère for her work on her own double album My Design, On Others Lives, and Neil and Liam Finn for their production on Out Of Silence by Neil Finn.

Impressively, Simon Gooding has two nods for Best Engineer. He’s been recognised alongside Tom Larkin, Scott Seabright and Samuel Sproull for his efforts on T? by Alien Weaponry, as well as the work he did with Jordan Stone on Neil Finn’s Out Of Silence. Chris Chetland is a finalist for Best Engineer for the second year in a row after working on Rangatira by  Rei.

Full Article

Announcing 2018 Music Hall of Fame/Legacy Award recipient Upper Hutt Posse

For the last 30 years Upper Hutt Posse has been creating powerful and inspirational music to challenge the status quo and fight for social justice in Aotearoa.

On 15 November the group will be welcomed into the Te Whare Taonga Puoro o Aotearoa/New Zealand Music Hall of Fame as the Tohu Whakareretanga/Legacy Award recipients.

Founding member Dean Hapeta (Te Kupu/D Word) says, “After three decades I welcome this esteemed accolade because it accords with the appreciation and respect shown us all along by grass roots hip hop heads and lovers of conscious music—whom I acknowledge first and foremost.

“Furthermore, in today’s increasingly interconnected world where environmental degradation, war profiteering, misogyny, police brutality and white privilege can no longer be denied I see our being recognised as according also with progressive activism over the last decade – from Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring to Black Lives Matter, Me Too, and protests against that miserable good-for-nothing skirt-chaser in the white house.”

Upper Hutt Posse made waves with their debut single E Tu – the first original Hip-Hop track recorded and released in Aotearoa, a commanding statement striking out against racism and injustice.

Full Article

Music Doesn’t Just Happen: Music Industry stakes out position on Copyright Act review

Recorded Music New Zealand has today launched a position paper setting out the New Zealand music industry’s priorities for the upcoming review of the Copyright Act.

The paper, Music Doesn’t Just Happen, outlines the vital role that a robust copyright system plays in supporting music in New Zealand, the need for fair value to return to those who create and invest in music, and the key issues that the Copyright Act review needs to address.

Full Article

'How To Make Money From Your Music' Seminar - Auckland

The NZ Music Managers Forum in conjunction with Auckland City Council Creative Communities Scheme and Recorded Music NZ have joined forces for an essential seminar for Auckland based musicians, managers, self managed artists and anyone interested in the NZ Music Industry. The free seminar will be held in Auckland on Tuesday November 27th.

Bringing together some of the music industries top agencies and executives, the seminar subject is ‘How to Make Money from Your Music’ and will cover such topics as: how your music will make money via APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ’s Direct to Artist Scheme; the different forms of digital income, a focus on Spotify - their playlists and the essential data and analytics you can access, touring, merchandising, sync income and much more.


Date: Tuesday November 27th2018
Time: 5.30pm Doors.
Seminar: 6pm – 8pm
Venue: The Bank Space, 1 Tuarangi Rd, Grey Lynn
RSVP: [email protected]


New Releases

Carb on Carb - It's Been A Rough Year
Beachware - Respite
Yoko-Zuna Feat. Melodownz - Take Me To Your Leader
Age Pryor - Burning Sun
Sweet Mix Kids Feat. Rei - Want You
Jackson Owens - Selfish
Ghost Who Walks - Dreaming About Listening
Mike Hodgson - Misled Convoy
Anna Van Riel - Spooky Groove
Melodownz - Peace $igns, Gang $igns
Kaela - Set Me Free
Reality Chant and Israel Starr - Future Navigator
Tunes of I - Dangerous
Tali - Love & Migration
Missy - Hate Me
Spawts - Blue Light Devil
Ladi6 - Diagonals
Alae - Henry St
Cheshire Grimm - So Much For The Summer
Rubine - Kind Words
Mazroy - Ask Me Something
Coridian - Better Off
Tony Lee - Stand Up and Fight
Moondogs Blues - Some Poor Fools
Miller Yule - Miller Yule Live
Eight Eyed Orchid - One By One & Two By Two
Waiheke International Soul Orchestra - Inlovewithmyenemy
Melodownz - Peace $igns, Gang $igns
Tiny Ruins - Olympic Girls
The Jiveniles - Boss x Rough Edges
Yoko-Zuna - Voyager
Will Saunders - Inside Walking
Thomston - The Heights
Anxiety Club - Black Heart
Al Fraser - Toitu Te Puoro
Two Cartoons - Less People (Less Traffic)
Max Jax Relax - Max Jax Relax
Tablefox - Like A River
Openside - Character Flaws
Art School - Art School
Peyton Morete - Little Guys
International Observer - Free From The Dungeons of Dub
Mel Parsons - Glass Heart
Geoff Ong - Don't Know You No More
Eyreton Hall - Spaces
Dharma Dan - Doha
Dog Power - Come Back To Paris
Alae - All Gived Up
JCK - Boogieman
Kimbra - Songs From Primal Heart Reimagined
Superturtle - Student Flat Reunion
Sweet Mix Kids Feat. Boh Runga - Happy Ever After


