27 Sep 2023

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Newsletter Issue #472: 03 May 2015

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The Musical Month Of May

Welcome to the month of May everyone!

It’s that time of year again. NZ Music Month is here and it's the perfect chance to get out there and support good ole’ NZ music!

This time of year is so important to our music industry. Many artists struggle to achieve commercial recognition, or make it professionally as musicians. NZ music month helps showcase local talent and help give them a voice with the promotion of playing local music. Muzic.net.nz will bring you the latest news on everything that is happening during the month.

The team here at Muzic.net.nz has lined up the biggest newsletter yet for this month. We’ve really outdone ourselves! This issue is jam packed with incredible features and interviews from Head Like a Hole, Tainted, Team Kill, Carb on Carb, Heavy, Sound the Ocean and much, much more, as well as a special feature on NZBlokes! We also take a moment to get to know some of the awesome volunteers from behind the scenes at Muzic.net.nz.

- Kerry and the Muzic.net.nz Team.




Muzic.net.nz: Meet The Team

Lisa Jones (Shade)

Manager and founder - with muzic.net.nz since the start - 1999

Who am I? I am Lisa Jones, founder and manager for muzic.net.nz. Born and raised in New Plymouth, I’ve been living in Palmerston North since 1999. I’m married and have two incredible children – Eden, 3, and Tate, 1.

Describing my surroundings. Muzic.net.nz HQ – a home office, a framed muzic.net.nz logo on the wall above a whiteboard, a Shihad photo, a 95bFM bag and playing cards, some NZ music month badges and various other NZ music memorabilia – posters, stickers etc.

How did I become interested in music? I’ve been interested in music for as long as I can remember – I grew up listening to mum & dad’s old records and watching the top40 countdown on TV every weekend… as well as playing the drums and guitar at high school and writing lyrics for my friend’s bands. I come from a musical background; my Granddad was one of the main founders of country music clubs in Taranaki.

Whenever someone finds out I run a NZ music website, they either tell me they don’t listen to any music or they want to know more about the site and what I do for it. Most people want to know if we make any money – which we don’t.

If I was given a dollar every time someone said they don’t listen to any music I’d be rich. I can’t believe the amount of people who think that just because they don’t put a CD in a stereo or listen to MP3s, that they don’t listen to any music. Music is everywhere - in shops, on TV programmes, movies and ads, being played by buskers in the street etc. Music is an international language, and I think it’s one of the most important things in this world.

Sometimes people tell me they don’t like any NZ music and I get that, because the majority of people out there will only ever hear mainstream music, and that isn’t for everyone. I tell those people that NZ music has something for everyone and covers every possible genre. Muzic.net.nz is a great place to start when looking for NZ music to get interested in, but nothing beats going to a live gig.

I’ll listen to anything once and I’ll support any musician or band whether I like their music or not. Over the years, I’ve come across some real gems and I’ve been to some incredible gigs, but I’ve also seen some real shockers.

Rock is my favourite genre of music but I enjoy a huge variety of genres from old school hip-hop and rap through to metal, punk and electronica.

When muzic.net.nz first started I didn’t think it would last this long. It was just a short term project for my husband to perfect his programming skills, until we realised there was a very real need for a decent platform for NZ music on the internet. 16 years ago, there wasn’t much on offer, and most of what was there is no longer around.

I love it when people say thanks for our support, because it shows that we’re making a real difference and it’s good to receive recognition for the work that we do.

I can never leave home without a tune in my mind. I’m often humming or tapping my feet along to a tune, although I keep my singing at home – I love to sing, but anyone who knows me knows how horrific it is.

If I could give advice to NZ’s musicians it would be don’t give up. If you believe in yourself, you’ll be capable of achieving great things. Build yourself a great support network and get rid of anyone that refuses to support you, you don’t need people like that around – but most importantly, don’t give up... as long as you love what you’re doing, don’t stop doing it.

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Kerry Monaghan (Kerry Monaghan)

Newsletter Co-ordinator and Auckland based reviewer - Joined May 2011

My name is Kerry. I was born in Hamilton, raised in Wellington and for a little over a year now have called Auckland home. My partner and I are at the beginning process of building our first home. I’m an avid music buyer and my CD collection pretty much weighs more than me. I spent most of my teenage years and part of my early twenties living in the UK where I first cut my chops as a Music Journalist and I have travelled some of the world.. Seattle is still one of my favourite destinations.

My day job is Admin support for a Steel mill and part time freelance Journalist for a local community publication.

Besides music, what other hobbies and interests do I have? I have had my own dreadlock maintenance business for many years, and after a year long hiatus from it am learning new maintenance methods to start fresh. I have had my own dreads for around eleven years. I LOVE to read, bake and cook and add to my collection of tattoos when I have the money and time.

What do I like the most about muzic.net.nz? The opportunities it gives to struggling bands and musicians for exposure. I love helping to give them a voice with my roles at Muzic.net.nz. I live for hearing and being exposed to new music. It’s the best unpaid job in New Zealand!

What NZ Music do I have in my collection? I’m a huge Rock/metal/blues fan, so I have a lot of old school, The Datsuns, The D4, Shihad, Tadpole, Stellar. I dig lots of new stuff too, especially Stitches, Devilskin, Tainted, Nick Ferretti and Carnival Drive to name  a few.

What is the most memorable gig I have ever been to? Too many to list just one, so I’d have to say Kyuss Lives! Hunter Lounge, Wellington 2011 and Ugly Kid Joe, Powerstation, Auckland 2014.

What can I never leave home without? Car keys, sunnies and lip balm!

Kerry's Reviews and Interviews

River Tucker (River)

Opotiki based reviewer - Joined January 2010

Tell us about yourself. As well as the day to day hubbub, I’m currently writing songs, buying a few bits of equipment and looking for a space to set up a recording studio. 

Besides music, what other hobbies and interests do I have? Well writing of course. I also did the unthinkable and about a year ago took up a sport. Although I haven’t started competing properly yet, archery is a lot of fun.

What can I never leave home without? I usually like to leave home wearing some clothes, especially in winter.

If I could give advice to NZ’s musicians it would be:If you have a musical dream believe in yourself and follow it. Surround yourself with like minded people who will help and not hinder you to reach your goals.

What do I think could be done to make the NZ music industry even better? There needs to be more funding and facilities available to further encourage potential musical careers.

What do I love the most about the NZ music industry? The independent labels and some of the music they produce.

