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Newsletter Issue #486: 07 Aug 2016

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August Newsletter

Welcome to the month of August everyone!
Well, winter has well and truly taken hold, but I hope you're all rugging up warm where ever you are in the country!

We have a stellar newsletter for you all this month, kicking off with Progressive Hard Rock Hamilton band, Checaine and ending with singer/songwriter Yasamin. In the midst of all that, we hear from Ceoesklog, the solo project of Adam Helliwell, the Government Pest boys and the alter-ego of singer/songwriter Marshall Smith, Marshmellow.

Further down, Paul Harvey from Splitrock Media Productions has written another impressive piece for muzic.net.nz on Making a Music Video, we read over James Donaldson's recent interview with Tokyo Rock Machine and we catch up with all the latest music news and views.

- Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz team


Checaine are a melodic/progressive hard rock band from Hamilton. They bring powerful hooks to their songs and a progressive style that keeps the music evolving and exciting. With numerous shows under their belts and support slots for Devilskin, I Am Giant, The Deep End and Melic, as well as recognition from international acts like Sevendust, they have made short work of gaining fans. Chris and Fraser answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

Fraser - I became interested in Rock music from about age 14. The first album I was ever given was 16 Stone by English band Bush. I loved the energy and songwriting on that album which lead to me discovering many more classic rock, grunge and metal bands throughout the 90's. 

If you could perform with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?

Fraser - Oh man, that's a tough one. I'd have to say Sevendust, Godsmack, Tool and Alice in Chains. Can I have that many?? All of these bands have had a huge influence on my songwriting and passion for hard rock music. The combination of lyrical, musical and vocal delivery from these bands are what inspired me to take up Rock singing in the first place.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Fraser - I am most proud of a track on our debut album Turn the Stone called Iron Rain. The recording captures the true emotion I wanted to express whilst singing a song about my mother who passed 10 years ago to cancer at the age of 55. The track builds into a classic rock ballad progressively intensifying though out. The singing is at the top end of my register and was delivered with pure passion and emotion. We don't play the track live often but save it for special occasions.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Fraser - I would describe the Checaine sound as progressive hard Rock. As a band we value the importance of solid guitar riffs with power and melody. The music combined with a modern powerful vocal approach take the listener on a musical journey. Our often cryptic lyrical content keeps the listener guessing and engaged in where the songs are going.

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

You can expect to see Checaine come and play at a town near you! Late 2016 will see the release of a new EP that has so far produced the two singles; Bring Me Down and Set Us Free in which have been well received by Rock stations across NZ.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Fraser - I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the new upcoming material from Devilskin, Villainy and of course Shihad. They are all very influential NZ hard Rock bands that pump out amazing live sets consistently. I'd also love to hear and see more of Like A Storm. One of NZ's best bands in my opinion.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Shihad FVEY, Tony Lee, Broods, Villainy.

What is your favourite NZ venue, and why?

Chris - My fav venue is gone now but it was The Garden Club in Wellington, such a cool place and vibe. its a strip club now.

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

Fraser - Drink your fill! Haha, I like to prepare quietly, carry out my vocal warm ups and embrace the excitement that comes with taking the stage with a great bunch of musicians I'm lucky enough to call my mates.

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc.?

Fraser - It's a challenge for sure. Most of the band love to surf, we all have professional careers, families and pets to feed. From time to time music gets to take the front seat but the balance is a constant struggle. Especially with the band getting greater radio exposure on mainstream stations and gathering momentum.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Fraser - For myself the inspiration comes from an unexplainable need to express myself through vocal melody and sometimes a rip snorting adrenaline filled scream. I've always been interested in singing to music that tells its own story. Our guitarist Regan Aspden ignites this passion in me with his creative spin on modern hard rock guitar playing. His ability to write riffs and songs that inspire me to engage with the musical journey is the basis of how Checaine songs are born.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

Fraser - Play live and practice. The world of home recordings can be a wonderful and rewarding creative place. However you have to get out and play your music live to really bring it to life and develop your musical personality. Throw a few wrong notes in their for good measure. Playing your music live is what makes you feel alive and that you are connecting with people through music. Music is a way to express to the world that you have something to say. Stand up and say it loudly. 

Practice makes the live performances that much more rewarding. Master your chosen instrument and play the music you are passionate about.

