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Newsletter Issue #386: 17 Jun 2012

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20 Years of Human!

New Zealand metal celebrates a milestone on June 23rd as Christchurch's HUMAN throws a party for their 20th anniversary in their hometown.

HUMAN are marking their achievement of surviving 20 years in New Zealand metal by performing a special show at the newly revamped Dux Live (363 Lincoln Road) and have recently stated that the show will be filmed and recorded for a live album / video release later on in 2012. So the more people attending on the night, the better! The band will be playing material from all of their old-school demos up to and including new material from their forthcoming album 'Mystery Meat' which is due for release later on in 2012.

Support bands Dissolution, Awakened Inferno and Lebowski kick off the event. Doors open 9pm.

Tickets are only $7 (plus booking fee) and available now from Under The Radar http://www.utr.co.nz/ and there will be limited door sales on the night.

The muzic.net.nz team would like to congratulate Human on their 20th anniversary.

20th Anniversary Press Release
Gig Details

Scott answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

How would you describe Human’s music?

The million dollar question! Um… it’s definitely metal! I guess the vocal style would class us as ‘death metal’ but we throw a lot of humour in there which isn’t a very death metal thing to do. And we always leaned more towards the British grindcore style than the American thrash metal style. Simple answer: ‘something’ metal.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

It starts with a song title, 99% of the time. And it’s normally from a really dumb observation or catchy phrase that someone says while we’re on tour. Both Vaughn and myself are massive Monty Python fans and that silly style of humour has always been part of the music and lyrics we write. I like to write about zombies but you can only do that so many times. General subject matter can range from; getting stuck in the toilet, been stuck in a storm of raining phlegm, sneaking into a morgue to grab parts for a project or feeding the neighbourhood prowler to your pets. Some of my personal favourite titles are: 'Wave Goodbye To Both Your Hands', 'Outhouse Sniper', 'Bludgeoned To Death With A Blunt Excrement', and 'Retardo The Avenger'.

What inspired you to start Human and how did you come up with the name Human?

It was me and a friend back at the tail end of 1991. We’d jammed a bit in high school and had a falling out. Before long we were hanging out again and both had our guitars at my place and starting making up riffs to songs. My brother lived in the room next door and had a crappy three piece drumkit. We joined forces and I insisted on the name Human because it was the album title of my favourite band Death. The album ‘Human’ had just come out and was blowing socks off around the world. We were the first band in the world to use the name Human too. Many other bands globally use or have used it and it makes me sick to see such terrible bands associated with the name. Drum n bass, pop etc. And to sick a lawyer onto every band that used the name after us would cost us more than we’re ever likely to make so we just deal with it. For me, it’s enough to know that WE are the original Human band.

What can we expect to see from Human over the next year?

After our anniversary show on June 23rd we are rehearsing for our new album. We were already underway with tracking in November last year but then we parted ways with our drummer in the start of 2012. When we got our new drummer (Daniel Pawsey) in we were under the gun to rehearse for shows. Poor guy had to learn 20 songs in a handful of weeks. With the anniversary show last on the list of show ahead we can get into the studio and get cracking on recording again. And we have been waiting very patiently for that day – all of us have.

What will Human’s next release be?

We’re currently using the working title of 'Mystery Meat' for this album. It’ll be available through iTunes and we’ll sell CD’s at shows. So far we have 10 songs lined up for it but with all of the time between our last attempt at recording and now, I have amassed a few more new songs that we haven’t tried playing together yet! I stockpile a great deal of material y’see. I can tell you that it sound very Human and we’ve already let people in on a track from that album which is called 'Teenage Bonesaw Massacre'. We recorded that song in particular to let people know that we were still working and making good music. The song has received airplay all over the NZ radio metal shows, and as far away as Holland, USA, England and Canada. And the audience reach is growing all the time.

What is the best part of being a musician?

In this band? I think I’m pretty lucky to be playing with 3 other musicians that are such awesome people. No egos at all. They’re just into the music we do. And I’ve played with some real arseholes over the years so I know the difference! But to be able to get up on a stage and roar my guts out, and slam on a big ol’ 7 string guitar that sounds like a chainsaw going full tilt really can’t compare to anything else in the world. It’s a great way to vent! I don’t have any time for the snobby musicians that watch you play and talk to you like you’re nothing compared to them. If you’re easy going and up there to have fun then I’m totally on your side. Talent necessarily make someone a great person. A good personality and some ability is far more respectable to me.

HUMAN is Scott (guitar, vocals), Vaughn (bass, vocals), Kezz (guitar)
and Daniel (drums).

