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Newsletter Issue #479: 06 Dec 2015

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Last Newsletter for the Year- Christmas

Christmas is only a few weeks away and hopefully everyone has sorted most of their Xmas shopping by now! The countdown to any time off we have over the holidays has begun and I think everyone will be looking forward to a few lazy Summer days and of course some great Kiwi music!

The end of the year is an opportunity to relax and reflect on the year that was. It has been another busy yet rewarding year for everyone at Muzic.net.nz and the team should be proud of themselves for all their hard work. The neverending support and passion for NZ music is outstanding and grows each year. Well done everyone!

This is our last newsletter for the year, while we all take a well deserved break, ready to bring in 2016 with even more new music and NZ music news. In this issue we hear all about Wellington Reggae band, Tomorrow People and have a chat to Jason McIver, vocalist for The Jason McIver Collective and Primacy.

Elsewhere we take a look at one of Auckland's not-so-secret recording studio, Devonport's Depot Sound, managed by Static Era and ex-Stylus drummer, Dave Rhodes. Also featured are vintage Jamacian musicians, AceTones and self dubbed 'Creepy Punk Metallers', Hexanine.

It has been an absolute honour to be a part of the Muzic.net team all these years and only further cements my love of music and helping to support the artists and bands in New Zealand. I look forward to continuing that in 2016!


Muzic.net.nz Thanks

It's been another outstanding year for muzic.net.nz, with our amazing team of volunteers bringing you over 145 reviews, more than 45 interviews (including 13 in association with NZ Blokes and 7 from the Rap It Up Blog) and an outstanding 110 photo galleries.

During the past year we've welcomed more people to our team, and we've also said goodbye to a few others along the way. Kerry Monaghan took over the running of this newsletter and introduced some incredible new features to it, and with Andrew Smit's help we were also able to bring you live updates of the NZ Music Awards for the first time ever.

Along with all this, we have created features for 29 tours and added 143 new musicians and bands to our artist pages - a mammoth effort for all those involved - and as such, we would love to thank the following people. If it wasn't for these fantastic volunteers, muzic.net.nz would not be what it is today and we will always appreciate all the hard work and effort they have put towards making it happen:

Our reviewers

Kerry Monaghan, Emma Ratuki, Rodrigo Hidalgo, Nick Wilkinson (Poison Skies), Jason McIver (Primacy, The Jason McIver Collective), James Castady-Kristament (JCK), Andrew Smit, Lou Mitchell, Crystal Myers, Matt Henry Mendonca, Carl Hayman (Poison Skies), Rob Shirlow, River Tucker (River), Ria Loveder, Peter-James Dries (Amos/Anon), Aaron Smith (The Blue Grizzly Band), Terry McIntosh, Matt Gardner, Alistar Wickens and Tony McDonald (PlasticGroove).

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Our interviewers

Kerry Monaghan, Emma Ratuki, Carl Hayman (Poison Skies), Rob Shirlow, Ria Loveder, Terry McIntosh, and an extra special thanks to Ryan Kershaw, James Castady-Kristament (JCK) and Francis Wheeler from NZ Blokes.

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Our photographers

Calden Jamieson, Lou Mitchell, Stella Gardiner (extra special thanks for adding new musicians and bands to the site), Ben Goh, Matt Henry Mendonca, Grant Stantiall, Amanda Ratcliffe, Ngamihi Pawa, Ria Loveder, Ben Winters and Bradley Garner.

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The people in our team who went the extra mile

Our photo co-ordinator Lou Mitchell, our review co-ordinator Peter-James Dries and our newsletter co-ordinator Kerry Monaghan.