Checaine are Fraser Coombes, Regan Aspden, Pete Westbury and Chris Prenter.

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Ceolskog is the solo project of Adam Helliwell, a singer-songwriter/guitarist based in Hamilton. Ceol means music in Irish Gaelic, and Skog means forest in Norwegian. Adam is a self-taught guitarist, and studied music at Vision College where he took a vocal major. He didn't buy his first guitar until age 19, a year after he joined his first band.

The main genre of Ceolskog is folk metal, a cross between heavy metal and traditional folk music, particularly Celtic and Nordic (hence the name). Adam has a love of folk groups like The Irish Rovers, and classic metal bands like Iron Maiden. But Ceolskog also touches upon other genres. Classic rock bands such as Thin Lizzy also have a strong influence, and a pop element is there thanks to the influence of The Proclaimers. Romantic-era composers, particularly Jean Sibelius and Edvard Grieg, should also be mentioned.

Adam has recorded two albums in his bedroom, released in 2015 and 2016. Though far from professional, people are often surprised at what can be done with very little gear and lots of determination! Although Ceolskog is currently just a solo project, Adam is on the lookout for musicians keen on joining forces with him, so that Ceolskog can become a proper band, and play some epic gigs!

Adam answered the following questions for Muzic.net.nz

How did you become involved in music?

To be honest, I just wanted to be in a band. I can't remember why, but I did! So, when I was 18, I formed one with a bass player and a drummer I was friends with. Our first drummer was only 13 years old! I was the singer. A really bad one back then. We had no guitarist at first, but eventually we formed a full band that lasted a good three or four years. But it wasn't really the style I wanted to do, it was more of a fun pop/rap/rock sort of thing, but it had a touch of folk now and then, and even a bit of a metal flavour once in a while. That was Z Amigos.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Lyrically, probably Ancient Song, because I get to say a lot of things I would rant about in real life, but more succinctly and poetically! Musically, it would be Soria Moria from my second album, it's nice and heavy and tidy and epic. But the only song of mine I go back and really listen to for actual enjoyment is Trollmors Vuggesang, which is just my version of a Norwegian lullaby. I'm less critical of it because it's not really my own song, so I can handle listening to it! All the others, if I listen to them, all I can hear is what needs to be changed or improved on.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Hmmm.... folk, but heavy and in a nice pop format! I guess the label folk metal pretty much says it all, although most other folk metal bands go for a harsh vocal style as opposed to clean vocals. I usually just say Thin Lizzy meets Bathory meets Ensiferum meets The Proclaimers!

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

Hopefully forming a new band, writing some new songs with them (it's lonely writing songs by yourself), and then Ceolskog's first gig! I haven't played a gig since February 2015, and my last IronStein gig was back in October 2014. So I'm low on the chemicals my body releases when I play a fun live show with a great bunch of people. Although those last two gigs weren't too successful.... but I won't get into that!

Have you got any tips for dealing with nerves before a gig?

No, I'm the worst person to ask! For every gig I've ever played, I've been on the verge of a panic attack! But I've always been in bands with good friends, who are supportive and encouraging. This is why I'm looking to turn Ceolskog into a full band – otherwise I'll never play live again! I've thought of doing acoustic gigs. At one point, I decided that I was going to play at an open mic night at Biddy Mulligan's. I practiced all week, and then went down there one night. I walked in the front door, saw people playing, and thought "I can't do this alone", so like a big chicken I just walked straight out!
Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Well, I get inspiration in several ways. I might just be reading a work of fiction, such as Tolkien, or a non-fiction history book, and be inspired by stories and events, real or fictional, from those. Leif Ericson, for example, is about an historical figure of that name, an explorer from Iceland. Fog on the Barrow-Downs is from a chapter in The Lord of the Rings. To be honest, I get my best ideas when I'm out hiking in the bush, or climbing a mountain with friends, or even just walking by the river early in the morning. Then I'll get a tune in my head, or some words. That's why I set a lot of my songs to footage of nature I've filmed when I upload them to YouTube. Sometimes I just listen to classical or traditional folk music, and think, that would sound good as a metal song, haha! So I've occasionally nicked a melody from a piece of music that is so old that's it's been in the public domain for a long time. The chorus to Ancient Song, for example, is just the melody from The Death of Åse, a piece from the Peer Gynt Suite by the 19th century Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.

