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Newsletter Issue #431: 12 May 2013

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NZ Music Month 2013

The Hamma

The Hamma is a dirty kick-ass four-piece rock band from Hawke's Bay who play original songs and classic covers. Their album Panzer Tank is out now. Glen provided the following information for muzic.net.nz:

Pete and Hugh started the band in 1984 (photo at right) while they were school mates at Napier Boys. Kev was added on drums soon after and with various lead guitarists they gigged around the Bay in garages and warehouses as well as pubs and The Cabana (the country's oldest pure live-music venue), which was in its ceiling-dripping heyday. They recorded their originals using a VHS recorder and a couple of microphones to use as demos, but then their lead guitarist at the time was killed in a motorbike accident and things just kind of fell apart after that.

After a 15 year hiatus Hugh returned to Hawke's Bay from a long stint in Australia and immediately bumped in to Pete in the supermarket. It didn't take long before they decided to reform The Hamma and tracked down Kev. They did a few gigs as a 3 piece, returning to their old stomping ground, The Cabana, which had been resurrected with the help of Ian Morris and friends. In 2011 they went back to being a 4 piece when they added a second guitarist,  Bomber, to the mix, and started gigging in earnest again. In 2012 they re-recorded their originals, and produced the single Snake's Eyes before releasing the album Panzer Tank in Jan 2013.

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

It's got to be Snake's Eyes. It's a really catchy riff, and it gets people up dancing every time. It's real popular with the ladies.

What is the one thing you want NZ to know about The Hamma?

We're honest. We know we ain't young and we sure ain't pretty: we're just a straight-up old-school hard-rockin' band. We're not trying to be something we're not and we do things our own way. We produced the album ourselves (mostly because we're too poor to afford all the fancy stuff), but also so we could keep control of our sound and try stuff out we which we couldn't if we had deadlines imposed by record companies/managers etc Not that we'd say no to doing it the fancy way!

How would you describe The Hamma’s music in one sentence?

Raw and powerful, but something you can boogie/tap your foot/bang your head to and still hear the lyrics and instruments.

What is The Hamma’s long term goal?

Just to get our stuff out to the masses. We're not motivated by making money out of it really (although we wouldn't say no!), we just love playing and listening to rock/metal/whatever you want to call it. For us it's all about having a bit of fun and hopefully entertaining the people who hear/see us.

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Bands like Motorhead, AC/DC and Black Sabbath. Pete and Hugh went backstage with Lemmy and Motorhead when they played in Napier in about 1984. Lemmy gave them some Ritz crackers with speed on!

What can we expect to see from The Hamma over the next year?

We're just organising some gigs again after spending the last 6 months getting the album finished. We should be doing Smash Palace in Gizzy in the next few months and there are more dates to come. We're also working on new songs for the next album.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

JFDI! Don't worry about "not being good enough". Just put your stuff out there and see what happens.

The Hamma are Pete (vocals, guitar), Hugh (bass), Kev (drums) and Bomber (lead guitar).

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Bluebird Avenue

Bluebird Avenue is an alternative acoustic guitar-based act from Auckland. Their influences include Elliott Smith, Jackson Browne, Jeff Beck, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds, and Miles Davis. Danny answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Which one of your songs are you most proud of, and why?

Small Mercies is a personal favourite, being a very different kind of song to what I would or could have written when I was younger. There is a nice union between the lyrics and the mood of the music – a quiet desperation and resignation. It’s a lovely song to play live too, always taking us on a slightly different journey.

Do you have any plans for future collaborations with other musicians? Who would they be?

One of the plans for this year is to incorporate more instruments into our music, as each song requires. The next song we are working towards recording (Motel) will feature guitar, banjo, piano, violin, and close vocal harmonies. The players will be determined once we figure out what each song wants.

How would you describe Bluebird Avenue’s music in one sentence?

Lyrical, melodic, and delicious.

What has been your most memorable show to date?

Probably the first time we played at the Bunker Hill Folk Review (an all-acoustic show held in a war bunker on Devonport’s Mt. Victoria). A wonderful & slightly surreal experience. Old folk posters on the walls, a crackling fire, and a fantastic and attentive audience.

What is Bluebird Avenue’s long term goal?

To keep enjoying creating good music together and let the project develop organically (be it in terms of players, genres, instruments).

Where do you get your inspiration to create music from?

Anywhere and everywhere. Books, different styles of music, words overheard, images, things that happen to people we know, and just plain old imagination. It’s very freeing to realise that songs can be about anything.

What can we expect to see from Bluebird Avenue over the next year?