Muzic.net.nz Page 
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River's Reviews

Bradley Garner (Bradley Garner)

Wellington based photographer - Joined March 2014

Who am I? Hi, I’m Bradley. I’m a photographer at Muzic.net.nz. It’s probably the coolest un-paid job in the world. These guys ask me to take photos of bands, and I do it; gutted. I’ve now travelled all around the country photographing anything from little house concerts to the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards and sold-out arena shows! I really can’t complain at all… I have just opened a photography studio in Waikanae that I use for my work but also hire to other photographers. Anyway, that’s me, keep in touch, yea? 

Describe your surroundings. I live in Paekakariki on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand, it has to be the most beautiful little spot, I’ve got a desk, in a house, on a hill, where I look over my laptop and I see a palm tree, the ocean and Kapiti Island. It’s definitely the way to get work done, trust me!

What do I like most about Muzic.net.nz? Well, these guys allow me to do what I love… I can’t really say much more than that, eh. THANK YOU.

If I could give advice to NZ’s musicians it would be: If you’re in a band that’s starting out, open your eyes to production. As a photographer I look and study every gig and one of the biggest things that is missing is production. I mean, just borrow your mates haze machine and grab a couple of lights from school or uni. Tie dye a bed sheet and hang it up behind you. GET CREATIVE. It will make the difference between you and the next band (make sure your music sounds good to, eh.) 

What local music (NZ) have I been listening to recently? I love the local music here in Wellington! There’s a newly formed duo called Crystal Palace, they’re incredible, check them out! I always love listening to bands I work with; Drax Project are one of my favourites in Wellington. I’m also really looking forward to Reuben Bradley’s (Tui Award Winner) new album,Cthulhu Rising that is due to release in June. Love the local scene here in Wellington, it’s off the chain!

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Grant Stantiall (kiwicanary)

Hamilton based photographer - Joined March 2015

Tell us about yourself. My background in music is via brass bands, having grown up playing cornet for the Marton Municipal Brass Band and then as a Territorial Bandsman in the RNZAF Base Ohakea Band, before joining the RNZAF as a regular force airman. I used to play the Last Post at various ANZAC Day parades around the Rangitikei region, then upon posting to RNZAF Te Rapa in Hamilton played at official quarter guard parades. Self taught on bass guitar, I played in a couple of punk bands for fun. Currently have restored an old 1948 Besson flugel horn and am attempting (rather badly) to learn electric guitar on an Aria Telecaster purchased from the Rock Shop in Hamilton. Started photographing a reformed Dragon in 2006 and have since built up a large collection of them playing gigs in Australia and New Zealand. Photographed many NZ acts as well has some rock legends such as Roger Waters, Def Leppard, Heart and ZZ Top but enjoy photographing local NZ bands and musicians. Recently had some photos used in the artwork of a re-released TICKET album. Supplied the cover shot for Dave McArtney’s No 1 seller Gutter Black.

My day job is Parts/Admin/Tea Lady for FPD (Fluid Power Distributors) who repair and sell hydraulic pumps for excavators. A lot of my time is now spent on research, building up information, purchasing from overseas suppliers and supplying customers from around New Zealand, the Pacific and on occasion the rest of the world. I’m not big on official titles so probably “jack of all trades, master of none” best suits me. 

Besides music, what other hobbies and interests do I have? I love football, following English club Norwich City. Having spent near on 5 years working at Lotus Cars, Norwich Union and Eagle Star Insurance in Norwich, they became my adopted club. I also photograph football in New Zealand covering the ASB Premiership for WaiBOP United based at Cambridge. I also have a large collection of books. Enjoy reading, motorsport, rugby league and travelling. 

I can never leave home without my credit card.

My favourite place to be in NZ is relaxing at my parents timeshare in Taupo whenever we get the opportunity to use it. 

Who are my favourite NZ musicians and bands? I mainly like the old school stuff: Hello Sailor, Dragon, Citizen Band, Split Enz, Crowded House plus follow bands that friends play in such as Just One Fix,Forsaken Age, Fire At Will, Ekko Park, Static Era, Luger Boa. Particularly fond of local Hamilton rockers Devilskin

My favourite music venues is NZ are Claudelands Arena for the big acts and Nivara Lounge for the small acts. Both in Hamilton. Both within a 2 km walk from home. 

What NZ music do I have in my collection? Ardijah, Graham Brazier, Dave McArtney, Hello Sailor, Dragon, Herbs, Alien8, Billy TK Junior and Senior, Rick Bryant, Andy Atwill, Autozamm, Black River Drive, Kevin Borich, Blerta, Brilleaux, The Bads, The Checks, Lisa Crawley, Crowded House, Carnivorous Plant Society, The Drab-Doo Riffs, DD Smash, Devilskin, Cairo Knife Fight, DDub, The D4, The Datsuns, Kim Dotcom (well I had to listen to it once), The Exponents, Dave Feehan, The Earlybirds, Eqwanox, Fat Freddy's Drop, Forsaken Age, Ekko Park, Emulsifier, Fire At Will, Flight Of The Conchords, Jan Hellreigel, Karen Hunter, Marc Hunter, The Hot Grits, Nathan Haines, Head Like A Hole, Joel Haines, Human Instinct, Hampster, Just One Fix, 8 Foot Sativa, Split Enz, Three Houses Down, Smoke Shop, Darren Watson, Margaret Urlich, Gin Wigmore, Ritchie Pickett, Brendon Power, Liam Ryan, David Parker, Peking Man, Sola Rosa, Sol3 Mio, Shihad, Shotgun Alley, Max Stowers, The Managers, Battleska Galatica, Opensouls, Midnight Youth, Sharon O’Neill,  RNZAF Base Ohakea Band, Penknife Glides, Darcy Perry, Rodger Fox, Doug Jerebine, Daggy & The Dickheads, I Am Giant, Kimbra, Lorde, Greg Johnson, Luger Boa, Ladi6, La De Das, Shona Laing, Katchafire, Pajama Club, Swamp Thing, Woodcuts, Mistress, Tom Lark, Ryan Kershaw Band, Kantuta, Danny McCrum, Minuit, Jenny Morris, Rikki Morris, Midge Marsden, Mamaku, Ticket, Kokomo, SJD, The Doubtful Sounds... the list gradually grows. I prefer to buy my music in hardcopy form as I like to view the artwork and read the booklet to see who is playing on the recording.

What local music have I been listening to recently? The two re-released Ticket stoner albums from around the 1970-72 period. Eddie Hansen on guitar is our Jimmy Hendrix! 

The most memorable gig I have ever been to was Rolling Stones, Wembley Stadium, June 1990. Steel Wheels/Urban Jungle Tour.

If I could give advice to NZ’s musicians it would be to play as many live gigs as you can. It will sharpen up your act.