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Beautiful Collision

Tones answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

What can we expect to see from Beautiful Collision over the next year?

We’re heading to Napier early in July; Beautiful Collision have been selected to perform at the City Showcase. If we take out the big prize at the Showcase, we’ll earn a slot at Rhythm & Vines 2012 and, we'll be sent off to London next year. We’re pretty excited about all that! We’ll also be heading into the studio this year to work on our debut single/EP; we’re also excited about that! You’ll also see us out there doing more live performances; we’ll be aiming to get out of Auckland so, the people of NZ can expect to experience some collisions of a beautiful kind happening around the country. We’re excited about that too! I guess you could say we’re an excitable bunch.

What advice would you like to give to other aspiring musicians?

Don’t be afraid to follow your dream. Work hard at it; don’t give up. Remember, you’re pursuing something that really excites you; it’s what makes you tick. If it’s really what’s in your heart; take your passion and, make it happen! I think that last bit's a song lyric but we won’t say which song haha.

What will Beautiful Collision’s next release be?

We’ll be releasing our debut single/EP later this year. We’ve had some demos out there for a while now; those tracks are definite contenders but we’re not going to give too much away. We performed a couple of songs live on 95bFM and had listeners phone/txt/email the dj voting for what they thought it should be; 'Eyes Wide Open' won hands down. So, that one’s definitely on the table but, It may be something that nobody’s heard or maybe something even we haven’t heard! [joking]

How do you come up with your lyrics?

We are story tellers. First and foremost, it’s gotta come from the heart. Inspiration from a life experience perhaps or, something that’s happened or happening in your life. It’s got to be something you care about. Songs are a great vehicle for getting a message out there to people; if the words of a song touch someone, effects them or has an impact on their life, even in some small way; that’s a beautiful collision; job done.

Who would you most like to support live?

Ha! There are a couple that spring to mind immediately; Incubus or Stereophonics. Both bands are prolific song writers and musicians and both are awesome live.

How do you believe Beautiful Collision fits into the NZ music industry?

We hope to breathe, or should we say, inject new life back into NZ’s rock/pop scene. We believe we have something unique to offer; an international sound that will appeal to a wide audience; honest, accessible, songs with real meaning. There’s a gap out there for our music; um, maybe it’s more of a void! Ok, we’re gonna stick our neck right out here and say... move over the ‘indie crowd’; it’s time to shave off the beard and hang up your cardi’s; Beautiful Collision have arrived with their deliciously edgy, pop-infused rock, and we’re here to stay!

How do you describe Beautiful Collision’s music?

We’re all about songs that come from a place at the centre of who we are; the heart. I guess our songs kind of challenge the perception of the way things are and, how they could be. Our songs have an edge; people say our raw energy comes through in our music. In a word, passionate.

What inspired you to start Beautiful Collision?

Beautiful Collision is my calling; I truly believe that. Of course, music is our passion and we wanted to fill the gap out there and breathe new life into pop/rock music. But, faith is also very much in the mix; it’s in the songs. I wanted [needed] to put something out there, something that would move people; effect people in some way. Songs and music that people could take with them into their day; into their lives.

How did you come up with the name Beautiful Collision?

The name Beautiful Collision was born out of the answer to your last question; it seemed to be the perfect fit. Songs impacting people in a positive way; music colliding with people; that’s a beautiful collision. It has a double meaning: it’s also about the people in the band; we all hail from different parts of the world; Scotland, England, Philippines, Holland and, of course, New Zealand. Different cultures, musical influences and people colliding and creating music; that’s also a beautiful collision.

What rumour would you like to start about Beautiful Collision?

Rumour has it that Beautiful Collision will take out the big prize at the City Showcase, Napier in July and, be jetted off to London to start a New Zealand World Order of deliciously edgy, pop-infused rock music. You heard it here first!

Beautiful Collision is Jel Sisona (vocals), Tones (guitar), Marty Green (bass), Harmen Kamsteeg (guitar) and
John Paton (drums).

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Jeremy answered the following questions for muzic.net.nz:

Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands, and why?

The Metal scene in NZ is great at the moment, we’ve had the chance to party with a few of them, some good times, some sore heads haha. Our favourite NZ bands at the moment would be: Amachine, Deaths Door, Pariah, Project: Blood, Gunt, Subtract, Beastwars, and the list could go on forever.

How do you come up with your lyrics?

We have a huge list of band names we didn’t choose which have become our song topics and once you have a topic the lyrics write themselves.

Who would you most like to support live?