Ceolskog is Adam Helliwell (vocals, guitar, programming, sometimes bass, and occasionally tin whistle)

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Government Pest formed in 2014 after a number of local bands the members played in finished up including Hellborne, Wall of Silents, Neckstretchers and more. They also have two members of the still active heavy rock n roll band Turbostill.

Government Pest's first gig was at Slavefest 2014. After playing a number of shows they recorded our first album in March 2016 at The Stomach in Palmerston North. This will be released on Friday 2nd September at The Royal in Palmerston North with locals Droid Rage, Diplomatic Immunity and Wintyr Dreaming.

The album will then be made available through all the usual online outlets for streaming and download.

After recording the album a video for the first track off the album The Rise was filmed, and released in July. Government Pest describe their sound as Heavy and Groovy, with Metal and Rock elements which reflects our past projects and influences, which include too many to mention but include the likes of White Zombie, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. In the future Government Pest plans to continue to perform live and record and release new music.

Government Pest are Kristov Raven (guitar, vocals), Murray Shaw (bass) and Aaron Sanko (drums).

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The Rise Video


Marshmellow is the alter-ego of singer/songwriter Marshall Smith, based in Auckland, New Zealand.

A well established New Zealand based songwriter, composer and producer, Marshall has written music for major international movies, documentaries and commercials for many years such as: Morgan Freeman, ABC, ESPN, BBC, BSkyB, Discovery, TVNZ, TV3, SBS, MTV, Fox… He has more than 1000 tracks published all around the world. He has been an APRA Silver Scroll Finalist and the recipient of many other awards for his music over the years.

Whilst living in the UK for 6 years he played live in venues all over England and has also toured in China and played extensively in NZ with previous band The New Freedom.

Marshall is the MD of leading music production house The Sound Room and is also the Chairperson of the Screen Composers Guild of NZ. He regularly speaks on music & the film industry and mentors young artists as part of the Depot Artspace programme. 

He also is a regular face on TV screens on many commercials over the years and presented Big Wednesday for NZ Lotteries for 3 years.

His new album Love Is Love is a fun pop departure from other serious music making - and is yours to enjoy now.

Editor's note -

Marshmellow's album is supported by a stunning video for the track The Moment I Wake Up created by Mardo El-Noor and is available for purchase / streaming on AppleSpotify and Soundcloud.

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Born to Iraqi immigrants, singer/songwriter Yasamin didn’t gather up the courage to pursue her musical dream until later in her life. This would mean leaving behind a full time career as a scientist and throwing herself fully into recording. Her first full length album is due out early 2017.

Yasamin first introduced her music in 2013 with The Hello EP - Chasing Melodies. Her music video for Platinum and Gold aired on C4. She has appeared on TVNZ’s Good Morning and has been featured on 95bFM and TheAudience.co.nz Top 10 Chart Show. Yasamin is releasing her new single London on 31 August, along with the music video for the song. This will be the first release from her upcoming full length album, which is due out in early 2017. Yasmin answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How did you become involved in music?

After I finished University, I felt a strong urge to be creative. No one knew I played music and I didn’t really sing but I knew that I was not ready to settle into an office and have that be the rest of my life. So I went to Nelson and attended the Nelson School of Music for 1 year. I did a performance course there then came back to a job and doing music on and off on the side. I found it really hard to call myself a musician until really recently despite releasing an EP in 2013 (Chasing Melodies), playing multiple gigs and making 3 music videos! In late 2015 I decided it was time to quit making excuses and to make music a priority so I cut work down to 3 days a week and used the rest of the time to work on music. 

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

My new single London. It will be out on 31st August 2016 along with the music video. I wanted to move to London a few years back for all the wrong reasons then I realised that a problem viewed from far away is still a problem! So I wrote a song about it and got on with life! 

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

My music is pop. It is simple. It has a huge focus on lyrics and I love catchy melodies. If you like Regina Spektor or Corinne Bailey Rae you might like what I have to offer!!

What can we expect to see from you in the next year?

