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Newsletter Issue #4: 27 Jun 2004

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muzic.net.nz. Marvellous.

Two weeks ago our new newsletter hit your inbox. It was the first edition of a radically improved and well designed format to keep you up-to-date on what is going on in our music industry. The following week, out came the gig guide. And what a dam good concept that is. A New Zealand music website that actually emails the gig guide for your area straight to you. Marvellous.

This week we continue to profile two more up and coming bands. We see this as a crucial way for you to find out about other bands that are out there, and for the bands themselves to get some much needed publicity. This week we feature Nana Squad and Spinner.

On that gig mailout, you would have noticed that the next big internal tour will be by Eight, ably supported by Opshop. These are two of the biggest bands we have right now, with both drawing big crowds and getting huge airplay on mainstream stations.

About the same time The Managers will be gigging their way around the country, playing a helluva lot of gigs in a short period of time. They are almost playing about as many gigs as Die! Die! Die! do on a nationwide tour!

Then...we go back in time...

Back to when most of us weren't even thought of...back to the bubble gum pop days that is so well demonstrated by The Brunettes. Yes they are back, with a new album and a nationwide tour. There have been a number of pop bands coming out of the woodwork in NZ recently, but none even come close to Heather and co.

But down here within C-City limits we are so happy. Finally, after what has seemed like an eternity our mighty Jetset is back, badder than ever. Ddub reopened the venue a few weeks back to rave reviews, and we can look forward to The Mint Chicks and The Brunettes in the near future. Thank god for that! I really couldn't take another gig at the acoustic nightmare than is the Rocky Cola.

Now we wait for the 60's to hit us...


Nana Squad

1) Who are your favourite New Zealand musicians/bands?

We Dunno!!!! They are amazing! Why aren't these guys famous? We've played with a lot of different bands over the years though, we all like different stuff so we all have personal favourites but we all like We Dunno.

2) Who would you most like to support live?

"support" ha ha, we don't like that word, you mean "play with". You say "support" its like a put down Ha ha. No one's a whole lot better than anybody else, just different. I mean theres lots of talanted muso's out there who just can't write songs, and lots of shitty muso's who write great songs. I guess it all evens out. As for foreign bands we'd wanna play with, Jim might say Dave Matthews band but i hate the Dave Matthews band, but he also loves the Darkness so I forgive him. Dougal might wanna play with Pantera or NOFX or any number of bands, you should see that guys CD collection, it is vast and sprawling and very ecclectic, I mean his dream band might be the Pogues. Red might wanna play with Laqwagon i flew to aussie to see them, so he might be a fan. I'd wanna play with someone like Nerf Herder, Bloodhoundgang, Flaming lips, Regurgitator, Kid Koala, NOFX, Roots Manueva, Machine Gun Felatio, I enjoy a spectacle, a fun show, a spectacle, so yeah I'm into way too much different stuff, too hard to narrow down.

3) What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while playing on tour?

You gotta be kidding, I don't have all day!!! Ha ha ha!!! Most stuff I'm not allowed to mention or certain girlfriends may leave certain band members, this country has some very loose "morals" ha ha., but theres been some pretty intense stuff over the years. I've had my jaw dislocated etc ...  Loads of nudity, often at our own peril and often long after the show is over. One time in Mt Manganui we'd been drinking for free all night and we were outside talking to people after the show. A woman approaches me and says she's a police officer and she has to inspect my penis, she undoes my pants and gets it out for all to see, I'm pissed as, lucky to be standing, I dont even really know whats going on. She puts it back and her and her friends try to take me into town with them, our drummer at the time and his girlfriend grab me and bundle me into their car and go back to find the rest of the band. Only thing being that it wasn't their car, but one parked next to it that looked just like it. In the great confusion that followed it turns out the woman who got my cock out REALLY WAS a police officer ha ha ha and I remember waking up the next day with gravel in my pockets, apparently an added bonus of a poorly executed nudie run down one of the mounts many beaches ha ha I even broke the toilet roll off the wall where we were staying, i didnt mean to, I was sober, it was the next morning but i slipped and fell. Typical.

4) Where do you see The Nana Squad in 5 years?

