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Newsletter Issue #42: 03 Apr 2005

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The New Zealand Flag Debate

Imagine that you are staying in a foreign country. One day you stumble upon our New Zealand flag flying high. As you stare at it with adoring, homesick eyes, a local comes up to you and says "So you must be from Australia?" Sound familiar? This is just one of the problems sparking debate among New Zealanders about our current New Zealand flag. Many people are joining the line for a new national flag, and amidst them is some of our Kiwi musicians.

Barnaby Weir from The Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties says that it is "not inspiring." Gareth Farr describes the flag as an "anachronistic symbol." Te Awanui Reeder from Nesian Mystik has "never connected with it." These are some of the opinions of not only our musicians, but a countless number of Kiwi's.

The current flag lacks the emotional connection that a flag should have with the people of it's country. It needs to symbolize the people. And it should be said that we are a vibrant, out going, creative and determined. Our flag, is just another flag, in a crowd of flags. This certainly does not represent the spirit of this country. Wouldn't you want a flag that you would be proud to know is yours?

People say the current flag is out dated and that it needs to move on. This does not mean that we should forget the past, but people who want a new flag want to incorporate the present and the future into it. But yet keep it simple. It should be instantly recognisable and powerful enough to bring back feelings of pride and triumph to all New Zealnders, wherever in the world.

Barnaby Weir, Gareth Farr and Te Awanui Reeder join Deborah Wai Kapohe, John Toogood, John Psathas and Neil Finn, who says that is time to change the national anthem too, on the list of Kiwi musicians who have spoken up about their opinion on the New Zealand flag. They want a change. Basically, as singer and songwriter Deborah Wai Kapohe said, we need to "look to the future as one people." These people are for a flag that represents our strong heritage and diversity.

For more comments from New Zealand musicians on the New Zealand flag, reasons why we should change the flag, ideas for a new flag and a chance to sign the petition, go to www.nzflag.com

So the debate goes on. Should we or should we not change our flag? And if so, should it contain the silver fern or the L & P bottle?


Eqwanox are a hard rock/grunge band from the Waikato N.Z. since forming in March 2004 this band consisting of James Hanright, Aaron Clark and Nick Douch, have been writing there own band of Rock n Roll the way it should be written, in the garage. Describing their sound to be Nirvana crossed with Metallica crossed with Offspring this band has that garage band sound which provides a lot of surprises.

Eqwanox are wanting 2005 to be the year to get out there and show everybody what they are about. They are looking to record an E.P once they get some money together, and also looking to be doing some touring around the North Island near the end of this year.

To hear some of Eqwanox's material, you can go to www.myspace.com/eqwanox to listen to their home recording of their song SVAD, and you can contact Eqwanox on [email protected]. You can also find out more about Eqwanox on muzic.net.nz.

Edward Gains

1) Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?
I am a fan of the Reduction Agents. I wish good things on them. I have heard tracks from Vooms new album and if there is a god they will be millionares by the end of next year. Also myself, I think that its only a matter of time before the world press are beating down my door, wanting to know more about my private life. But may I also quote Jeff Tweedy from Wilco "the best band will never get signed, they are so good you won't ever know, they never even played a show, you can't hear 'em on the radio"

2) Who would you most like to tour with?
I really want to tour with my good friends Onanon from Dunedin. They are a great band and I have been in various musical partnerships with 2 of the members, and I just think we would have a really great time travelling around together. I know they are touring later in the year maybe, so hopefully I can tag along on that if I ask them nicley and offer to carry an amp or two.

3) What is your most embarrassing concert moment?
On my first ever time on stage as the Ed Gains Experience I jumped up in the air and when I landed I unpluged my guitar by mistake and everything went silent. I was far too wasted to be embarrassed though, and most people said that it was the highlight of the set. Again, I was too wasted to be certain.

4) What are you planning on doing during 2005?
My new album 'Bel Hevi' is getting the finishing touches put on it, so that will come out very soon. Its my first album that I have not done on the four track, and it's all made on a computer with alot of guitars, so I'm pretty excited to see if anyone will like it or play any of the songs on their radio stations. I have also made a home-made video for one of the songs, my first ever video, so again it will be interesting to see if anyone sees it except my mum.

5) What is in your CD collection at home?
I don't really get much chance to listen to music at home, as my son is always listening to The Wiggles, but in my car at the moment I have some Syd Barrett, Wilco, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Verlaines, The 3D's, Daniel Johnston, Grandaddy, Hayden, Pumice, Onanon, Uncle Tupelo, the new Beck album, and the new Queens of the Stone Age album. So if you steal my car, you'll get a crap car with some cool tunes locked in the glovebox.

6) What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?
Keep going no mater what anyone says to you, no matter how few or as many people turn up to your shows. Don't waste too much time on the stupid parts or people in the music business. Enjoy playing your songs and when you stop enjoying those songs write some more.

You can find out more about Edward Gains on muzic.net.nz.

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We've made a couple of changes at muzic.net.nz, to help make some of the areas of the website a bit easier to use.

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