I am recording a full length album with my friend and fellow musician Geoff Ong. There will be 2 more singles released with music videos before the album comes out! I already have the concept for my next body of work too and I am excited to get stuck into writing that as well next year. Also I am launching my new blog in August 2016 on my website www.yasaminmusic.com. The blog will talk about creativity, mainly all the things we face when we try and create art. These are things I’ve always struggled with like thinking your art is not good enough, that you are not talented, that you are too old to start now, procrastination, inner critic, self doubt, not being original, all the weird and crazy things that goes on inside a creative’s mind! 

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

I’m loving Fazerdaze and The Beths at the moment. So good!

How do you balance your music with other obligations; family, job etc.?

I made some pretty big decisions the last 1.5 years. I moved to Mount Maunganui from Auckland where I am no longer spending hours in traffic, and sort of isolated myself there in the healthiest way possible! I took on a part-time role only in the field I studied at University which has given me more time to focus on getting music done not just talking about getting it done! Time is the biggest enemy, there’s never enough of it and it passes way too quickly so I tried to cultivate as much of it as possible by really simplifying my life.     

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians?

The power is in the doing. Don’t just make plans, act on them (I’m talking to myself here too!). It is normal to experience self doubt. To think you are not capable of something. To attach your self worth to what people think of your art. To compare yourself and your art to others. It is normal, but you should not let these things cripple you from taking action. I talk about that stuff a lot in my blog so if it interests you head over to my website to check it out. It launches on 31 August 2016 along with my single London.

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Fresh off the back of their latest EP New Ink and the release of their killer new track and video Simulate You, James Donaldson (Agent) had the pleasure of catching up with Waka and Kevi Metal from Tokyo Rock Machine, at his local in Putney which meant good beers and good banter. Imagine the love child of Foreigner and Fall Out Boy raised by a pack of wolves with a penchant for 80’s metal riffs the TRM sound is uncompromisingly rock. Here is what went down:

What’s in your pockets right now?

Waka: A single key for my beer fixing machine.

Kevi: Really?! Wallet, mobile phone, headphones, keys, 3 x Lotto tickets, 2 x Condoms.

What did you expect to happen tonight?

Kevi: Win the lottery and have heaps of crazy sex.

How did you guys meet each?

Waka: We met each other in Munich at Octoberfest, Kevi had dreads at that time and everyone was saying that Kevi was a good guitar player and singer and Waka you play drums why don’t you guys get together. We got on the booze for the whole weekend. The next time we met was at a strip club and everyone was saying you guys MUST get together, in fact our first jam was with Jayson Norris but he was already really busy so we just continued on the two of us jamming and writing some songs and then more songs and so on and so forth.

Why did you both move to London?

Waka: I always wanted to play in the musical Mecca of London and see the world.

Kevi: I’ve been here on and off, I get bored then go somewhere else, it’s a love hate relationship with the big city really but you feel like you are in the centre of the universe here and you never know what’s going to happen, someone could spot you at any time and it could all go huge.

Do you both miss home?

Waka: I miss my friends and family.

How did you both get into music and what are your influences?

Waka: Like most drummers I started on mum’s pots and pans, then I got a drum kit for Christmas when I was 7, I’m pretty sure my dad ripped off the local church as the bass drum had two hands saying “Praise the Lord” on it. Thanks dad! Then I got into Dad’s records and played at high school and the ended up playing in Palmy band The Livids. Lot’s of flannel shirts and marajuana involved. I’m a rock man from way back.

Kevi: I have always been in bands playing music and gravitated towards song writing and have always had an affinity for rock. The guitar playing and singing have developed as I have gone on. We are both really fond of classic rock and grunge, I’m a massive sucker for big hooks. I love that shit! We have got lots of 80’s and 90’s influences.

What’s your favourite drink?

Kevi: I’ve been getting into the English bitters this year thanks to Waka but also Fuller’s Frontier lately as well.

Waka: I’m an ale drinker so London Pride. I actually taste beer as a day job which is horrible. (he is clearly lying)

New Ink EP, talk me through it?

Kevi: This was recorded by Paul Matthews (I Am Giant) at Kingston Road Studio in London towards the end of 2015.

Tell me about Deepest Cuts?

Kevi: This was the last song we wrote in a hurry but took a chance and recorded it and it turned out great. It definitely has a bit of a nod to Iron Maiden right from the start. Lyrically I was watching lots of motivational videos at the time so the message is a very positive tough it out one.