What do I think could be done to make the NZ music industry even better? More free live venues for bands starting out to play in.

What do I love the most about the NZ music industry? We produce world class music and even though most of the world never hears most of it, it becomes something special to those of us who love kiwi-made music.

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James Castady-Kristament (jck2)

Auckland based reviewer - Joined June 2014

My name is James Castady-Kristament and I’m a musician and blogger. I have a day job but it’s far too dull to talk about. My passion in life is making music and music videos. I go by the handle JCK and I’m in the process of releasing a Hip-Hop album at the moment. I really like combining the visual aesthetics of Steampunk with Hip Hop music. 

Outside of music I like to practice battle rap, Shaolin Kung Fu and jogging. That really is all I have time for. 

I can never leave home without my cell phone... I’m addicted to the internet and must be connected at all times. 

My favourite place in New Zealand is Mount Maunganui. A lot of my fondest memories are of this wonderful place in the Bay of Plenty and I like to holiday there at least 2 or 3 times a year.

The thing I like most about muzic.net.nz is our receptive and open attitude to musicians. We really want to help you succeed in music and it shows. Your success is our success.

My favourite music venue in New Zealand is Ironbar on K Road in Auckland. I like to go there for Hip-Hop cyphers to keep my skills up to scratch.

If I could give advice to NZ’s musicians it would be: Music is not an easy path and if you want to succeed you have to do the things that others won’t. If you think you are grinding as hard as you can, go even harder. 

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James' Reviews and Interviews

Stella Gardiner (stezmatic)

Auckland based photographer - Joined June 2014

Tell us about yourself. I was born in the South Island but Wellington is my home. Before moving to Auckland I spent 8 years in London working for a charity that promotes worldwide sustainable fishing and making music videos with my best friend.

Describe your surroundings. Right now I'm at the kitchen table with a 7 week old foster kitten sitting in my lap. It's bright but not sunny and the fridge is making this intense humming noise! There's a dog barking in the distance and someone is chainsawing something nearby.

What is my day job? I am a part-time customer services co-ordinator at the Henderson Animal Shelter. It's definitely not your usual office job!

Besides music, what other hobbies and interests do I have? I love gardening. I recently finished a small 'cat enrichment garden' for my disabled cat. I also like Lomography (style of pop photography based around the quirky cameras known as Lomo) but it's expensive to keep up on a part-time wage so I only take a camera out once in a while.

My favourite place to be in NZ has to be Wellington. The botanic gardens, the Karori Bird Sanctuary, the freezing Southerly winter gales... Plus all my friends and family live there.

Official Website
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Latest Photo Galleries:
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Tony McDonald (tonymcdonald)

Wellington based reviewer - Joined February 2013

My name is Tony McDonald, I have a wife and two children and have been living in Wellington for almost 10 years. Prior to that I lived in Yorkshire, England.

My passion for music made me want to be a music reviewer, first playing in bands from the age of 14 on the drums. Playing in London in front of large crowds, doing demos for Virgin and Warner Bros. Those were the good days. Unfortunately egos and drugs got in the way of major success.

I have since formed my own band PlasticGroove and apart from the guitar I play all of the instruments. The style of music is very Northern England, depressing, etc… but I like it and I have a new album coming out soon. Please check us out at the links below.

My day job is in IT and I have my own company McDonalds IT, I employ 10 staff in Wellington and Auckland and we offer the best customer service for SME’s in NZ. We sell cloud solutions and our biggest customers include Westpac and Red Cross. With a passion for charities we donated $50,000 to Red Cross over the last 2 years. Something I am very proud of.

The thing I love about muzic.net.nz is the passion from all involved to create a free service promoting bands, reviewing music and generally getting behind NZ music.

One of my favourite NZ bands is Six60. I don’t particularly enjoy chart music, however seeing them live transformed my opinion of them. I reviewed one of their gigs, and it was one of the best gigs I have been to.

To finish, I love New Zealand and especially Wellington. I have seen a lot of places, but the people, the buzz, night life and quirkiness of Wellington is amazing.

PlasticGroove Muzic.net.nz Page 
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Tony's Reviews

Ryan Kershaw (RYAN KERSHAW)

Auckland based interviewer - Joined September 2014

Hi! My name is Ryan Kershaw and I'm a musician, and do interviews and columns as part of the Muzic.net.nz team. Apart from playing my originals music I also like to help other musicians get to where they want to be, and provide articles, interviews, books, workshops and private coaching. 

What do I like the most about muzic.net.nz? I have used the Muzic.net.nz websites services since 1999 and not once in that time has it sold out or ignored the grass roots underground acts. The team behind Muzic.net.nz is passionate about music and I am really happy to be involved. 

Who are my favourite NZ musicians and bands? Some have recently ended but my favourites would be Crafty, Head Like A Hole, Shihad, Kora, Bury Me Low, After Forever, Arc of Ascent, El Schlong,.... there are heaps of great musos past and present that I may not listen to everyday but might be cool for readers to check out: Edmund Cake, Darcy Clay, Kasium, Paul Martin, Cripple Mr Onion, His Masters Voice, Just One Fix, Ward 10, Salmonella Dub, Tainted, Silly, Chuganaut, Trial By Fire, A.K.A, Frozen Alice, Diamond Doll, Seeds of Orbit, The Blue Grizzly Band, Loves Ugly Children, 8 Foot Sativa, Nailed Shut, Blackleaf Gardens... and some of my guitar students bands: Oslo Brown, Obsidious.

What NZ music do I have in my collection? Saidaya, The Clean, Peter Posa, Ward 10, Just One Fix, El Schlong, Kasium, Bury Me Low, Garageland, Head Like A Hole, Shihad, and a whole stack of demos from underground Kiwi bands and artists.

What advice would I like to give to NZ musicians?

Number 1: Take 100% responsibility - it is up to you and only you how you go with things. Your parents might not have been there for you, you might have a bad past, you might have been ripped off by someone in the industry... but none of that matters - it is still your choice how you go about your day, and if you are waiting for someone to hand you something on a plate you might want to look at another path! 

Number 2:  "E+R=O". It's a simple idea but so powerful. It means 'Event + response = equals outcome'. No you can't change the fact that you got rejected by a label, but you can choose your reaction and response. You can let it break you down, or choose to have it make you stronger.

Number 3: KEEP LEARNING! By learning more you will get better and more knowledgeable which will see you continue to grow. I always tell my guitar students that if you have a teacher that thinks he or she knows everything, then get another teacher! If you don't bother learning new skills, and rely on someone else too heavily, they might help you for a while but what happens if they move countries, or their relationship ends so that stops them from working with you? Then you would be back to yourself. No matter what happens when shit hits the fan, it always comes back to how well YOU can deal with it, so attend the seminars, read the books and keep learning. 