We will support anyone that likes to party. From NZ – 8 Foot Sativa. From Overseas – Devil Driver, Lamb Of God, Hell yeah.

How do you believe Kavort fits into the NZ music industry?

We understand that being marketable is a huge aspect of the industry so we try to be as commercial as you can be with Metal without losing any credibility.

How would you describe Kavort’s music?

Anthemic Death/Thrash Metal with little hints of black metal and a punk edge.

What is your favourite NZ venue?

The Royal in Palmerston North. Hanging out in the green room (other bands that have played there will agree).

How did you come up with the name Kavort?

It’s a play on the word “Cavort” which was word that was used to describe woman who danced in an inappropriate manner therefore were deemed to be cavorting with the devil. So we translate it to mean “The devils dance”, we just swapped the C for a K because it’s more Metal haha.

What can we expect to see from Kavort over the next year?

We will be in the studio soon to record an album and also a video clip then gig gig gig! Our next gig is supporting Gunt in Napier for their 100th gig!

Kavort is Jem Turner (guitar, backing vocals), Jason Waters (vocals), Ryan DeRuyter (drums), Stefan Burke (bass) and William Russell (guitar).

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NZ Music News

Outward Sound Press Release for Round 2 2012

Outward Sound is pleased to announce the 2nd round of grant recipients for 2012.

Five Stage One, five Stage Two and two Business Development grants were awarded.

Full Article

Bleeders Announce Re-union Show at NZ Tattoo & Art Festival

New Zealand punk legends Bleeders are reforming for a final goodbye show at the New Zealand Tattoo & Art Festival on the 24 November at the TSB Stadium in New Plymouth, the show will be Bleeders first on NZ soil since 2008.

"We are extremely excited to be back playing again this year" says Bleeders frontman Angelo Munro.

"It’s a chance to give the New Zealand Bleeders fans a proper goodbye that they deserve"

Bleeders will have support from Beastwars, Cobra Khan, Kitsch, The Outsiders, Trash City Victims, Fallopian Hydroslide, Burlesque performers Venus Star & Bonita Danger Doll at the festival.

Full Article

The Naked And Famous' Single 'Young Blood' Goes Gold In The US

Two years after it raced to the top of the NZ charts and set off a remarkable journey for The Naked And Famous, their single Young Blood has been certified Gold in the US as it racks up 500,000 Stateside sales.

Young Blood has become an anthem on America's alternative rock airwaves as well as popping up on hit US television shows like Gossip Girls, games, and movies including Disney's Prom and the cult snowboard film, Art of Flight.

The song has been a true international success, adding Platinum sales in Australia (70,000) and New Zealand (15,000) and Gold certification in Canada (40,000) amongst its achievements.

Punching In A Dream, the group's second single from their album Passive Me Aggressive You, has also been certified Gold in New Zealand and Australia.

Full Article

The Jury And The Saints keep it Old School and Hit Number 2

In an Internet driven world, Auckland based Rock/Electro/Pop outfit The Jury & The Saints have climbed the charts off the back of good old fashioned touring.

Last week their new single ‘Revival’ debuted in the NZ Top 40 Chart at number 4 and in the NZ singles chart at number 1. This week the song has held its number 1 spot in the NZ singles chart and moved up 2 places to number 2 in the NZ Top 40 chart!

The band has been steadily releasing singles and videos and touring NZ & Australia over the last 3 years, which has grown them a solid fan base. ‘Revival’ is their 8th official single release proving that persistence does pay off.

Full Article

Avalanche City - Sing Your Own Sunset Competition

To celebrate the brand new single, ‘Sunset’, from Avalanche City, an online initiative has launched to help find new, exciting musical talent.

Reaching out into the realm of the internet, Avalanche City is asking budding musicians to submit their own interpretation of the track ‘Sunset’. The winner will be judged by Avalanche City and Warner Music’s A&R team, and will be rewarded with a $1000 music voucher to help get their music career moving along!

This is a great chance for aspiring musicians and entries close on July 9.

Head here to find out more: http://on.fb.me/sunsetcomp

And hear the original track here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPDhiZg1m6o

Full Article

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dDub Embarks on Winter Jaunt

Grizzly Bear to tour NZ

Loop and Cosmic present the AHoriBuzz Wha-Cup and Have A Hoon Tour

Concord Dawn Announces Album Release Shows

Kimbra, The Black Seeds, Mt Eden, Ruby Frost And Vandalism

Missy Higgins - second show announced!

The Home Brew Speakeasy Tour Hits The Road In July

Andrew Tosh Dates Confirmed

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