Waka: Bruce Dickinson and Janick Gers (for anyone living in the void then this is the vocalist and one of the guitarists of Iron Maiden) both drink in my local pub so I cannot wait to get the EP in front of them when they are back from their latest tour. The track is fast as fuck, Kevi needs oxygen on stage to get through it.

New Ink?

Kevi: We wanted to get a bit more temporary and there is definitely some American style influence on there. I love to tell a story in the songs and it’s working the contrasts between grungy verses and an 80’s chorus. It’s a fun song and people get it. It’s all about tattoos, women, and all those good things.

The War You Didn’t See?

Kevi: it’s a little bit more progressive, it’s the longest track we have and it builds right up. It has a slightly hypnotic drone going on, a nice big sing along chorus. Lyrically it’s bit darker.

Simulate You, which is also the latest single and video?

Waka: We have a great videographer called Lola Bastard (she is French) the video was shot in an infinity room by her and we are really happy with the result.

Kevi: It’s got the whole cool black and white effect. Really happy with the result. There is a bit of a Sci-fi story going on in the background.

At this point we stopped to refill our glasses. Kevi’s round, what a legend!

What’s your obsession with Tokyo?

Kevi: Originally we were looking for a theme to string things together and I have always had these delusions of grandeur about writing a rock opera. At the time I was really influenced by sci-fi guys like William Gibson and also the idea that we are living in very technically advanced age and all the things that were sci-fi a few years ago are reality now. To me Tokyo is the centre of all that stuff and it’s the most crazy, futuristic city on the face of the planet; Lyrically the songs relates to the theme in one way or another. So yeah… it’s all about a rock opera with a huge story and characters. I wanted to paint some cool pictures without just writing about love. It’s all about story telling for me.

What’s next for TRM?

Kevi: We will be releasing another video shortly. We have some English summer festival dates. At the same time we are recording a third EP which is already going well.

Waka: We will be back in NZ this coming December and January to play some shows. Drinking beer and playing rock n roll.

If you were a sausage what flavour would you be?

Waka: Garlic Boorvoorst.

Kevi: Something spicy like Chorizo.


More information about Tokyo Rock Machine can be found on their website.

Simulate You Video 

Purchase New Ink EP 

ARTICLE: Making A Music Video

Making A Music Video
An article written by Paul Harvey from Splitrock Media Productions for muzic.net.nz.

So you have your finished song fresh from the studio, it has been played on a number of radio stations, and received great reviews, so now it’s time to kick it up a notch and do the video clip. A video clip that will put your song up there on the charts alongside all the other great artists who you have admired and tried in your own way to aspire to or even emulate. So what does it take to get a video clip created, shot and presented to a TV station for its music video program?

There are a number of stages that come with this kind of project, and although there is plenty of literature around on the net and in libraries on how to shoot a video, which will deal with the nuts and bolts of operating the camera, it is another thing entirely to create a theatrical representation of your song.

The point being that it is, a theatrical representation. I cannot stress enough and have done so with many of my clients over the years that making a music video clip can be like letting the genie out of the bottle. It can take on a life of its own and along the way become one of the most satisfying artistic ventures of your life or it can drive you to despair with its insane demands.

Ok let’s look at the process for a moment before we dive into the deep water of creative interpretation. Essentially when all relevant parties have been satisfied that this is the next logical step in the artist or bands career, that being the manager, artist/band, record label, and other financing stake holders, the first port of call is to find a producer, who sorts out the funding and distribution of the project. Essentially it is their job to find the money for and to make the money from the video. These kinds of ventures can run from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, so you really need to have this question answered clearly. If you are a signed artist or band then the problem of funding will be a matter for the record labels policy on its budget for these kinds of projects, but if you are an independent looking to heighten your record/cd/web based sales, then it is entirely another matter.  

Ok, so money drives everything and although that is no surprise, what really counts in this matter is unfortunately that money is going to directly affect what ends up on the screen.

This is because the list of people and equipment that will be needed to make this video could be as long as your arm, or as short as the two fingers holding the camera.

The first decision that will have to be made is who is calling the shots, who will oversee that whole project and has the approval of all those concerned. This generally ends up being the producers role and it their job to co-ordinate all the different aspects of the process from finding the film director, sourcing the equipment and crews, finding locations, actors/actresses, feeding and supplying all the relevant parties for the shoot and generally making sure the director gets what he or she needs to do their job.