Number 4: Recognise your value. Back when I first started to really connect with more people in the industry (we are all the industry from the buskers to school students to CEO's but I'm talking about people who make their living from music alone), I was an accomplished musician and music teacher but my confidence was lacking because I would put others on too high of a pedestal. After enough crap happens, you start to realise that you are good enough. If someone asks you what your guitar lessons are worth and you say they are 'ok' or that they can get them cheap - what do you think that person will believe? They will believe that they are just OK and that they aren't worth too much. But if you have the ability, and you charge a higher price, you can put more money into better gear for teaching, better tools and little extras like coffee and tea for waiting students. It's similar with music - if you don't value yourself or your music others probably won't either. Raise your value of yourself and realise that you have just as much right to be happy as the person with the fancy job title. 

Number 5: KEEP GOING! You'll face a lot as a musician - confidence issues, money problems, difficult band relationships, backstabbing or prejudice and more. I've had that and I've also been ripped off by people here in little old NZ, by people that I trust. I've had the substance abuse dramas and the false rumours, doubts, hit the brick walls with radio, and seen what I believed to be great things be corrupted by shallow business deals. But I'm at a stage now where I just don't care about that. Why? Because I've learned from my mistakes, I'm on a continuing journey to better myself and I have realised that a self criticising attitude gets you nowhere. So my last bit of advice would be enjoy the creative process without just waiting for the end result, and keep going! 

What do I think could be done to make the NZ music industry even better?  

For the industry:

I feel that we should keep working to build the bridge between schools and the industry, with real world advice and knowledge rather than just working to get a certificate, and I think mainstream radio needs to support local bands more regardless of their business acumen (I know it's an oldie but a goodie).

Sometimes the industry seems to have tendency to wait until something is "successful" to really support it. In a way that can be human nature but it is really disheartening as a musician. It would be hard to give one specific solution to this problem, though we can try things to support the music we like rather than hate on what we don't like.

And most importantly - support new ideas rather than trying to stop them or one up them. Instead, realise that the person that came up with those ideas just wants to help people and it would be a better idea to work with them, rather than try and try and stop something good from happening out of insecurity.

For artists:

The biggest thing though that I think could be done is for all of us individually is to develop our own confidence and do what we can do to help. No amount of yelling at people is going to make them change, so if we hit a brick wall (e.g. with radio), then turn in a different direction and get past the wall - don't just sit there for years banging your head against it! 

It's also great for artists to actually put the effort in to learn about the industry. It's all good sitting on your arse and saying no one is helping me but if you learn what's involved you'll see it's not always as easy as it sounds and that if you want help, think 'who is helping the people that I want help from'. Often they are trying their best and can't help everyone. Realise that YOU ARE PART OF THE INDUSTRY - so what are YOU doing to help other people in it?

Don't rely on funding. If you think there is no way to make a music video without funding then you don't have the guts to push through the rest of the obstacles that will come your way. Open up a band account, put in $25 each a week. That's one hundred a week and in 10 weeks you'll have the funds to start the radio quality single. If you don't have money then busk. You'll find a way if you really want it bad enough.

What do I love the most about the NZ music industry? You look deeper than the mainstream and see some of the most talented musicians in the world playing some amazing echo flute in a sweaty bar somewhere, or singing an amazing soprano line at a school in Mangere, or playing music they love in a country club in Te Awamutu. You stop, relax and listen to what's going on and get reminded of what it really comes back to... and THAT is what I love about the NZ Music Industry :)

Muzic.net.nz Page
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Ryan's Interviews

Head Like A Hole

Head Like a Hole are back with Narcocorrido (Spanish for Drug Ballad) ready again to fuzz up the airwaves and speakers across the country. There are themes to twist the imagination and riffs to twist your head with songs like 7000 Days about the UK’s notorious criminal Charles Bronson, Trouble Again detailing past misadventures with various substances and the genre twisting Mexico a semi true story about guitarist Nigel Regan’s father spending a night in jail on the border of US and Mexico. Booga answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Head Like A Hole? 

Head Like A Hole is one of, if not, the best live acts in NZ and coming to a show is an experience you'll never forget — musically we are brutal and at times highly unpredictable but that's not a bad thing, it's definitely a good thing with Head Like A Hole? For me if I was to go see a band I loved over and over and they played fantastic shows every time I'd be bored. I want to see musical genius and chaos at the same time not machine that you can switch on and off at will. Human error can sometimes be the magic you need to make a song, album or show go from great to fantastic        

How would you describe Head Like A Hole’s music in one sentence? 

Head Like A Hole are like an undomesticated animal that may or may not rip your arm off when toyed with.

What is Head Like A Hole’s long term goal?  

Head Like A Hole's long term goal is to continue writing nasty rock music with a follow up album to Narcocorrido written and recorded as soon as humanly possible. A national tour in June, a jaunt to Australia and continue playing throughout NZ. A covers album is also in the works and the release of first album 13 on vinyl around November.

Tell us about Narcocorrido.

Narcocorrido is definitely not Blood Will Out 2 it has definite departure away from that sound and style of song writing. There's more groove to be had with narco. Simon Nicholls is on bass now and he has given Narcocorrido some mean bass lines as well as some solid extra needed song writing skills. As a whole the band is playing better and writing better songs together and it is showcased with tracks like The Rise and Fall of the Sun, Man & Steer and Mexico.

In the past song ideas have been brought to rehearsal space by Nigel Regan and myself and then shown to other band members but now its more of a group effort with everyone having a hand in the direction a song will take.

What inspired you to start Head Like A Hole? 

Passion for music in general. For me personally it was the band Motley Crue that gave me the drive to want to be a "Rockstar" — I'm still trying Ha! Nigel Regan and myself have been mates for years both having a huge love of Black Sabbath and that had huge bearing on the birth of Head Like a Hole. We wanted to get up on that stage and play music like our heroes. Personally I live and breath music in every way the only downfall for me has been the fact that I have got chronic tinnitus which is ringing in the ears. I have it 24/7 and it is very loud and I'm looking at getting hearing aids to combat the ringing by playing a random melody in my ears. Sounds weird but makes sense.

Head Like A Hole is Nigel Regan (guitar), Nigel 'Booga' Beazley (vocals), Michael Franklin-Browne (drums), Simon Nicholls (bass) and Andrew Ashton (guitar).

