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Newsletter Issue #46: 01 May 2005

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It's New Zealand Month!

....Fresh winter breezes, crisp early mornings, chilly damp evenings and all the shivering you can muster up....yup it's New Zealand Music Month and this year it hits 5!

So for those of you that are, maybe a little behind in NZ musical loops, NZ music month is this month (May, if you're really out of it) and the sole purpose is to promote NZ goodness just that little bit more. Pumping out gig after gig, featuring some of NZs top acts and some of NZs hidden gems. Kind of just like every other month music wise, but May seems to be the 'chosen' one to really beat out the talent.

There are soo many gigs you can check out this month, if you take a look on the gig guide. Don't moan if you live in a tiny little cranny that gets no music shows...now’s the perfect time to get together with some friends, hire a venue and invite your favourite bands to town to play a rocking gig. You never know it could just be the start of something and you can thank the wonder of NZ music month 05.

The good thing about May however, is that bands and recording companies tend to get into a festive spirit and put on gigs for free. This is nice and easy on your pockets to attend, but in the end lets you spend your cold hard moolah on the bands merch.

I was having a conversation the other day, as you do, and we got onto the topic of “living life like there’s no tomorrow”. I recon it’s a good way to live, obviously within reason, as you wouldn’t want to blow all your money like you had no tomorrow, but just things in general like taking every opportunity you are given and making the most of them. New Zealand is a lucky country to be able to give citizens such freedom and wouldn’t you rather live to a ripe old age and be able to sit your grandchild on your knee and tell them of all the fun times you’ve had? Well maybe not thinking that far ahead, but at least, live life to the fullest and have fun! I don’t see much point in stressing out about things; they are going to smooth…eventually.

Well that was my attempt at horoscopes, and I now know I would be a terrible physic reader/motivational speaker and will no longer consider it as a job. Hope everyone has an awesome kick off to NZ music month 05 and make sure you get out and ‘amongst it’ and take advantage of all these free gigs!

Until next time, live life, have fun,


We (4Eulogi) released our first single, 'Over You' about two months ago with the help of NZ on Air.  This did very well, especially on Juice TV where it stayed in the top 25 people's choice charts for 4 weeks.  Our second single, 'Miss Elleneous' will be released within the coming months. We will be doing the video shortly for 'Miss Elleneous'.

We plan to push our profile more this year, by getting more involved with the media, releasing a few more singles, and potentially get an album started.  We have just performed on Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands, in the Auckland festival AK05, and have other gigs coming up in the Coromandel area, so come along!  For information about us and everything we are doing, just visit our website on www.4eulogi.com.

You can also check out 4Eulogi on muzic.net.nz.

Eight Orange Orchard

2005 sparks a fresh start for New Plymouth based ska band Eight Orange Orchard.  Releasing their first seven track EP “Ska’d For Life” at the end of 2004 after gaining recording time through the “Play It Strange” trust and self funding, the group had sold out their first print of 500 CD’s in less than three months. The young band of high schoolers ranging between the ages of 13 and 18 has gained great support from the local New Zealand music scene.  Recently, after Eight Orange Orchard’s trombonist, Ashley Boswell left for university in Christchurch, the band restructured and worked out their plans for the rest of 2005. Coming back with a new heavier “third wave’ ska sound the band have just recorded a demo of their song “Kate”, which they are hoping will allow them to gain air play and greater exposure in the New Zealand music scene this year. Eight Orange Orchard will be putting their utmost effort into their performance for the 2005 Rockquest and Play It Strange competition and the release of another CD this year.

You can check out more on Eight Orange Orchard at muzic.net.nz.

What's New

New Artists

The following new artists were adding to muzic.net.nz over the past two weeks. Check them out and show them your support:

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Section A Savage
Just n Effect Beatnick
Picture Alpine Fault
Rogue Element & The Sun Drenched Sands Axis Mile
EUCLiD Tourettes


Congratulations to M. Harris (Wellington) and B. Gee (Auckland) for winning the Boost Mobile Hookup Tour prize packs.

We're currently giving away copies of Sullen Moon's album "Lost In The Park" and the new greatest hits album from Toy Love. Plus keep an eye out for more great New Zealand music give-aways over New Zealand Music month! Check out the competitions page to get in the draw!

NZ Top 10 Singles

    Tommy Richman
    Sabrina Carpenter
    Billie Eilish
    Sabrina Carpenter
    Post Malone feat. Morgan Wallen
    Kendrick Lamar
    Billie Eilish
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