Full Article

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APRA Silver Scroll Awards - 2016 Top 20

Emerging talent sits alongside some of the most prominent names in New Zealand music in this year’s rich and varied list of Top 20 songs vying for the coveted APRA Silver Scroll Award.

Widely considered the most prestigious accolade in New Zealand music, the APRA Silver Scroll Award recognises outstanding achievement in the craft of songwriting. What makes the award unique is that the winner is decided by vote of APRA’s members – more than 10,000 New Zealand songwriters and composers.
Top 20 member voting is now open, and closes on Sunday, August 14.
Having last year marked the 50th presentation of the APRA Silver Scroll Award, the event is now well and truly woven into the vibrant tapestry that is the New Zealand music scene. 2016’s Top 20 further reinforces that, with a strong list of songs and songwriters that are destined to leave an indelible impact not just on New Zealanders but on those around the world.

Full Article

Introducing Flying Out Communications (FLOC)

From a family of steadfast indie stalwarts (Flying Nun, Arch Hill, Flying Out) comes Flying Out Communications - bringing New Zealand’s musicians a fully-tailored buffet menu of publicity, media and artist services.

New Zealand’s music industry can make for frustrating and seemingly fruitless times for artists to negotiate. As proud supporters of independent musicians, Flying Out Communications (FLOC) want to help cut through the noise - to help artists be heard, seen, and paid. Through effective, sustainable and well-rounded campaigns, Flying Out Communications will see your music broadcast to the place where people will listen.

Made up of a team with decades of diverse and hard-won music industry experience, Flying Out Communications are well versed in the ups and downs of creative pursuits, struggles and successes. We represent artists across a wide range of music, styles and approaches, and are committed to maintaining artistic integrity and vision. We aim to address our artists’ on-going publicity, media and music marketing development needs in the constantly changing environment that is modern-day music. Tapping into the resources and contacts we've established (and continue to build) both here and beyond the antipodes, our goal is ultimately linking you, the artist, with new audiences - wherever they may be.

Full Article

MMF announces radio programmers speed networking session

Hot on the heels of the recent successful Festival Bookers speed networking session, the NZ Music Managers Forum are proud to present the return of the Radio Programmers speed networking session to be held in Auckland on Tuesday 23 August.

This is a rare opportunity for MMF Members to meet face to face with most of the important programmers from major commercial radio stations, to find out what they look for in a song when programming their networks and how independent artists can achieve airplay.

Along with the programmers, NZ On Air’s Head of Music - David Ridler and Jeff Newton - Broadcast Promotions Executive, will also be attending so members can find out more about NZ On Air’s new funding schemes and radio plugging service.

Full Article

MMF Focus session announce for Auckland

Following the recent success of the last Back-to-Basics seminar in Auckland, the MMF is holding a follow up seminar, the ‘Focus Sessions’ on Tuesday 20 September 2016.

Open to MMF members only, the free Phase 2 seminar is designed for artists and managers who could benefit from the opportunity to sit down in small groups to discuss challenges specific to their music career. The seminar is divided up into two sessions where members discuss topics such as developing an artist, tools, planning a release, touring, and marketing. MMF Music Managers Teresa Patterson – CRS Music Management and Cushla Aston – Aston Road Management will moderate the event.

Full Article

2016 Children’s Music Awards Finalists Announced

APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ are excited to announce an outstanding line-up of songwriters and recording artists for this year's Children's Music Awards.

With themes ranging from bedtime to the barnyard, road safety to recipes, the Children's Music Awards celebrate those who inspire New Zealand's youngest music fans with their quirky songs and fun lyrics.

The finalists for the 2016 APRA Best Children's Music Song Award are Anna van Riel & Daniel Fairley for their imaginative entry Cooking Up a Song; Anika Moa with My Nana's Farm from her second children's album; and Lucy Hiku & Jenny Payne for their bilingual lullaby Pō Mārie.

The winner of the APRA Best Children's Music Song Award will receive a $1,000 cash prize and a $10,000 grant to go towards the production of a song and music video, courtesy of NZ On Air.