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Every year we have the pleasure of working with some incredible people from the NZ music industry, and we want to thank these people for their support during 2015:

Mahoney from Aeroplane Music Services, Cushla from Aston Road, Nancy from Blackout Music Management, Kenny at Caveman Events, Teresa from CRS Music Management, Angelo & Vasely from Deadboy Records, Liselle from Delete Media, Andrew from Ding Dong Lounge, Dean from ElevenFiftySeven Records, Matthew from Flying Nun, Rebecca from Funktion Music, Josie from Great Things, Alec from Hit Your Head Music, Rebecca, Niki & Mikhal from iHeart Radio, Ryan & Dan from Loop Recordings Aot(ear)oa, Lorraine & Haddon from Lorraine Barry Management, Lauren from Maiden NZ Entertainment, Maria from Mushroom Group, Seb from MusicIsDead, Janine & Kylie from Noise PR, KDee from ODR Productions, the people at PrintMighty & PlayMPE, Leesa from Publicity Machine, Bailey from SB Media, Taryn and Ange from Sony Music, Lisa & Lucy from The Label, Kylie from Trigger Marketing, Matt from Triple A Records, Matt from Universal Music NZ, Georgia from Warner Music NZ and Simon from Yellow Eye Music.

As always, the most important thanks all the bands and musicians who support us as much as we support them - including those that featured in our newsletters, those that sent through press releases, and everyone we reviewed, interviewed and photographed.. there's too many to mention but our appreciation for you and your music far exceeds anything else.

There are more than 29,500 members of muzic.net.nz and you all deserve our thanks - by being a member of muzic.net.nz you are supporting NZ music in one of the best ways possible - being a member helps muzic.net.nz to stay alive, thus providing musicians with a whole heap of free promotion and advertising.

And finally an extra, extra, super special thanks to my amazing husband Adam (AKA our IT guy) and our two little rockstars Eden and Tate, for putting up with me working on muzic.net.nz all the time :)

The muzic.net.nz team would like to wish you all a memorable Christmas and New Years. May you all have some NZ music in your Christmas stockings!

- Lisa and the muzic.net.nz team


Tomorrow People

Out of the 100+ reggae bands currently active in NZ, not one of them has moved up the ranks faster than Wellington band Tomorrow People. From the garage to playing NZ’s Premier Reggae Festival ‘Raggamuffin’ and ‘A’ rotation on radio within a year, the band has gone from strength to strength showing no signs of slowing down. Ken answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

In our new album, we are very blessed to have the likes of Fran Kora, Sons of Zion, Paua and Lion Rezz feature on it. These guys are super talented and they are musos that sat well with those particular songs. In the future we would love to go abroad and collaborate with overseas artists. It’s inspiring to see more and more Kiwi artists doing the same thing, so we’d like to follow in their footsteps.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

We all play a part in the creative thinking process, so inspiration can come from anyone or anywhere. With our new songs, we were inspired by stories of the past, and from the people around us.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Over the years we have been able to tick off the bucket list events that we wanted to be a part of, both locally and overseas. Homegrown Festival would have to be the most memorable because it showcases New Zealand’s top artists, and we were extremely humbled to have been part of the event earlier this year. Being able to perform to an audience that wouldn’t normally listen to our genre and seeing them enjoy it definitely encourages us to continue doing what we are doing. Also getting the chance to share the stage with New Zealand heavyweights like The Black Seeds, Six60 and Shapeshifter etc. was truly an amazing experience.

Tell us about Tomorrow People’s next release.

Our next offering is a single off our latest album Bass & Bassinets. It’s called Independent Girl and in this song I sing the lead part, with Avina handling the raga rap duties. We had heaps of laughs (maybe a bit too much) shooting this music video, and with summer around the corner we are hoping that this song is blasted at all the barbeques!

What can we expect to see from Tomorrow People over the next year?

We will be touring and promoting our new album on the road. We’ve got various summer festivals and shows up and down the country. Some of our new material hasn’t had the ‘stage test’ yet, so we’re nervous, but excited about how it’ll go. This is definitely the most enjoyable and rewarding part of what we do so we are hoping the people will be vibing with us all summer long!

Tomorrow People are Avina Kelekolio (percussion, ukulele), Tana Tupai (keyboards), Dan Sugrue (drums), Kenape Saupese (keyboards, vocals), Hamo Dell (vocals), Marcus Abraham (vocals) and Hennie Tui (bass).