A few more recordings hopefully (we have some killer tracks lined up to record), lots more live shows around Auckland, and maybe the odd bit of busking if we’re raising funds for recording.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Anything you learn about music will help your musicianship, be it theory, history, aural, trying different instruments or listening to music you wouldn’t normally listen to. Be open to all of it, and it will influence both your playing and your writing. Don’t pay too much attention to what’s happening in the charts. Instead, focus on developing your own unique sound that stirs something in you when you play it. Have a family member or a friend be a sounding board for your ideas, and be open to being critiqued (it can be hard, but well worth it to get a different perspective on things).

Tell us about Bluebird Avenue’s next release.

The next track we are releasing will be our most ambitious piece yet, being a reworking of a song we recorded last year, Pin – but with the addition of a beautifully arranged string section by Ryan Youens (the outro has 18 separate instruments swirling around each other). Sounds massive!

What inspired you to start Bluebird Avenue?

Having played together since 2005 (Sam is Danny’s ex-guitar student) and having developed a strong musical rapport, we initially started up the project as a means to explore some new songs that we’d written. Rehearsing once a week, the new songs started to appear quite quickly and the bulk of them seemed to be keepers. We enjoyed the regular rehearsal sessions, and the opportunities that arose from them (getting offered places to play, meeting all sorts of cool and musical people, live radio shows, recordings etc.).

Bluebird Avenue is Danny Crocome (guitar, vocals) and Sam Ogilvie (guitar, vocals).

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Download the track Burning Black for free!


NZ Music News

Calling all entries for the APRA Silver Scroll Awards 2013

Entries are now open for the 2013 APRA Silver Scroll Awards. The Silver Scroll Awards celebrate excellence in three areas –the APRA Silver Scroll for the best original song, the APRA Maioha Award for the best contemporary waiata, and the SOUNZ Contemporary Award for the best contemporary classical work.

The Silver Scroll has a long and rich history, having been awarded to New Zealand songwriters for creative excellence since 1965. The awards night itself is undoubtedly the industry’s favourite night out – a night celebrating New Zealand’s finest songwriters and composers. On the night each of the five finalists for the Silver Scroll Award, plus the Maioha and SOUNZ winners are treated to a surprise rendition of their song, a part of the awards that has produced some amazing once in a lifetime covers.

Full Article

Children’s Music Awards 2013 – Entries Open

Entries are now open for the 2013 Children's Music Awards.

Started in 2008, the Children's Music Awards strive to highlight and support the New Zealand songwriters and composers that write for our nation's children. APRA sponsors two awards- the APRA Children's Song of the Year and the What Now Children's Music Video of the Year. The Awards are held annually in Christchurch as part of StarFest, the finale event of Christchurch City Council's two-week KidsFest.

As well as the best song and video of the year, 2013 will also see the return of the RIANZ Children’s Music Album of the Year (Tui Award).

The winner/s of all three awards will be announced at the Children’s Music Awards in Christchurch on Saturday 27th July 2013, as part of the two week long KidsFest, run by the Christchurch City Council.

Full Article

2013 National Country Music Awards

One of the most prestigious events on the country music calendar, the 2013 National Country Music Awards will be held at Founders Theatre, Hamilton on Saturday August 17 and this year’s show will feature, for first time ever in New Zealand, a performance from International multi-award winning JUICE NEWTON!!!

Kiwi Music fans will know Newton best from her NZ Top-10 hits Angel of the Morning, Queen of Hearts and The Sweetest Thing (I've Ever Known) but she has also had 14 Top-10 hits in the US, hit tracks in much of Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia, plus won numerous awards such as her Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Top International Country Artist at the Australian Music Awards.

Promoters Kiwi Pro-Am are very proud to have International music legend Juice Newton feature alongside some of New Zealand’s best young performers including; 2013 Horizon Award nominees CAMERON SCOTT, JOSHUA GRAY and DAVID SHANHUN, Telstra Road To Discovery winner GENA ROSE BRUCE (AUS) as well as winners of the 2012 National Country Music Awards, JODY DIREEN, KYLIE PRICE, TREVOR V STEVENS, THE HEARTLEYS, ALY COOK and 2013 Toyota Star-maker Songwriter winner KAYLEE BELL.

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Country Album & Song Finalists Announced

The finalists for the RIANZ Best Country Music Album 2013 have been announced today (29 April) and none is a stranger to music accolades.

Duo Delaney Davidson & Marlon Williams, songstress Donna Dean and string band The Eastern have all tasted success at one stage or another during their careers.

Delaney Davidson and Marlon Williams are finalists for Sad but True – The Secret History of Country Music Songwriting Vol. 1. Donna Dean joins the final three for Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts while The Eastern makes the list for Hope and Wire.

Also announced are the finalists for the APRA Best Country Song Award for 2013 with two of the finalists up for both best album and best song.

Jess Shanks, of Best Country Album finalist trio The Eastern, is a finalist for her ballad Wait out the Winter. Delaney and Marlon have also achieved the coveted accolade of a double finals berth with their hit Bloodletter. Rob Joass joins the final three for Baggage.