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
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Head like a Hole are back... (press release)


Tainted are a 5 piece metal band from Christchurch and they have their highly-anticipated third album Into Temptation coming out on 1 May. Having had a listen to this incredible album, I can assure all Tainted and metal fans that it is well worth the wait since their latest release came out in 2008. Tainted have created what they say is their best work to date, and all those that have waited patiently for this album to be released will be treated to a new era of Tainted that will indeed deliver into a new realm. Tainted answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry? 

Slim: Evan Short (ex. Concord Dawn) for coming from a punk/metal background and taking that into the Drum and Bass sound.
Liam: Shihad, Concord Dawn and 8 Foot Sativa.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Linly: For me it would have to be Carved and Created, It’s the one I enjoy playing the most.
Slim: Torch the Ground because it sounds exactly like the audio representation of the rebirth of this band when we started writing this album.
Liam: Either Bleed For Me or Nothing Lasts Forever. They both represent, to me, the best of Tainted when we really click during collaboration. 
Morgan: I think the song I personally feel the most connected musically & lyrically with is Bring the Apocalypse. The song had been partly written almost 2 years prior to recording & just came from jam with Tim one day. Lyrically it resonates with me.

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

Liam: Nothing right now, but I'm extremely open to colabs with pretty much anyone. 
Slim: Not any as far as I'm aware, but personally? I would love to work with some of NZ's hip hop and Electronic artists like P-Money, Evan Short or Fire and Ice, although I'm fairly sure what we do wouldn't really be something they'd be too keen on working with, but you never know, I'm just curious to see what could come out of it.

Where is your favourite place to relax in NZ?

Linly: Home!
Slim: Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes.
Liam: out my parents place in Whitecliffs.
Morgan: Takaka, in Golden Bay where I grew up is always a great getaway.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Liam: Such a long list! Ignite the Helix down in Dunners and State of Malice. Both those bands dominate and deserve so much.
Slim: Cobra Khan, cause they broke up after doing some amazing things to the hardcore sound across their releases.
Linly: Just One Fix! They are awesome musicians and write some killer songs! 

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Tainted?

Liam: The wait for the new album was worth it. Things are about to get real.
Slim: How hideously broke we are but have still managed to get this album out despite that.

How would you describe Tainted’s music in one sentence?

Liam: High energy music designed to get you on your feet into the mosh pit.
Morgan: We write music that feels good for us and not for just other musicians to listen to.
Slim: Metal, not black metal, not death metal or any other fenced off "sub-genre," just metal, unattached and looking for opportunities.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Liam: Playing CBS arena with Metallica. Hands down
Slim: Last show of our 2012 Forever Entrenched Tour at the Dux Live in Christchurch, a packed house of absolutely dedicated writhing heaving fans after 2 tough years.
Morgan: Sepultura was great for me. It was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt before/during/after a show. Plus it was amazing being complimented afterwards by a band I’ve listened to since I was 13.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Liam: Jakob's latest album Sines. Kora's self titled is a regular in my playlist too.
Morgan: Awakened Inferno’s Fire In The Hole and Lebowski’s Round One. Love those dudes.

What is Tainted’s long term goal?

Slim: World domination. Or at least earning enough to pay some bills.
Liam: To keep growing and bringing good times to stages far and wide.
Linly: To tour more overseas and put out  more albums.

What sets you apart from other bands?

Liam: We try and be extremely professional to work with and take our live performance to the highest level. Our music is meant to be experienced live so we make sure we own that stage.
Linly: Our live show.
Slim: Live performance, 100% every time, no matter how many or how few people turn up at the show.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Slim: A need to create, express and release ideas.
Liam: I'm very vibe and atmosphere based. I will get a certain feeling and try and recreate that feeling musically to create tunes with a certain feel.
Morgan: No one place. I listen to a lot of different styles of music. I also go to as many local shows as I can but it’s obviously not something you can force. Unfortunately I wake up in the wee hours with a good idea and if I don’t record a voice memo on my phone it’s gone forever.

What can we expect to see from Tainted over the next year?

Liam: A punishing album release cycle and hopefully some overseas tours.
Slim: The new release Into Temptation and some long desired, brutal shows 

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Liam: Always be professional, don't get a big head and always go hard. You'll play small crowds but always perform as if it’s a massive audience. You wouldn’t be happy if Maccas charged you for a big mac and gave you a cheese burger due to low sales so don't do that to your fans.
Slim: Work hard, and if you think you're working hard, work harder, cause you may not be working hard enough. Never ever think you've "made it" cause any progress made disappears in a snap.
Linly: Work hard and don't let anyone tell you that you cant do something!

Tell us about Tainted’s next release.

Liam: This is easily Tainted's most ambitious album to date. I feel this album really puts a stamp down on a sound that we can call our own.

What can you never leave home without?

Liam: Pant's.
Slim: On tour? Clean underwear and socks sunglasses and probably a wireless microphone.
Morgan: Pants. Unfortunately it’s a legal requirement.

What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment?

Slim: Jumping off stage at The Big Day Out to get with the crowd, then being too short to get back on stage and needing the legend security boys to boost me back up, but honestly not that embarrassing, just awesome getting even security in on the show.
Liam: The smoke machine at a venue breaking and making us completely blind and scaring away the crowd.
Linly: Oh man... too many to list, it's all fun though!

What inspired you to start Tainted?

Tim: A love of writing music, the fact that there’s people out there that like it is simply nothing other than awesome.

What rumour would you like to start about Tainted?

Liam: Despite common misconceptions Mo is actually the oldest member of the band.
Tim: Yes, Yes Liam, this is true, Mo’s the oldest!!!

Tainted is Linly Baxter (guitar),  Tim Facoory (guitar), Liam (bass), Mo (drums) and Slim (vocals).

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Tainted Announce New Album Release Into Temptation (press release)
Tainted to announce album release date with second video (press release)


Team Kill

Team Kill are a five-piece Metal band hailing from Hamilton. The band released their first EP, Age Of Disease on June 21st 2014. With a new EP already in the pipeline they're hitting the road once again, living up to their reputation as the hardest working metal band in NZ, embarking on a 9-date stomp around the country! Rob 'Chuck' Walker answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about Team Kill?

Our name. Team Kill. We want to use this tour as a way to increase our profile, let people know who we are, and what we’re all about.

How would you describe Team Kill’s music in one sentence?

Honest, straight-forward, no-holds-barred, head banging riffs and brutal energy, delivered with a deep groove and killer lyrical hooks.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

We had a blast touring the country last year on the Rooster’s Roadshow, and the Hamilton show on that tour was off the hook….. but probably the most memorable show would have to be supporting the mighty Devilskin at King Street live in Masterton, 2013. That night was truly insane….