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Muzic.net.nz Page
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Tomorrow People Announce New Album - Bass & Bassinets (press release)

Jason McIver

Having released their debut EP The Big Blue last year, the Jason McIver Collective is fronted by one of New Zealand's most capable musicians, Jason McIver, who is also the lead vocalist for Primacy. He answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

I go through phases of digging certain songs more than others but I do love playing Garden Poetry, it was written in memory of a good friend of mine, it has a lot of sentimental value to it, that and the song Sometimes as I got to record my good friend Grace Baker doing all the harmonies on it, it sends shivers down my spine hearing what she did :)

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

Having just bought a house in Taupo by the lake, I'm pretty excited about relaxing there. It's just a beautiful part of NZ, heaven really when you compare it to living in Auckland's suburbs. 

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

Close to mainstream but yet not quite... all of my influences from growing up piled into one bundle.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

I rediscovered Augustino while going through my partners CD collection, I love their album and listen to it heaps. Great songs!

What sets you apart from other musicians?

I don't know if it sets me apart from other musicians but my drive and dedication is my strongest asset, food, liquor... that can wait when there are recordings and tours to set up and pay for. I'm extremely determined and have great support.

What can we expect to see from you over the next year?

Over the next year... my new single is out on December 15th, followed by touring and a new album to be released on Feb 27th and that's not to mention recording a 5 track EP with my heavier band Primacy which includes touring as well. Then there is playing at functions etc. which helps put bread on the table.

Tell us about your next release.

It was recorded and co produced with Zorran Mendonsa and is titled I May No Perf, the music is a mix of pretty acoustic songs, pop rock and alternative rock. I was blessed to receive private funding for the album and it came out of a really dark period of my life but having the goal of recording and getting songs ready really helped to get through it.... having friends from Wellington and Nelson travel up to record parts was also very humbling and helped level me out a lot. 

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REVIEW: The Big Blue EP

The Jason McIver Collective: The Big Blue (press release)


AceTones are an 8-piece collective of musicians who are passionate about vintage Jamaican music, its offshoots and its influences. The band blends time-honoured classics by artists such as the Skatalites, Derrick Morgan and Jackie Mittoo with original material to create an irresistible dance floor experience. One aspect that sets AceTones apart is a deep respect for the history and heritage of the music, and an adherence to the aesthetic qualities of the early Jamaican sound. AceTones also draw inspiration from other bands and DJs in the Auckland Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady community including Lion Rockers Hi-Fi, Surrey Boudit, Moisty Atsushi’s Rocksteady Allstars, DJ Dubhead, Selecto, Skin & Bone and the whole Sound System culture that is alive and well in NZ. The band have supported international acts from the British ska scene including The English Beat (2014) and Bad Manners (2015).

AceTones’ debut self-titled EP was recorded at The Dank in Glen Eden by musician and sound engineer Dave Hine. It was produced by reggae specialist Andy Morton (aka Submariner), and mastered by Chris Chetland of Kog Transmissions. The EP is the first of a number of releases AceTones intend to put out over the next year. Whilst preparing for a summer EP release tour, the band are busy creating new material which they plan to record and release in 2016. AceTones also have plans to release selected material on vinyl, in keeping with the vintage aesthetic and the reggae sound system tradition.

Acetones are Heather Bolton (keyboards, vocals), Ross Hutchison (guitar), Nick Brown (bass), Darren Bowyer-Warner (vocals, percussion), Geoff Bolton (drums, vocals), Rawiri Motutere (saxophone, vocals), Ash Pou (saxophone)
and Josh McKay (trombone, vocals)

Website Links

Official Website
Facebook Page
Soundcloud Page
Instagram Page


HEXANINE is the next big household name in NZ!

Hard-case not to be taken too seriously nod your head feel good NZ Creepy Punk Metal from Marton 546.
HEXANINE is a self -dubbed 'Creepy Punk Metal' band from Marton, New Zealand. Formed in 2014 compiling of members, Wayne 'Hex' Fraser, Gareth 'Lead' Tasker and Lucas 'St' Waiariki. With their first live performance with temporary bass player James Power, HEXANINE was part of the line up for the Safe and Sound concert in their home town of Marton New Zealand to promote suicide awareness and prevention.