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Base FM Digital Liberation Campaign Update

Base FM is cruising through the 2nd week of NZ Music Month like OMC in a Chevy 69!

Managing director Jazz is stoked about the digital push so far. “Digital Liberation has been the most stressful but also most rewarding and exciting thing initiative for BASE since first launching on Freeview in 2008. BASE has never been this strong, there’s no doubt about it! And this is only the beginning…”

The 2nd episode of the Digital Liberator Webisode Series It All Starts In The Underground... is out now! The new episode sets its focus on Base FM's capacity to serve as a cultural incubator that nurtures the sound of the underground.

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Canberra Festival Invites Young New Zealand Talent to Perform

A group of eight students from the New Zealand School of Music has been invited to play at the Canberra International Music Festival this May. All eight musicians have been students of the New Zealand String Quartet, artists in residence at the New Zealand School of Music.

The Festival, held from 10-19 May 2013, features music from Australian, American and British composers performed by Australian and international artists.

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Highly Praised NZ Indie Rock Band The Glocks About To Supply Fans With New Sound

Auckland based rock group The Glocks are looking towards the release of their second studio album before year end 2013 with new lead singer Carl Hoggen.

Inspired by the recent success of their debut album Magpie Genocide both locally and on the international scene, the group is about to set foot into the studio for the production of album number two, and the boys are keen to provide their steadily growing fan base with more of the same 80’s and 90’s influenced guitar and drum sound – albeit with a new voice to lead the way.

Full Article

CHARTDISC Vol 6 out now!

CHART is pleased to present their latest instalment in the CHART CD series, with the release of their new Emerging Artists compilation. This free music sampler contains a selection of some of the talented and exciting new artists that are coming out of our city at present.

The disc features a dynamic collection of styles and genres and its aim is; to provide a great listening experience, to promote local music, and to acknowledge the artists involved of their hard work and perseverance, during the adverse conditions presented in Christchurch in recent times.

Christchurch has been home to many successful artists over the years. And who knows, the next rising star could be featured right here? There is certain to be something on this release to satisfy your musical palate, so please take the time to listen to and enjoy this compilation, and share it amongst your friends and colleagues.

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Jay Roacher reaches #1 on theaudience.co.nz April Wildcard chart

Christchurch born Jay Roacher is a rapper/emcee whose recent return to the music industry has been turning heads. This resulted in a burst of online support and saw Roacher finish at #1 on theaudience.co.nz and secure NZ On Air Wildcard Making Tracks funding.

Roacher’s collaborations with other industry heavy-weights including former Wildcard winner Louie Knuxx, along with Nettsmoney and Tourettes, saw his track Pretty Day To Die rise quickly to #1 on the Wildcard chart.

“Having my songs on theaudience has been great, seeing how amazing my supporters are and being able to get my music out to a wider audience,” Roacher explained. “It's also been one of the most nerve wracking things I've experienced; I've had about 50 panic attacks in the last week!”

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The Rockshop and The Lab present The Kiwi FM Short Sets

For the month of May, The Rockshop and The Lab present The KIWI FM SHORT SETS.

In each SHORT SET the band or musician performs 2 original songs and a cover song from a NZ artist - to keep in the NZ Music Month spirit.

A selection of our finest local bands will record their SHORT SET at the Lab under the award winning engineer ears of Olly Harmer. The quality and great vibe of the The Lab has reflected on the fantastic sound of these recordings.

Tune in to hear new and old songs from the artists – as well a unique cover version of a NZ song – Listen out for Pikachunes covering Fur Patrol's Lydia, Street Chant covering Blam Blam Blam's There is No Depression in NZ and She's So Rad covering Waves by Superette. We can’t tell you any more.

Full Article

New Releases

The Warratahs Release New Single ‘Silver Day’
Paddy Fred releases debut EP 'Laminate'

Beards-R-Us: Debut Single - No Time For A Shave

Superturtle - Beat Manifesto
Eden Mulholland releases debut album ‘Feed The Beast’ in June
New Single ‘Yams’- Brockaflowersaurus-Rex & The Blueberry Biscuits
Matt Langley releases Virginia Avenue' and adds new NZ tour dates
Fat Freddy's Drop Blackbird Set To Soar
Awa To Release New EP On May 17
Agent Release New Album Kingdom of Fear On May 6th 2013

Tours and Gigs

Dick Tracy Single Release Gig
Taylor Swift Returns To NZ On The Red Tour
James Blake Announces One NZ Show
Christchurch band Phantom Empire announce NZ Music Month Schools Tour
Solid Announces Manic Street Preachers First Time In NZ
Announcing Engelbert Humperdinck
P-Money Announces Gratitude Australasian Tour with David Dallas
Sony Music Presents 'Homemade' May 23rd at Galatos

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