Full Article

Auckland City Limits Music Festival Returns For 2017

Soundsplash Music Festival Returns For 2017

The Others Way Announce First Line Up For 2016

'A Vinyl Affair' - Wellington's record fair returns on 27th August 2016

Announcing Speakers Appearing At The Going Global Music Summit 2016

First Artist Announcement for Northern Bass 2016/17


New Releases

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The Naked and Famous - Simple Forms
Lawrence Arabia - Absolute Truth
Helen Henderson - London
Electric Wire Hustle - Brother Sun
Zen Mantra - Remember You At All
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After 'Ours - Odyssey
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Third3ye - 3P and Feet 5
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - First World Problem
Levi Patel & Suren Unka - 5/8
PNC - The Luke Vailima EP Volume 1
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Shapeshifter - Stars
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Illuminus - Lost Souls
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Lontalius - Light Shines Through The Dust
Dizzy Height - Passing Shadows
Tom Lee-Richards - Madness
Kora - Carolina
Skux - The Two Sides of She
Tricks & Sleeves - Cabin Fever


August Gigs & Tours

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Lucid Effect
12 August @ Wunderbar, Lyttelton - 13 August @ Re:Fuel, Dunedin and 18 August @ Moon, Wellington
12-13 August @ Meow, Wellington and 25-26 August @ Las Vegas, Auckland
Fly My Pretties
12-14 August @ Mercury Theatre, Auckland and 17-20 August @ Paramount Theatre, Wellington
Sons of Zion
12 August @ Stampede Bar, Auckland - 13 August @ Local Tavern, Hamilton - 19 August @ Shipwreck Bar, Gisborne - 20 August @ Crab Farm, Hawke's Bay - 26 August @ Finn MacCuhals, Taupo and 27 August @ Hui Bar, Ohope Beach
Steve Abel
18 August @ Meow, Wellington and 19 August @ Raumati Social Club, Paekakariki
Skinny Hobos with Dead Favours
12 August @ Portland Public House, Auckland
Brendon Thomas and The Vibes
11 August @ Brew Bar, Tauranga - 12 August @ The Royal, Palmerston North and 13 August @ Bodega, Wellington
Armed in Advance with Coridian, Royal Jackets and Dead Favours
26 August @ Whammy Bar, Auckland
Shayne P Carter
18 August @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland - 19 August @ Bar Bodega, Wellington -
26 August @ Blue Smoke, Christchurch and 27 August @ The Cook, Dunedin
Bakers Eddy, Dead Beat Boys and Skelter
19 August @ Zeal West, Auckland - 20 August @ Ding Dong Lounge, Auckland - 25 August @ Meow, Wellington -
26 August @ Zeal, Wellington and 27 August @ Churchills, Christchurch
20 August @ Kings Arms, Auckland
Hollywoodfun Downstairs
17 August @ San Francisco Bathhouse, Wellington - 18 August @ Biddy Mulligans, Hamilton -
19 August @ Secret Location, Auckland and 20 August @ The Bach, Mt Maunganui
The Dan Bolton Quartet
11 August @ Orange Studios, Christchurch
Adrienne Fenemor
25 August @ Orange Studios, Christchurch



Henry Rollins
26 August @ Union Hall, Dunedin - 27 August @ Crystal Palace, Auckland
and 28 August @ Paramount Theatre, Wellington
Arrested Development
28 August @ Powerstation, Auckland
Melanie Martinez
12 August @ Powerstation, Auckland
The Screaming Females
17 August @ Whammy Bar, Auckland - 18 August @ Totara Street, Tauranga - 19 August @ Valhalla, Wellington
and 20 August @ Yot Club, Raglan
Scott Bradlee's Postmodern Jukebox
29 August @ Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch - 30 August @ Town Hall, Dunedin
The Dan Bolton Quartet
11 August @ Orange Studios, Christchurch
Adrienne Fenemor
25 August @ Orange Studios, Christchurch
Jay Power
10 August @ Meow, Wellington - 12 August @ The Old Stone Butter Factory, Whangarei
and 13-14 August @ Bay of Islands Jazz & Blues Festival
Screaming Females
17 August @ Whammy, Auckland - 18 August @ Totara Street, Tauranga - 19 August @ Valhalla, Wellington -
20 August @ Yot Club, Raglan
22 August @ The Tuning Fork, Auckland


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