- November Gigs & Tours -

(in alphabetical order)

Local Gigs

8 November @ Vinyl Destination, Tauranga
9 November @ Caroline, Wellington
17 November @ Wunderbar, Lyttelton
Albi and The Wolves

9 November @ Okere Falls Store, Rotorua
10 November @ Nivara, Hamilton
11 November @ The Entertainers Club, Tauranga
Anthonie Tonnon
23 November @ Waitati Hall, Dunedin
Avantdale Bowling Club

22 November @ Mercury Theatre, Auckland
23 November @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
24 November @ Cabana, Napier
Elemeno P
9 November @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
10 November @ Craft Beer & Food Fest, Dunedin
11 November @ The Sherwood, Queenstown
Ghost Who Walks
15 November @ Lucky Bar, Whanganui
16 November @ Butlers Reef, Oakura
29 November @ Nivara, Hamilton
30 November @ Anthology, Auckland
Jonathan Bree

9 November @ San Fran, Wellington
16 November @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
His Masters Voice with Coridian
17 November @ Galatos, Auckland with She Loves You
30 November @ Nivara, Hamilton with Animalhead
7 November @ Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth
8 November @ House Concert, Greytown
10 November @ Morcom Residence, Cooks Beach
11 November @ Q Theatre, Auckland
9 November @ Butter Factory, Whangarei
Princess Chelsea
10 November @ San Fran, Wellington
17 November @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch
Stan Walker
9 November @ The Mayfair, New Plymouth
10 November @ Papamoa Beach Tavern, Papamoa
16 November @ Altitude Bar, Hamilton
17 November @ Studio, Auckland
Sticky Filth
10 November @ Totara Street, Mt Maunganui
17 November @ Valhalla, Wellington
24 November @ NZ Tattoo and Art Festival, New Plymouth
Tom Cunliffe and Emily Fairlight
8 November @ Darkroom, Christchurch
10 November @ The Cook, Dunedin
30 November @ Sitting Room Sessions, Napier
1 December @ Wine Cellar, Auckland
8 November @ Opera House, Wellington
10-11 November @ Q Theatre, Auckland
Tunes of I
23 November @ San Fran, Wellington
30 November @ Yot Club, Raglan
16 November @ San Fran, Wellington
30 November @ Rayham Park Studio, Auckland


International Gigs

Ben Ottewell
14 November @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland
Billy Bragg
21-23 November @ Hollywood Avondale, Auckland
Conan and Bell Witch
12 November @ Valhalla, Wellington
13 November @ Whammy, Auckland
David Byrne with Kimbra
13 November @ TSB Bank Arena, Wellington
15 November @ Horncastle Arena, Christchurch
17 November @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Def Leppard with Scorpions
12 November @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Dionne Warwick
10 November @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch
11 November @ ASB Bay Park Arena, Tauranga
7 November @ Studio, Auckland
Frank Turner
29 November @ San Fran, Wellington
30 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
Friday Jams Live
18 November @ Western Springs Stadium, Auckland
11 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
12 November @ The Bedford Marquee, Christchurch
Jordan Rudess
25 November @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
King Princess
8 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
13 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
RL Grime with Goldlink
7 November @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
Shawn Mendes
9 November @ Spark Arena, Auckland
11 November @ Whammy, Auckland
13 November @ Valhalla, Wellington
21 November @ Powerstation, Auckland
Steven Wilson
12 November @ Bruce Mason Centre, Auckland
Taylor Swift with Broods and Charli XCX
9 November @ Mt Smart Arena, Auckland
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus with Pale Lady and Flirting With Disaster
28 November @ Galatos, Auckland
Trey Songz
6 November @ ASB Bay Park Arena, Tauranga
7 November @ TSB Arena, Wellington
21 November @ Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland


Festival News

Celebrate Splore 2019 with The Jungle Brothers

Soundsplash 2019 - Second Line-Up Announcement

A Short Music Film - The Others Way Festival 2018

WOMAD New Zealand 2019 launched with 20 new acts announced

Auckland Folk Festival 2019 - First Line-Up Announcement


Latest NZ Music News


New Artist Pages

The following new artist pages have been created on muzic.net.nz during the past month:

The Gentlemen Bastards Dharma Dan Freezing Works
Hi Supreme Vibes Old School Road Creatures
Slumbug Pale Flag Art School
Bhios Al Fraser Anxiety Club
Corduroy. Spawts Missy
Swallow the Rat Arahi Moondogs Blues
Traitor's Fate Close To The Bone Creme Jean
The RVMES J Plates Mazroy
DEAF Ill-Gotten Guns Munkhouse
Jackson Owens Max Jax Relax Unchained XL
TUi MAMAKi Grant Duncan Raised Right Men

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New Reviews

Check out our latest reviews at the below links:

Release Reviews

Albi and The Wolves - Single Review: It Ain't Easy
Written by Jacquie

Emma G - Single/Video Review: Superhero
Written by Corinne

Mel Parsons - Single/Video Review: I Got The Lonely
Written by Jacquie

Sky Canvas - Single Review: Fossil
Written by Corinne

Geoff Ong - Single/Video Review: Don’t Know You No More
Written by Corinne

Ravenhall - Single/Video Review: Straight Up
Written by Terry

The AJ Crawshaw Band - Video/Single Review: Life's For The Living
Written by Alex

Animalhead - Single Review: Rabbit Hole
Written by Brendan

Investigator - Single Review: Livin' In A Magazine
Written by Bridie

Oakley Grenell - Single Review: Frienemy
Written by Kerry K

Shepherds Reign - Album Review - Shepherds Reign
Written by Matt M

Yoko-Zuna - Album review: Voyager

Written by Bridie

Dharma Dan - Album Review: Doha
Written by Jeremy

The Jiveniles - EP Review: Boss X Rough Edges
Written by Bridie

Coridian - Single/Video Review: Better Off
Written by Corinne

Art School - EP Review: Art School
Written by Alex

Max Jax Relax - EP Review: Max Jax Relax
Written by Jeremy

Spawts - Single Review: Blue Light Devil
Written by Bridie

Tablefox - Single Review: Like A River
Written by Alex

Alae - Album Review: Henry St
Written by Rupa

Mazroy - Single Review: Ask Me Something
Written by Jeremy

Ladi6 - Single/Video Review: Diagonals
Written by Bridie

Two Cartoons - Single Review: Less People (Less Traffic)
Written by Ria

Missy - Single/Video Review: Hate Me
Written by Paul

TUi MAMAKi - Album Review: Fly
Written by Jacquie

Pale Flag - Single/Video Review: In The Moment
Written by Bridie

Fire For Glory - Single Review: Stray Dogs
Written by Steve S

DEAF - EP Review: The DEAF EP
Written by Bridie

Superturtle - Album Review: Student Flat Reunion
Written by Alex

Kaela - Single Review: Set Me Free
Written by Bridie

Investigator - Single Review: Goodbye Car
Written by Bridie

Corduroy. - Single Review: Waiting Game
Written by Kerry

Gig Reviews:

Sticky Filth @ Galatos, Auckland
Written by Alex

Steve Gunn & Arthur Ahbez @ Southern Fork Americana Festival, Auckland - 06/10/2018
Written by Rupa

Harry Lyon @ Galatos, Auckland
Written by Alex

Panic! At The Disco @ Spark Arena, Auckland
Written by Trevor

Greg Johnson @ The Pumphouse Theatre, Auckland
Written by Alex

Shihad @ Auckland Town Hall, Auckland
Written by Paul

Strangely Arousing @ Tuning Fork, Auckland
Written by Rupa

Gig Review: You're The Future Of Music @ Anthology Lounge, Auckland
Written by Alex

Shihad @ Brewers Indoor Arena, Mt Maunganui
Written by River

Foreigner & the ANU Orchestra @ Claudelands Arena, Hamilton
Written by Alex

Elemeno P @ Nectar, Auckland
Written by Alex

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New Photos

Our photographers had another outstanding month for photos - check out all the photos at the below links:

Lucifer Gunne
Bingo Fighter
Phat Krunk
Pale Lady
Scorn of Creation
Photos by Bruce

Curlys Jewels
The Gentlemen Bastards
Pale Lady
Rob Ruha and Ria Hall
Stan Walker
Photos by Reef

The Chills
Tiny Ruins
Ill-Gotten Guns
Photos by Ginelle

Anika Moa
Jamie McDell
Jonathan Bree
Photos by Nikita

Rhian Sheehan
Photos by Nichole

Sticky Filth
Photos by Ngamihi

Panic! At The Disco
Photos by Chris M

Margo Price
Courtney Marie Andrews
Greg Johnson
Eyreton Hall
Photos by Chris Z

Photos by Bevan

Stan Walker
Jackson Owens
Photos by Adam

Princess Chelsea
Photos by David

Albi & The Wolves
Hopetoun Brown
Photos by Steve

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