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Newsletter Issue #36: 20 Feb 2005

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Summer's Over

Sometimes, there's just not that much going on. It's not been the busiest couple of weeks for NZ music, with the biggest story of recent days probably being Stereogram's Grammy nomination for Best Video putting them in the same spotlight as U2, Franz Ferdinand, Green Day and George Michael. There was no fairytale ending, though, and the award went to U2. Predictable stuff, but a kiwi band getting itself that far is still huge.

Elsewhere, it seems that we're all waiting for the year to properly start. Summer gigs are over, Orientation is still a while away, and new releases aren't exactly flying into stores this month. There's nothing local in the top ten albums of the week, but Savage is on top of the singles chart. Further down at number 7, Shihad's teaser EP Alive has turned back the clock on their sound, and could yet prove to be a taster of some of 2005's best NZ rock. The album will tell the whole story, though, and it's still a wee while away.

Also blasting from the past is news that Straightjacket Fits are planning to play together again for the first time since 1994's Big Day Out. Fans will have to wait for April and May for that tour, though, and should be prepared to see Shayne Carter on stage without the Fits' other songwriting force, Andrew Brough. Before then, Carter will bring his current outfit, Dimmer, around the country for Orientation. Whether he'll have the time and energy to keep the Fits together for any longer than the four dates announced is uncertain, but anything from one of NZ's best ever bands is better than nothing.

Straightjacket Fits were one of the last major Dunedin sound acts of Flying Nun's glory years. They were also damn incredible, and looked to be on the verge of big things in the US, until they imploded. They suffered from bad timing as well, with their output not enjoying the sort of media attention NZ music gets these days. Since the year SjF broke up, NZ music radio play has jumped from less than 2% of all music to over 20%. There's no doubting that this support has helped new bands get ahead in the game, and brought plenty of new fans to NZ music. If SjF get a better airing this time around, they might get a little closer to the sort of recognition they deserved last century. Shayne Carter is a major figure in the industry these days, so here's hoping we see plenty of him and his old band when they hit the road again.

So it may not be have the most thrilling of weeks recently, but there's always something to look forward to. For now, set your sights on orientation, and tune a radio to Kiwi. Enjoy a bit of downtime before the year really gets going.


Thanks to Phil Stoodley for answering the following questions for us. For more information on Stoods, check them out on muzic.net.nz!

1) Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?
So many to choose from... that should be.... but if I had to choose one... Opshop
2) Who would you most like to tour with?
Beastie Boys could be a bit of fun.
3) What is your most embarrassing concert moment?
I was playing a gig in a bikers bar in Wellington when I was about 18. A couple of girls pulled me off the stage in the middle of a song and they were being pretty brutal about it too. One of the girls hair got tangled up in the head of my guitar. When I pulled away I saw there was a huge clump of hair left on my guitar. Yes I was a little embarrassed but I'm sure the poor girl I scalped with my guitar was a little more than me.... and very sore!!
4) What are you planning on doing during 2005?
We'd love to tour...
... also working towards recording our debut album. We've recorded a bunch of demos and have more than enough songs for an album. Just working on the financial side of it and sending demos out locally... and overseas to record companies. James Reid (the feelers) will be producing it if we can nail him down. He's pretty busy at the moment.
5) How did you come up with the name Stoods?
I moved to Auckland at the end of 1999. When I started doing solo gigs around town I went with the name Stoods. This has been my nick name since I was a kid. Comes from my last name "Stoodley". When I got the band together we pretty much just kept the name.
6) What is in your CD collection at home?
Mental... to many to name.... To be honest I dont really listen to my CD's often, unless I'm driving long distance. I'm listening to the new Kiwi FM at the moment which is really cool!
 I'll just break it down to the first 10 CD's I see.
Bob Marley
Jeff Buckley
Rage against the machine
Kula Shaker
Chilli Peppers
7) What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?
It doesn't always come easy and you may get frustrated at times but just remember... what you want to be you already are. Just keep pushing!

Gods Of Nothing

Thanks to Mark from Gods Of Nothing for completing the following. For more information on Gods Of Nothing check out their artist page on muzic.net.nz!

1) Which NZ artist/band do you think will be a huge international success one day?
Brooke Fraser would have to have a good shot on the lighter side.
I'd like to say the Datsuns or D4 for the rock side.. but they're already fairly big (by NZ standards anyway)..
For an unknown I'd say Redmore, one of the latest cokefridge winners would have a good shot. They were certainly showing some freakish talent in the studio. Mr Rock boot refused to stay still and kept wanting to do the rock'n'roll leg when they were playing.

2) Who would you most like to tour with?
3) What is your most embarrasing concert moment?
Had a shocker at the Kings Arms a while back.  We were on last and I was getting some early practise in on the beer scull we do we do onstage in the middle of our song "Beer".  Practise makes perfect I figured, so by the time we got up there I was feeling pretty confident of getting that bit right. Trouble is while the scull was perfected, other areas seemed to have fallen away.. such as my balance..and coordination.. and some thief had stolen the lyrics for some verses out of my ready access memory file.  Mr Rock Boot got out of control and started throwing my legs all over the place which resulted in some nasty knee bruises and groin strains from too wide rock stances. Mr rock boot also decided I didn't need my distortion pedal plugged in and Glen our drummer didn't need one of his cymbols upright. Luckily my fingers knew the songs and Mr rock boot was mostly occupied by making rude gestures at a girl he wanted in the crowd, so it wasn't total disaster... but the boys weren't too happy with me. Now whenever Mr Rock Boot leads me towards a Bar before a show, I watch the number of practice sculls ;-)

4) What are you planning on doing during 2005?
Keep on rockin.  
We're working on a video for "Beer" which will of course feature us, and Mr Rock boot.  Looking at refining the storyboard and get some shots done asap.
We also have about 6 tracks to finish recording and mixing for the first GON album. Will also be flat out sound engineering for other bands at the Rock Factory.
Also looking forward to playing live shows with other bands we've recorded at the Rock Factory at bars around Auckland through the year.
5) How did you come up with the name Gods Of Nothing?
We were looking for something both original and memorable.  I'd had a period of being fascinated with religions and guess I wanted to make people think about that...but at the same time make sure noone was taking anything too seriously... including us or themselves. We're pretty good at laughing at ourselves.  Its not designed to offend anyone. Mr Rock boot, however, says that he wanted the name because he thinks he is a Rock God and wants hot chicks, cigarettes, beer and rock'n'roll, and he wants them NOW!

6) What is in your CD collection at home?
Getting played the most in my room lately: Green day-american idiot, Jet , The darkness. Millencolin Pennybridge Pioneers has been spun a bit lately too.  We have a pretty large collection of all sorts we use as reference mix examples when doinf Audio Engineering for the Rock Factory though.
7) What advice would you give other budding musicians/bands?
Just keep doing whats fun. Keep as active and positive as you can. Run your band as a business and if you are short on cash shop for the best deals or go DIY whereever possible.  Check out www.therockfactory.net for more tips... Mr Rock boot also says that bands should also go there because there is a hot chick sound engineer there that does a really good job!

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