July 2015, HEXANINE recorded demo versions of select songs that will appear on their first two albums, debut Life Is For Living Death Is For Dying and their follow up Addicts And The Saint. HEXANINE will be supporting The Exploited in Wellington on the 5th December 2015 part of their Australian/New Zealand tour.

HEXANINE has supported band such as The Exploited, Cephalopod, Deathnir, Helgorithms, Deadset, Defetus, Diamond Sutra, Project: Blood, Uncle Fester,Alien Weaponry, Alpha Coda, All The Wrong Reasons, Yor Cronies, Crackpot Theory, Crackfilth, Kavort, Government Pest, Deaths Door, Stanley Pedigree and Dilly Hoodstar-Ent.

Hexanine's Hex and Lead answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry?

Hex: All the great Kiwi bands that have dug their way out of NZ and hit the charts overseas and let their music be heard, for us all to hear. Dave Dobbyn, Neil and Tim Finn and all the other pioneers of NZ music that inspired the rest of us that we can do it too.

Lead: I like Sticky Filth, Cephalopod, Deadset and Defetus and I have a lot of respect for the local and national bands we play with .. they are doing it!!

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Hex: Traitor/Comeuppance. It’s a masterpiece. Close your eyes with headphones on and find out for yourself.

Lead: I like our old school stuff but I think Hex has called that one.

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

Hex: Anybody who wants to play with us, we welcome!! It's good to do shows with our good friends or HEXANINE and Deja Voodoo would be a mean NZ tour. (Give us a call boys, let’s do something!!)

Lead: I'm dead keen on supporting Sticky Filth once they are playing live again, or if only Ois II Men reformed that'd be a rad gig!!

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

Hex: Anywhere there’s a BBQ some beers and good friends.

Lead: Got to be my bed.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Hex: Deja Voodoo because Back Of The Y was the best thing to hit NZ TV.

Lead: Diamond Sutra and Deadset because both of these acts are exceptional.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about HEXANINE?

Hex: Go online and invite us to your town, make some noise with your mates on our promo page and we'll come and play you some hardcore punk metal in your town.

Lead: Music is supposed to make you feel good… let it.

How would you describe HEXANINE's music in one sentence?

Hex: Loud, hardcore, offensive and awesome!!

Lead: Ditto!! plus catchy.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Hex: It’s going to be opening for The Exploited in Wellington but we haven’t done that yet that's not until December 5th so that’s the future talking!!

Lead: Fuckin' ditto!!

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Lead: Cephalopod - A Bad Case of Unreality EP, Deadset - The Pigsloth EP, Defetus - The Defetus EP, Helgorithms - Realisation//Revelation EP and Sticky Filth - Fourth Domain.

What is HEXANINE's long term goal?

Tour the planet and release some ass kicking albums!

What sets you apart from other musicians/bands?

Hex: Our style and sound is unique, we don’t try to be like anyone else. We've been trying to keep to that old school punk metal sound.

Lead: We really are just us with zero fucks given.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Hex: My mind. I think about what I want to say, and put an ass kicking riff to it, and Lead backs it up with an ass kicking beat. And St Lukifer Gravel Rumbles your nuts off.

Lead: It's an inside force that once the song or moments feel right you know it is right. Then the songs just grow until they have settled to be what they need to be.

What can we expect to see from HEXANINE over the next year?

Hex: A NZ tour and two albums.

Lead: Gigs galore and a whole lot more!!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Hex: Write your own music, follow your dreams, don’t give up, be original, don’t follow other trends like a sheep and do it for the love of music, not for potential dollar signs.

Lead: If you’re going to do it, be passionate about it, every part of it.

Tell us about the next HEXANINE release?

Hex: It’s called Life Is For Living, Death Is For Dying. Coming out when it’s finished.

Lead: The first release coming up soon is a mix of old and new songs and should be a tremendous debut for us. We're really looking forward to getting it out there to you.

What can you never leave home without?