Probably one of the most covered bands in NZ history, I can see some famous band playing one of our songs, doing a much better job of it and us sitting back collecting royalties. Maybe we'll buy a boat.

5) What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

Don't think you're gonna be a rockstar!!! We live on a tiny island in the middle of the freaking ocean, sure theres heaps of good bands around, but the odds of "making it" are so very very slim. I mean Pacifier only sold like 3000 albums in the states or something, they probably sold more than that in Wellington city. Play your music for you, not anybody else, have fun and dont water your sounds down! We deal with so many wankers who think they're gonna be rockstars, writing songs to try and get on the radio etc... whoah baby yeah baby whoah i love you yeah! I mean FUCK! These bands are just crap. There's also very little point in getting "signed" in NZ, if you can get a little money together its easy to release and distribute and tour your own cds, its not beyond any of us, its a tiny fucking country! All a record label has is a foot in the door with the radio stations, licensing and NZ on Air funding etc... If thats the route you wanna take, then cool, but dont think you can't do it yourself. A record label takes a big cut of the cash off your music. Just be realistic, but if someone offers you a million bucks, take the money, turn around and bend over, its what we would do.


1) Who are your favourite New Zealand musicians/bands?

Most of our favourite NZ artists are bands and performers most people wouldn't have heard of.  Over the years we have met     some fantastic people on the local circuit and I really hope they find success.  I truly believe NZ has a lot more to offer than what we are currently seeing.

2) Who would you most like to support live?

This would differ between each member in the band, but personally I think Sting would be amazing to open for.  He is at the top of his game and has some fantastic musicians.  We opened for John Mayer a couple of years ago and that was a lot of fun.  Maybe Ben Harper or the Counting Crows??  There are so many!

3) What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while playing on tour?

I have been performing and touring for over thirteen years and I think of lost touch with what's strange and what's normal.  There's the stereo typical rock n roll stuff - girls - drugs - blah blah - but what cracks me up the most are some of the people I've met and some of the circumstances I've found myself in.  One story I often tell is how we played to a sold theatre one Saturday night to all of these screaming girls (and some guys), played a great show, got an encore and all the rest.  Then just five days later we played in a local pub to literally three people.  Those stories keep you humble!

4) Where do you see Spinner in 5 years?

I have big dreams and wild goals.  I also have good musicians in SPINNER and we have worked extremely hard to get this thing going.  Hopefully it pays off for us and we can take it the whole way.

5) What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?

Work hard.  Be determined.  Never compromise your standards and quality control for the sake of apathy or fear.  Be your biggest fan and your biggest critic.  Make the most of every opportunity that comes along and above all - don't let yourself fall out of love or get bored with music.  Keep yourself fresh!

Spinner's plans for the next year are wrapped up with the release of their new music video for our song 'Talking to the Moon'.  They hope this video and the release of 'Talking to the Moon' on the latest NZ on Air A/C Hit Disk, will help put them on the map.  They are always trying to play higher calibre gigs and work with new people and they are overdue for the studio.  "We have a huge amount of new songs that we wish to record.  On top of that we will keep playing, performing, writing and doing what we do!"

What's New

Adeaze Nationwide Tour

Auckland R&B duo adeaze have just annouced a 18 date tour of New Zealand, taking them to main centres up and down the country.

Following the success of their #1 platinum album "Always & For Real", Adeaze along with Aaradhna & Tofiga Fepulea'i are bringing the Aotearoa Acoustic Tour to a town near you. 

This tour supports TEAR Fund's work with children in developing countries. TEAR Fund has a long-standing association with outstanding musicians and performing artists who share a common passion for music and helping children fulfill their potential.

Full details can be found in our Gig Guide.

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New Releases

New releases due out this week include the long awaited 'Brown Sabbath' from Deja Voodoo, a re-re-release of Goldenhorse's 'Riverhead' and a new CD from The Brunettes.

Flying Nun have also reissued some timeless compilations. The four compilations are 'Getting Older', 'In Love With These Times / Pink Flying Saucers' (2CD), 'Popeyed' and 'Tuatara'. They feature acts like The Clean, Headless Chickens, Straitjacket Fits, HDU and Garagland. These are available from all good record stores for the great price of $18.95.

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