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

We supported Seasons when Patriarch was released, and that album’s been a favourite for a while now, and the new Just One Fix album Let Them Hate, So Long As They Fear as well. Lately we’ve been digging the new Thy Assassin album A World Left Behind….. and we’re patiently waiting to get our hands on the upcoming Inhale album 10 Cones!

What sets you apart from other bands?

Our work ethic, relentless. 3.5% more metal every day! That, and the fact we roll as a Team… brothers. Unbreakable.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Life. Shit keeps happening to everyone, you deal with it…there’s inspiration in the struggles. The shit we see going on in the world, in our society. The way people treat each other. Just everyday life.

What can we expect to see from Team Kill over the next year?

A new EP, that’s already in the pipeline. We’ll be getting around the country a little more this year, and we’re keen to tour again when the EP is released. So essentially, more of the same!

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don’t ever stop. Talk less, listen more. Be careful who you take advice from. Stay humble and be prepared to work your arse off…. 3.5% more metal, everyday!

Team Kill is (L-R) Jake 'Teddy' Booth (guitar), Phil Smathers (bass), Luke 'Brick' Holder (vocals), Nate 'The Butcher' Walker (drums) and Rob 'Chuck' Walker (guitar)

Website Links

Muzic.net.nz Page
Bandcamp Page
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Caveman Events Facebook Page

Team Kill 'A-Bomb A Nation' Tour (press release)


Carb on Carb


Carb on Carb are a girl and a boy from Auckland. After releasing 2 EPs and touring the country maybe more than is healthy, it was time to take for them to take a step back to write and record an album. The resulting 10-track self-titled album is a redefinition of the band; a shift towards 90s emo/pop punk, without losing their other, older influences.

The longer format (though still coming in at under half an hour) has given Carb on Carb the chance represent themselves more fully and to broach subjects important to them in a coherent context. The single Not Cute, Anymore crystalizes some central themes of the album - coming to terms with the fact that you’re never really ready to get older, and the process of settling in to who you are and where you fit.

Fresh from their tour of Australia, Singapore and Malaysia, the band will be playing around the country throughout May. Carb on Carb will have limited copies of the Malaysian tape release by Toothache Splinter on tour with them.

Recently announced for the preeminent emo/pop punk festival Fest 14 in Florida this October, you might want to check them out.


Fri 8 – Palmerston North – Great Job!
w/ T54 (CHCH), Tuff Wizard (WGTN) and Man in Rug

Sat 9 – Wellington – Eyegum Music Collective
w/ T54 (CHCH) and Tuff Wizard

Fri 15 – Dunedin – Chicks Hotel
w/ Shunkan (INV) and Males

Sat 16 – Christchurch – Darkroom
w/ The River Jones and Class Pictures

Fri 29 – Auckland – Absolutely Trashed
w/ Man in Rug (PN), Whiteout Boy, Jocks and Trust Punks

Sat 30 – Hamilton – Creative Waikato
w/ I.E. Crazy (AKL) and Ancient Tapes

Sat 30 – Hamilton – Nivara Lounge
w/ I.E. Crazy (AKL), Man in Rug (PN) and Ancient Tapes

See Carb on Carb’s Facebook page for times and ticketing details.

Carb on Carb are James Stuteley (drums, vocals) and Nicole Gaffney (guitar, vocals).

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Carb on Carb Album Release Tour (press release)


Heavy is an infectiously energetic rap duo packing lyrical heat. After being together for little more than a year they have already made a huge impact in there home-town of Auckland playing 2015’s Chronophonium, Laneway & Splore Festivals. After a warm reception of their 2014 EP Tasty they are looking at expanding their reach with an debut album titled Lock In. They answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Who are your role models in the NZ music industry? 

Liam: My biggest role models are the curators of Chronophonium. They’ve achieved something truly beautiful and inspirational with their own special brand of DIY festival.
Reem: I guess it would have to be all my friends who seem to be constantly releasing new and amazing material. It motivates me to put out more music.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Liam: As amazing as it was to play festivals as big as Laneway and Splore I’d have to say my favourite show was with Spring Break last year at Whammy Bar. The room was literally dripping with sweat. It was a big hot sticky mess and I loved every second of it.
Reem: Recently we supported Jurassic 5 which has been a dream since I was young. It was all too surreal, especially meeting them afterwards. They were chill as fuck.

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Liam: Momentary Decline by Caroles and Bruce Farm by Greenfog are probably my favourite of the year.
Reem: Nikolai has produced and recorded some amazing work recently. I’m holding out for the album, it’s gonna be dope. I love the latest releases from Caroles and Greenfog too.

What can we expect to see from Heavy over the next year?

Liam: The next few months will be a number of firsts for us. Our first tour, album, physical release, t-shirts and stickers. Hopefully our album will give us some traction/funds to tour the South Island later in the year and let us release it on vinyl.

Tell us about Heavy’s next release.

Liam: The debut album is titled Lock In and in true Heavy nature is short and sweet. Despite it’s length it’s something I’m really proud of. The majority of the album is made up of melodies created by chopping up our own voices which really makes its sound our own.
Reem: Our album has more variety than what people are probably used to with our old music. I wouldn’t say it’s massively ‘deep’, but it has more range, for us anyway. This album has definitely been an experiment, from tone to beats to meaning. I dunno, just listen to it.

Heavy is Liam and Reem.

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Heavy Debut Album Release Tour (press release)


Sound The Ocean

Sound the Ocean – Seven music teachers by day, seven musicians by night (or whenever it’s show time). Seven’s a big number for a band and that’s because these guys (and one gal) think big. Hail from a small country? They’ll take the world thanks! Like to keep things low key? They’ll make a big song and dance about it! And big songs they do make. Their upcoming single Ghost Town is big enough to scare any ghost from any town – not that it’s frightening – rather it’s bound to appeal to those who like to sing along (and it’s common knowledge that ghosts do not).

Initially performing as the Nick Kraenzlin Band in 2010, a complete rebrand led to the name change. The group’s debut album Wait for the Morning (slated for 2013) was penned by Nick as a suite of thematically-linked songs as part of his portfolio for his Master of Arts degree. After recording demos at The Porch (nestled in rural Waikato), the band set off for Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios to track the album. And the band does not disappoint with their live shows as they deliver stadium-ready, anthemic pop/rock songs equally as wide as the horizon and deep as the ocean live as they do through your best pair of headphones. The band answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

What inspired you to start Sound the Ocean?