Hex: My shades and my mind, they both have to go where ever I go, when possible.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Hex: (Joke) Once Lead, he started the drums to Forgotten Soldier opening song in Wanganui before I had even introduced the band or anything!! Wasn’t embarrassing just funny.

What inspired you to become a musician and start a band?

Hex: A black and white early picture of David Gilmour from Pink Floyd playing his guitar with long hair when I was 12. I decided there and then, I wanted to grow my hair long and play the guitar. I bought my first guitar and a little Fender amp played for a few years, and me and Lead when I got my first house in the country after we both left school, started jamming stuff like early Slayer and Metallica.

Lead: It's just part of me and what I do.

How did you come up with the name HEXANINE?

Hex: Careful planning, it’s meant to mean everything. 6 being the start or Alfa, and nine the end or Omega e.g. Good and bad, negative and positive, beginning of time 'till the end of time, Ying Yang. Together the six and nine make One. A unity. Etc. Hexachord as well is the original name for a guitar!!

What rumour would you like to start about HEXANINE?

Hexanine is the next big house hold name!!

Hexanine is Hex (hexachord, vocals), Lead Head (blood beaters, management) and St Lukifer (gravel rumbler).

Website Links

Facebook Page 
Facebook Page (2)
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Youtube Page 
ReverbNation Page
SonicDen Page

Depot Sound

Depot Sound opened in 1996 as a part of the Depot Artspace creative community in Devonport. Originally a practice room, it was soon taken over by Rikki Morris who ran The Bus recording studio until 2005. Rikki nurtured seminal Devonport artists including Finn Andrews and The Veils, The Checks, White Birds and Lemons, The Electric Confectionaires and Gin Wigmore. Rikki also recorded albums with Kiwi icons Barry Saunders, Graham Brazier and Paul Holmes. From 2006 Depot Sound was run by engineers Spencer Fairhurst, Kenny MacDonald and Mark Howden. It continued to focus on nurturing young talent and remaining accessible to the Devonport and wider music community.

Many more up-and-coming artists were recorded during this time including Lorde and Graham Candy. In 2012 Tui award winning engineer Dave Rhodes was hired to manage the studio.

“What I love about the Depot is that it’s affordable for your average musician, so we get to work with all sorts of people and musical styles.” says Dave.

Under Dave’s management the studio has built a great reputation for affordable quality recordings and has become a busy musical hub in Devonport. To meet growing demand, a new control room was built in March 2015 to accommodate larger groups. At the same time, a second production studio was added for singer-songwriters and artists who need instrumentation to flesh out their musical ideas. Engineer/Producer Morgan Allen is currently working in the new production studio producing pop, hip hop, electronic music and movie scores.
In the past few years, Depot Sound has recorded an eclectic mix of bands including Brendon Thomas and the Vibes, The Warratahs, Dead Beat Boys, John Rowles, Fire At Will, Shepherds of Cassini, Static Era, Ghosts of Electricity, The Dirty Sweets, Play it Strange, School of Rock, and a lot of as-yet-unknown artists, including many young people who had never been in a recording studio before and left inspired to pursue their musical dreams.

“We provide a friendly creative space where artists can express themselves and, with our experience and technical knowledge, we guide them to achieve the best possible recording, while still retaining their individual uniqueness and style” says Dave.

Website Links

Official Website
Facebook Page

Email: [email protected]

NZ Music News

Vodafone NZ Music Awards winners

Topping off a sensationally eventful year both at home and internationally, Nelson born brother-sister duo Broods has taken home four Tuis from this year’s 50th annual Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

The pair collected Tuis for the Mentos Album of the Year, Best Group, Best Pop Album for Evergreen as well as the NZ On Air Radio Airplay Record of the Year award for the band’s smash single Mother & Father.

Broods won the Breakthrough Artist of the Year accolade at the 2014 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards and Georgia and Caleb Nott have since achieved rapidly growing international success.

Canterbury’s Marlon Williams is this year’s Best Male Solo Artist and Breakthrough Artist of the Year for his critically acclaimed debut solo album, Marlon Williams.