Nick had a bunch of songs that lent themselves to an expansive sound. Hence a seven-piece band of like-minded musicians united for the common cause of creating music and fighting crime.

How did you come up with the name Sound the Ocean?

Well we needed a name that reflected the aforementioned expansive sound. Jon was reading a Shakespeare play (as bass players tend to do) and he came across the line “Go sound the ocean, and cast your nets.” Bingo! New band name!

How would you describe Sound the Ocean’s music in one sentence?

Nick calls it “stadium pop”. Bingo! New genre!

What sets you apart from other bands?

I think we still hold the record for the least amount of tattoos in a Kiwi band. Perhaps more recent survey might suggest otherwise...

What is Sound the Ocean’s long term goal?

To appear on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon... or Paul Henry’s Breakfast show. Either is fine.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Literature, day-to-day life, Wes Anderson movies, World Cup Cricket/Rugby, other well-crafted music.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Oh! So many! One that comes to mind is a show at the Kings Arms with Tom Lark, Artisan Guns and Tiger Town. Great to see a packed venue with people singing along but getting the words wrong ‘cause they don’t know the songs too well.

What NZ musicians or bands would you like to see more of, and why?

Amanda would say Brooke Fraser, Jon would say Kora, Brett would say The Mint Chicks (reformed), Jason would say Kimbra, Nick would say Hans Kraenzlin, Brendon would say Late 80s Mercedes and Jesse would say The Naked and Famous. Why? Why not? They’re all awesome!

What local albums have you been enjoying recently?

Sing Along with The Yoots (The Yoots), PanAm (PanAm), The Golden Echo (Kimbra).

Tell us about Sound the Ocean’s next release.

We can’t wait to release our debut album. It’s called Wait For the Morning and it’s going to grab New Zealanders ears and hearts. I wouldn’t be surprised if it changed the industry as we know it... just quietly.

What rumour would you like to start about Sound the Ocean?

The Prime Minister is lobbying for our song Don’t Let Go to become the new National Anthem. We declined as we’re not sell-outs. Plus it’s already being used in a Chevrolet ad.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Never take advice from musicians.

What can you never leave home without?

House keys.

Sound The Ocean is (L-R) Jon Clarke (bass), Brett Wilson (guitar, keyboards), Jason Henderson (guitar), Amanda Kraenzlin (vocals), Nick Kraenzlin (vocals, guitar), Brendon Rickard (drums) and Jesse Te Weehi (keyboards).

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NZBLOKES.CO.NZ is a website and social community, and despite having blokes in the title, we welcome anyone and everyone! We are a small group of dedicated people who share opinions, promote events, and create exclusive original content aimed at entertaining and informing. Like anything, we started out small and have worked hard to grow the following we have now. This has allowed us to start creating not just more, but better content all round in our various areas of interest. Those areas are largely gaming, technology, cars, sports, music, movies, and basically anything else we feel like doing at the time. We are always looking for more contributors, so if you are keen to help out in any area, hit us up and we will see what we can do!

So yeh, that's what NZ Blokes is, but who am I? My name is Francis and I have been behind most of the music content
for NZ Blokes. I started out on the tech/gaming side but saw an opportunity to start up a music branch and have rolled with that ever since. I started out with a few gig and album reviews of bands I was keen on, trying to help get them some more exposure with the bigger audience that I had available. I then got an email from Devilskin asking if I wanted to interview them, and I nervously accepted, which then started the video interview side of what I have been doing! Now 18 videos later here I am. It has been awesome being able to talk to all of these talented NZ musicians and I cannot wait to continue on as well as take things up a notch! I have a lot of big plans and it’s just a matter of time before I am able to execute them, so watch this space!

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NZ Music News

NZ Music Month 2015 is here!


31 days of celebrating local music in our venues, libraries, schools, parks, on our screens and on our stereos. With over 700 events around the country listed on our gig guide this year’s celebrations are busier than ever.  And back by popular demand, NZ Music Month t-shirts are available at the NZ Music Month website.

NZ Music Month Manager Simon Woods says "NZ Music Month exists to celebrate our music makers and the music they create – its a thirty-one day cultural celebration where you will find local music coming through the nations speakers, online and in venues, clubs and community spaces across the country".

NZ Music Commission Chief Executive Cath Andersen said “For the fifteenth annual celebration there are more shows in NZ Music Month than ever before.  It’s a great reflection of the volume of talent and music there is right across the country. We hope people all over New Zealand get out to see local music this May.”

Full Article

Broods urge young kiwi musos to enter Smokefreerockquest

One of the world’s hottest emerging music acts is telling young Kiwis that entering Smokefreerockquest is a great way to enter the Kiwi music industry.

Georgia Nott from Broods says entering the event was the start of their music success. She and her brother Caleb were members of the Nelson indie rock band, The Peasants, national winners of Smokefreerockquest in 2011. The nationwide, original, youth music contest kicks off with a launch in Auckland on May 7, and Georgia is encouraging other young musos to enter.  

She says the contest set Broods off on a career that includes the hit single and Silver Scroll winner Bridges, a contract with a major record company, a win at the New Zealand Music Awards and a hectic touring schedule, most recently with American band, Haim, and UK artists Ellie Goulding and Sam Smith.

Fittingly, this year’s event launch heralds New Zealand Music Month, with the first gig in Gisborne on May 2, ahead of the official launch. Around 650 bands and solo-duos are expected to enter the event, meaning a total of around 3000 young people will compete over the next three months in 24 towns from Invercargill to Kerikeri.

Full Article

New Zealand Country Music Awards - Country Album and Song Finalists Announced

Finalists for the 2015 Recorded Music NZ Best Country Music Album and APRA Best Country Music Song have been announced today with the line-up clearly demonstrating the power of effective collaborations.

Finalists in the Best Country Music Album category are Lyttelton born Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams for Sad But True Volume 3, Auckland’s Glen Moffatt for Superheroes and Scary Things and Tami Neilson with Dynamite!.

Auckland’s Tami Neilson also features in the APRA Best Country Music Song category for You Lie. She is up against Waimate’s Kaylee Bell and Jared Porter for their song Pieces and Dunedin’s Bill Morris for Hinterland.  

Collaborations and features have proven a winning formula for this year’s finalists, highlighting the benefits musicians gain from New Zealand’s tight-knit country music community.

Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams have collaborated again for the third instalment in their Sad But True album series. The series has been hugely successful for the talented duo with the first volume winning the 2013 Tui for Best Country Album.

2015 finalist Tami Neilson lent her powerful voice to Sad But True Volume 3, featuring on the single Whiskey and Kisses.