Treading a well-worn path, Lorde returned to the Tui stage claiming the coveted Single of The Year award for her song Yellow Flicker Beat. The song’s international success saw the 19-year old Kiwi recording sensation also receive the International Achievement Award for the third year in a row.

To celebrate New Zealand’s continued prominence on the world stage, two International Achievement awards were presented this year with Savage also recognised for his huge successes in offshore markets.

Full Article
Updates from the night
Music charity aligns with 2015 VNZMAs (press release)
Vodafone NZ Music Awards success (press release)

Muso.nz is here

Musos in New Zealand can now get online at an affordable price thanks to the Muso.nz platform. This platform allows you, the artist, to take advantage of a domain name that clearly defines your passion for music whilst adding your individual artistic flare to separate you from the rest. Choose between your own unique email addresses or a website (including an email) to promote your artistic talent.
This is a new venture, founded by music enthusiast, Dale Jones from Auckland, who got the idea after a drummer from the Bay of Plenty, Rob Tancock, asked him if he could make a website for his band Unjammed. Rob says, “When discussing our band with customers we have found they nearly always ask if we have anything for to listen to... so even better when we provide audio visual! This site has been a great tool already, we really like the user friendly aspects and knowing that we can edit it is very handy.”

Full Article

Shhh… The Music Is Talking

From a triumphant Fran Kora aloft a speaker in front of a sea of faces, to an intimate side-of-the-stage shot of Delaney Davidson in mid ballad, Alexander Hallag and his cameras have captured it all. He’s the guy you’ll see at every gig, dressed head-to-toe in black, jostling for the best spot in the pit, watching the light and chasing the music.
Now the internationally renowned photographer is sharing 200 captivating images of the New Zealand music scene, across 200 pages in a stunning book, Shhh… The Music Is Talking, to be released on December 15, 2015.
Born in Austria, raised in Seattle and New York City, and now residing in New Zealand, Hallag has spent decades taking photos of some of the most important bands, musicians and singers in the world. They include B.B. King, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, U2, and many more.

Full Article

Final Lineup Announcement for Soundsplash 2016

Soundsplash 2016 is stoked to announce the final addition of artists to complete the three day festival line-up.

Now with four massive stages and all early-bird and advance tickets having sold-out, Soundsplash 2016 is set to be one of the biggest events of the summer. Full price tickets are now on sale, with tiered ticket prices to suit attendees of all ages. All tickets include overnight stays and parking in one of three stunning locations on Wainui Reserve.

Joining the line-up are three international acts, making for a festival with a truly global flavour. Sticky Buds will be bringing his dance-floor friendly and nice guy vibes to the shores of Ngarunui Beach all the way from Canada, Chilean DJ & Producer Herman Saiz returning to New Zealand with his Techno, TechHouse and DeepHouse styles, and Bobby Alu who is crossing the ditch from Australia with his ukulele infused hammock jams – what more could you ask for to provide a perfect soundtrack for summer in Raglan.

Full Article

Bespin is the 2015 Critics’ Choice Prize recipient

Bespin has been named as the winner of the NZ On Air Critics’ Choice Prize in the 2015 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.

Artists New Gum Sarn, Bespin and Boycrush each performed a live set at the King’s Arms Tavern in Auckland last night (Thursday 5 November) in front of a packed crowd and a panel of 10 music critics.

The judges were tasked with selecting just one artist who they believe has the potential to become a future Tui award winner.

Auckland based Bespin took home the $10,000 recording and music video grant from NZ On Air following a lively set.

Full Article


You can read all the latest NZ music news here.
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Eden Mulholland Interview

Artist, Eden Mulholland is one busy bee. With his new album Hunted Haunted having been released, a second national tour under way and a bunch of other projects on the list, he is an artist that is using his creativity to its full potential. Ria had the opportunity to ask him questions about his ‘sound’, challenges he faces, and future projects he has lined.

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NZ Top 10 Singles

    Jack Harlow
    Tate McRae
    Doja Cat
    Doja Cat
    Teddy Swims
    Kenya Grace
    Ocean Alley
    Taylor Swift
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