In the APRA Best Country Music Song category, 2014 Tui winner for best album Kaylee Bell and awards newcomer Jared Porter, joined to create Pieces, a song of heartbreak that has resonated with country music fans.

The collaboration between Kaylee Bell and Jared Porter is up against some strong competition from the solo artists, with first-time finalist Bill Morris getting a nod for his song Hinterland and country veteran Tami Neilson for You Lie.

Full Article

The Rock presents the NZ Music Month Sessions at Ding Dong Lounge

Five of Auckland’s top bands Fire At Will, Ekko Park, Silence The City, New Reptiles and Valedictions are set to rock the NZ Music Month Sessions at the Ding Dong Lounge in Auckland CBD.

Fire At Will’s impressive live show has earned them gigs with Supergroove, I Am Giant, The Feelers, Blacklistt and Devilskin as well as a mainstage spot at the Jim Beam Homegrown festival in 2014. Their first single Can’t Wait saw them climbing the NZ Rock chart with Rivers and She’ll Rev You Up from their debut album The Way Out receiving extensive play on the radio airwaves. Fire At Will perform the NZ Music Month Sessions on Friday 8 May.

Ekko Park has sold out tours across New Zealand, toured the United Kingdom and Ireland, received substantial airplay on local and international TV and radio stations and their debut album Tomorrow Tomorrow Today was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2014 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. Catch these guys on Friday 22 May at the NZ Music Month Sessions.

Valedictions are a three piece Rock outfit who in March released their debut, self-titled EP. In 2010 they played at the Big Day Out and supported The Veils with Cairo Knife Fight. They’ve had several tracks played on The Rock including singles Hey Lady, Guilty Man, Come and Get It and Motivation. Catch Valedictions with Ekko Park on Friday 22 May.

Silence The City are a melodic high energy Rock band. Their debut EP Holdfast was released in 2012, featuring single Lie After Lie which received radio play. In March they played the mainstage at the Jim Beam Homegrown festival and have since released a music video for Brave which was filmed at the event and next month they open for Everclear in Auckland and Wellington. Don’t miss them on Friday 29 May.

New Reptiles are a brand new and virtually unheard of Kiwi band with two videos released In America and No Expectations. In America has already received airplay on The Rock and next month, they open for Everclear in Christchurch. New Reptiles play on Friday 15 May.

Full Article

Announcing the 2015 Taite Music Prize Winner

The winner of the sixth annual Taite Music Prize 2015 is Jakob for their album Sines released on Shoot The Freak.

Pennie Black, a member of the 2015 judging panel, commented: “Jakob produced a beautiful, thought provoking album. Listening to Sines, one is spirited away to a mystical place, from which you don’t want to return from. 

The album art was a complete stand out, and complimented the emotion and creative soundscape summoned by the band.”

Named after the late Dylan Taite, one of the country's most highly respected music journalists, this was the sixth year for the prestigious award. The Taite Music Prize's purpose is to recognise outstanding creativity for an entire collection of music contained on one album. Jakob wins a cash prize of $10,000, to be spent as they wish. The Taite Music Prize is organised by Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ) and the Founding Partner 

Recorded Music NZ kindly supplies the cash prize. The winner will also receive free recording time at Red Bull Studios and a year’s supply of Red Bull product, alongside two magnums of MOA Beer.

The award winner was announced at an invitation-only event attended by around 300 people at Galatos Live in Auckland’s central city. Delaney Davidson and Don McGlashan both performed highlight sets for the gathered guests and Lorde provided a short speech on her Taite Music Prize win the previous year. The event was live-streamed to the public via 95bFM’s YouTube channel.

Full Article
The Taite Music Prize: Announcing this year’s ‘Independent Music NZ Classic Record’ Award

MMF Music Managers Awards Finalists announced

MMF New Zealand, Recorded Music New Zealand, APRA, Neuw Denim and the New Zealand Music Commission are proud to announce the finalists for the 2015 Music Managers Awards.

A highlight on the calendar for the true superstars of New Zealand music, the MMF Music Managers Awards are being held at The Tuning Fork in Auckland on Wednesday 13 May.

Celebrating the endless contribution that managers make behind the scenes to the music that we all love, the MMF Music Managers Awards recognise the work of managers who go above and beyond the call of duty – those who don’t simply organise their artists but are there for every single step of the way.


Full Article

2015 Vodafone Pacific Music Award Finalists

The finalists for the 2015 Vodafone Pacific Music Awards have been announced and it is new talent that is dominating the line-up.

Team Dynamite from Auckland is a finalist in an impressive four categories.

Band members Lucky Lance, Tony Tz and Haz Beats’ debut hip hop album Shepherd's Delight has secured Team Dynamite finalist spots for Nui FM Best Pacific Urban Artist and Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album. The single from the same album Coconut Lime is up for APRA Best Pacific Song and NZ On Air Best Pacific Music Video.

Team Dynamite is going head to head with Pacific music industry veteran Cydel which is also a finalist for four awards.

Cydel members Saipele Nili and David Letoa, both from South Auckland, were finalists in 2006 and won the Nui FM Best Pacific Urban Artist Award in 2008. The band is up for the Nui FM Best Pacific Urban Artist Award category again this year, along with Radio 531pi Best Pacific Group, APRA Best Pacific Song and Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album.

Auckland’s Fiafia Band joins Team Dynamite and Cydel in the battle for Recorded Music NZ Best Pacific Music Album for the 2014 release, Siva Siva Maia.

The winner of the Best Pacific album category is presented with a Tui and recognised at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards later this year.

2015 sees Auckland’s K.One and Wellington’s TJ Taotua debut in the finals line-up with both up for NZ Music Commission Best Pacific Male Artist. Joining them is last year’s NZ On Air Best Pacific Video winner, Wellington’s King Kapisi. TJ Taotua, also nominated for Best Pacific Gospel artist.

In the Best Pacific Female Artist category, Samoa based artist Lole Usoalii-Hickey is up against Auckland’s Julie Ta’ale aka Mz J and five-time Pacific Music Awards finalist, Erakah.

Full Article


You can read all the latest NZ music news here.

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Grant Stantiall photographed The Bads on 24 April 2015 in Te Awamutu. You can check out his photos here.

Dfekt Interview

James interviewed Dfekt about their newest EP Influence. You can read the full interview here.

NZ Blokes Interview with Six60

Thanks to Francis from NZ Blokes, you can check out his interview with Six60 here.


All our interviews can be read here.

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NZ Top 10 Singles

    Doja Cat
    Kenya Grace
    Tate McRae
    Dave And Central Cee
    Olivia Rodrigo
    Taylor Swift
    Drake feat. SZA
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